100+ Cute Nicknames for Lawrence

Nicknames for Lawrence

Almost everyone has two names, one is their original name, one is their nickname which is derived from their original one. Nicknames can be different as it depends on who is naming the person. A person can have many nicknames based on their original name. In this article, we will discover more than the hundred popular nicknames for Lawrence.

So if you are thinking of giving your dear Lawrence a nickname, here are your 100+ options for cute and funny nicknames for Lawrence.


What is the origin of the name Lawrence?

Before we jump into the discussion of nicknames for Lawrence, we should understand where this name came from. The name has been adopted in many cultures as they use the name by giving it a bit of their own cultural touch. The first thing that we notice is that the name Lawrence is a masculine name.

The source of the name was found in the old Greek or Latin. The Greek form of Lawrence is ‘Lavrenti’ and the Latin version goes something like this ‘Laurentius’. these names were later influenced French that gave birth to Laurent. This name was later anglicized into Lawrence.

There are various common names that were issued from Lawrence. The meaning of the name generally means “the bright one”. The meaning is also shared by the name “Bert”.


Few Cute nicknames for Lawrence

Here we have given some cute names that will definitely be fun. The name whether it will be cute or not depends on the relationship you have with your loved ones. No matter what you choose, if you love the person, these all will be sound cute to him.

  1. Lawrence-kun
  2. Lawry-kun
  3. Lawry-sama
  4. Laurie-kun
  5. Lu-sama
  6. Rence-kun
  7. Rence-sama
  8. Law-kun
  9. Law-sama
  10. Laurie-san
  11. Lurie-pie
  12. Laurie-love
  13. Laurie-bear
  14. Lawrence-bear
  15. Laurie-plum.
  16. Laurie-hun
  17. Laurie-bun
  18. Laurie-pie.
  19. Lou-kun
  20. Lou-sama

The easy way to choose a unique cute name is by following your feelings. You have to listen to your heart. Think of the person and the object that makes you think of him. It can be a desert, it can be a toy, it can be anything. You can use that and add that particular piece of an object after your loved one’s name to turn it into a cute nickname.


Some Funny nicknames for Lawrence

Coming up with a funny name is not easy. However, we have prepared a list for you to choose from. These are the names that will suit your Lawrence the best only under the defined circumstances.

  1. Prince Lawrence – the prince of (use his birthplace)
  2. Laura – sometimes calling them by the name of a girl sounds funny.
  3. Law-breaker – only use it in the case of those who break each and every rule.
  4. Awe-rence – if you are in awe of the person then why not?
  5. Lawrenspiring – if he is inspiring you to do a certain task.
  6. Loo – well, we all know what it is.
  7. Ranch – dressing?
  8. Law – this is for someone who abides by the rule.
  9. Lol-rence – for someone who is the clown of the group.
  10. Cool-rence – for someone who is as cool as a cucumber.
  11. Law-rinsed – someone who is very tidy about his appearance.
  12. Low-renced – for someone who is short or someone who feels low all the time.

You can come up with a unique funny nickname all on your own, all you have to do is just think of the funny thing that the person did or said.

It can be an inner joke, a funny incident. It can be an object related to the joke or the incident too. You can add that after the name to come up with your own cool and funny nickname for Lawrence.


Common nicknames for Lawrence

These are the nicknames that are used around the world. These names are very common. If you know someone who is very down to earth then choose any of the names from this list.

  1. Arthur
  2. Billy
  3. Ray
  4. Sunshine
  5. Love
  6. Honey
  7. Lawrie
  8. Laurie
  9. Bert
  10. Lance
  11. Larry
  12. Ian
  13. Len
  14. Lorenzo
  15. Larrie
  16. Lorrie
  17. Lonny


Some of the names adapted in other cultures

All these names are influenced by the origin of the name. These names are used in different parts of the world. However, each name carries the same meaning.

  1. Llorente (Spain)
  2. Lorente (Spain)
  3. Laurens (Dutch)
  4. Lorenzo (Italian)
  5. Castilian (Spain)
  6. Laurent (French)
  7. Laurentius (Latin)
  8. Laurențiu (Romanian)
  9. Lourenço (Portuguese)
  10. Laurence (English)
  11. Lawrence (English)
  12. Lavrentiy (Russian)
  13. Lorentz ( German)
  14. Lorenz ( German)
  15. Lars (Germanic)
  16. Clarence (derived form)


Some short nicknames for Lawrence

  1. Lu
  2. Lau
  3. Loui
  4. Louis
  5. Rence
  6. Ree
  7. Lee
  8. C
  9. Lar
  10. Awrence
  11. Arwen
  12. Ren
  13. Lars
  14. Raleigh
  15. Lou


Some popular person named Lawrence

All these persons were named Lawrence. Choose the name to describe your loved ones according to the personality they have in common.

  1. Lawrence Brownlee – American opera singer
  2. Lawrence Gray – American actor
  3. Lawrence – English singer, songwriter
  4. Lawrence Ng – Hong Kong actor
  5. Lawrence Raghavendra – South Indian film actor
  6. Lawrence Saint – American stained glass artist
  7. Lawrence Weingarten – American film producer
  8. Lawrence Welk
  9. Lawrence Cager – American football player
  10. Lawrence Chimezie Akandu – football player
  11. Lawrence Dallaglio – rugby union player
  12. Lawrence Okoye – American football player and Olympian
  13. Lawrence Durell – writer
  14. Laurence Raghava – actor.
  15. D. H. Lawrence – author


Famous fictional characters named after Lawrence

There were many fictional characters that were named Lawrence. Choose the character that shares the same characteristics as that of the fictional character.

  1. Lawrence Alamain – from the Days of Our Lives
  2. Lawrence Fletcher Ferb’s dad from Phineas and Ferb
  3. Lawrence one of the character from Mona the Vampire
  4. Lawrence from School of Rock
  5. Lawrence Durell from my family and other animals
  6. Lawrence from Lawrence of Arabia
  7. Lawrence Ashdown from the chain of gold
  8. Lawrence Ashdown from Shadowhunter


Lastly, we would like to add that it doesn’t matter which name you choose. Any name will work as long as it conveys the feeling and respect you have for the person.

The name should be the mirror of your feelings so choose the name that speaks most to you and hopefully the person will like it.


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