50+ Adorable Nicknames For Layla

Nicknames For Layla

Layla is a charming name with roots in the Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew languages, translating to “night”. Baby girls born at night are often given this enchanting name. The popularity of this name has skyrocketed in recent times all over the world. So, we figured you might have someone named Layla in your life and we can help you find innovative nicknames to give to her.

Nicknames are a useful tool to express your feelings and a good nickname might just be the beginning of a long fulfilling relationship. We have come up with over 50 adorable nicknames you can give to somebody named Layla, all of which come with a short side note to help you choose your favorite one from this list.

But before we begin giving you nickname suggestions, we thought you might want to know a bit about the origin of the name as well.


Origin of the Name

Layla is derived from the semantic layl, which means night. The word is extensively used in Arabic poetry. In the tragic tale of ill-fated love, Qays and Layla fall in love but cannot be together.

Qays composes beautiful verses in praise and admiration of Layla, these poems of love and pining for the beloved, have been immortalized in Asian cultures. The story has been told many times in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Azerbaijani, and Indian folklore and has been a great source of artistic inspiration.

Now that we have learned the rich heritage behind this beautiful name, let’s get on to what possible nicknames we can give to somebody who is named Layla.

We have come up with all sorts of nicknames and you get an additional short note which will give some information or a remark on the name. So, let’s get right on with them.


Popular Nicknames for Layla

Layla is a name that invokes passion, mystery, and love. The nickname for somebody named Layla should be equally endearing. Here are some beautiful nicknames for Layla, that can be used for your friend, family, or even a boss who is named Layla.

These are the top names on our popularity charts for nicknames

  1. Lila – Arabic word, meaning night. Shortened word with the same translation, a perfect nickname for somebody named Layla.
  2. Lay Lay – Repeat Syllables, get super fun nicknames that are loved by everyone.
  3. Ella – This word means goddess, perhaps the loveliest nickname for Layla out there.
  4. Laila – This one is simply an alternate way of spelling Layla.
  5. Ly – Short and sweet, gives out a very chic vibe.
  6. Lovely-La – Who wouldn’t love a name, with the word lovely in it.
  7. Lilyanna – This one sounds like a name a princess would have. So why not choose this name for your very own princess Layla.
  8. Delilah – Hebrew word for Delicate, perfect for a newborn Layla.
  9. Ala – If you prefer short nicknames, you will like this one which effortlessly suits Layla.
  10. Kayla – An Arabic word, meaning “Crown”, how regal is this name!
  11. Leah/Liah – Another popular choice of nickname for Layla that is simple, short, and stylish.
  12. Law-la – Use this one, for somebody who dreams of going to law school or is a lawyer already.
  13. Hola! – Spanish word for Hello, a distinctive name to give. (Tip-The H is silent, so it is pronounced Ola)
  14. Lyla – No brainer and breezy nickname, made by omitting only one letter from the name.
  15. Lara – Latin origin name which translates to “protection”. Bonus points for this name, from people who love the iconic Lara Croft.
  16. Lilly – For someone who is as beautiful and pure as the Lilly flower.
  17. Lucy – A stylish name for a stylish girl. Calling out all Scarlett Johansson fans out there.


Cute Nicknames for Layla

Naming someone can be an opportunity for you to express how dear they are to you and how much you love them. These names are special because not only are they perfect for someone named Layla but are also because they give out an affectionate vibe.

Pick a name from these to make someone feel as special as they are for you.

  1. Lollypop – If your Layla is both sweet and sour, then why not give them a candy nickname.
  2. Bella – There is simply no match for names that come straight out of fairytales. Bella means beautiful and that is reason enough to love this name.
  3. YOLO – You only live once!
  4. Ladybug – If she is the lady of your life and the bug of her love has bitten you, what better than to call her ladybug.
  5. Lala Land – If she lives in her own Lala land, might as well call her that.
  6. Lulico – An endearing way to call your cute little niece or daughter named Layla.
  7. Sula – A popular wine brand, for someone as intoxicating as wine or maybe a chronic alcoholic.
  8. Lolo – An endearing way to address your beloved Layla who means a lot to you.
  9. Lulu Bear – If you know someone as cute as this name, you can call them this.
  10. Lilo – This one is taken from the cartoon series named Lilo and Stitch, which is loved by all.
  11. LalPal – When Layla is your closest pal, you can call her Lal Pal.


Funny Nicknames for Layla

If you want a nickname that is a bit on the lighter note. We have some awesome funny names that you can give to someone named Layla, with whom you share a special bond. Honestly, nothing says louder that I am close to this person than a comical nickname. Have a look!

  1. Lol – Use this amusing name, to make everyone around you ‘Laugh out Loud’
  2. Lay Loo – What’s funnier than a name with the word Loo in it.
  3. Lababalaloo – If you are one who is always singing names of people, this is for you.
  4. Lays – Tease a chubby Layla by naming her after a famous potato chips brand. Also, who doesn’t love Lays?
  5. Ello – Slang for Hello, and a nickname for Layla, this is quirky and cute.
  6. Lackawanna – Some names don’t make sense, and that is why they are the best.
  7. Lava – This one is for your Layla is short-tempered and flows like lava with rage at the slightest of things.
  8. Cinderella – Let us keep the fairytale’s names coming in, perfect for a little girl.
  9. Blah – When Layla is a chatterbox who goes on and on ……Blah, Blah, Blah!
  10. Mozzarella – If Layla loves to binge on Pizza, then why not give her this witty nickname.
  11. Loco – This word literally translates to “crazy” we are sure you can find someone who can pull this off.


Unique Nicknames for Layla

If you are looking for a nickname that nobody could think of and is a class apart, look no further. These names are distinctive and will level up your nicknaming game.

So let’s put on our thinking caps and give you some names, that are distinctive from all others.

  1. Lorena – Bet you did not think of this one.
  2. Luella – Means an elf in Hebrew, an amusing name to give to Layla who is short.
  3. Llama – A distinctive nickname taken from the Animal Kingdom, because we find Llamas to be incredibly cute.
  4. Vanilla – Nicknames took after ice cream flavors are the sweetest things in the world.
  5. Yale – If your Layla dreams of going to Yale University, she might like this offbeat name.
  6. Kylie – A little bit different, but who would not love to be named after the Queen Bee herself.
  7. Leya – A short and crisp Spanish name that translates to “law”.
  8. Loreal – If Layla is a make-up Junkie, give them this unique name after an international makeup brand.
  9. Ali – Although a popular masculine name of Arabic origin, translating to “champion”. Nicknames have no gender a sporty Layla will be perfect for this name.
  10. Baila – This name works for someone who is either a dancer or a Selena Gomez fan. (Hint- Baila Conmigo)
  11. Leela – This one is an Indian origin name, meaning “divine play” in Sanskrit.
  12. Venezuela – Pick this one for a Layla who is a Globetrotter.



So, here we are with 50+ amazing nicknames for someone named Layla that are as beautiful as the name itself. We hope you have found a perfect match of nickname that suits you best. If you come up with any new nicknames, then we are excited to hear them out. Please do send them in, we would love to give them a place on our list.

Happy Nicknaming!

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