60+ Lovely Nicknames For Lauren

Nicknames For Lauren

Lauren is one of the most popular names for girls in the US. No wonder there are numerous lovely nicknames for Lauren. If you are struggling to find some exciting nicknames for your dear Lauren, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve put together a list of cool and funny nicknames you can call Lauren. Enjoy!

Nicknames are not just shortened versions of a name, they are so much more. They are gestures of closeness, a way of creating and tightening bonds, establishing new connections, and reiterating decade-long relationships.

An old nickname can bring back beautiful memories from the past, a new nickname can sometimes say more than what a thousand words could!

So, of course, you cannot take nicknaming lightly. It needs to sound great, sit right with who the person is and add a special touch. Lucky for you, you have come to the perfect place to find a perfect nickname for your special person.

By the end of this article, you’ll have so many adorable nicknames to call your beloved Lauren. But, let’s find out more about the meaning and origin of the name ‘Lauren’ before we jump to the list!


Origin and Meaning of the Name Lauren

The name Lauren is derived from the name Laurence or Lawrence, which was mostly considered a masculine name. Lauren, Laurel, and Laura are all different forms of the same name. Lauren is mostly seen as a feminine name but it is not strictly bound! The name is given to all genders and fits beautifully on them!

The name Lauren has Latin roots. Laurence is a French version of the Roman name Laurentius, which means ‘a person from Laurentum,’ a Roman city. The word Laurentum comes from the Latin word Laurus which means ‘Bay Laurel’ or ‘Laurel Tree.’

The Bay Laurel was a picturesque plant and was seen as a symbol of honor and victory. Therefore, the name came to connote the terms “honorable” and “wise.”

Before the name Lauren, came Laurentia, an earlier, heavily feminized version, of Laurence. Now well-known and common, the name Lauren was popularised mostly in the 1940s after the stunning American actress, Betty Joan Perske changed her name to Lauren Bacall.

Then we have Lauren Graham, the hilarious and brilliant Gilmore Girls’ actress, who continues to capture millions of hearts. She brings to life all that one wants Lauren to be: funny, compassionate, and endlessly fascinating!

The Fifth Harmony member, Lauren Jauregui is another unforgettably gorgeous Lauren that is of prominence in pop culture. And suffice to say, the list can go on!

So, now that we know quite a bit about this name, without further ado, let’s look at 60+ nicknames for it. Here we have an abundant, diverse, and impressive list of nicknames for you to pick and choose from. Have fun while you’re at it!


Popular Nicknames for Lauren

Lauren is the kind of name that feels like a warm hug. It’s one of those lovely names which suit every type of personality. Its unisex and universal qualities have made it a highly popular name and we are here for it!

First, let’s take a look at some famous and well-known nicknames for the name Lauren. These are commonly used and widely loved. You won’t go wrong with them!

  1. Laura/Lora — an oldie but a goldie, this nickname is sweet and simple.
  2. Lorrie/Laurie — another version of Laura, Laurie is ideal for a sensitive and sincere Lauren, whose heart is made of gold.
  3. Lau — a superb diminutive for Lauren, this nickname sounds so chic.
  4. Riri — inspired by the one and only Rihanna, this nickname will be loved by every Lauren ever.
  5. Laur — another super attractive diminutive, this one carries with it a certain tasteful pizzazz and we are totally in love with it!
  6. Elle — taken from the letter L, this particular nickname sounds like the name of a fashion magazine.
  7. Lo — short and fancy, we think this one would work for all Laurens, with their varied personalities.
  8. Lulu — a striking nickname, Lulu sounds like the chiming and tinkling of bells.
  9. Ren — made from the last three letters of the name, this one is charming, isn’t it?
  10. Ellie — another variant of Elle, this one is even cuter! It’s perfect for the sweetest most adorable Lauren in your life.
  11. Lauro — a name with an echo, this one can be used to call your Lauren from across the hall or to wake them out of their deep deep slumber!
  12. Lula — a nickname that is ‘as sweet as a song, as of right as a wrong!’ Wouldn’t you agree? Lenka definitely would.


Cute Nicknames for Lauren

Next, we have a list of super cute and adorable nicknames which will warm anyone’s heart. So, if you’re looking to deepen bonds and usher in a smile, these will surely work for you!

  1. Lala — ain’t nothing as cute as this resounding and beautiful nickname.
  2. Loona — for a charismatic and soothing personality, this nickname is pretty as a picture.
  3. Loony — another version of Loona, this one is for a quirky, crazy, fun Lauren!
  4. Ella — a nickname this delightful and sweet-sounding? You simply won’t go wrong with this one.
  5. Aurie — this nickname is adorable and arresting, we simply love it.
  6. Lee — a single syllable says a thousand words? This little nickname proves it.
  7. Leela — an exquisite nickname for an exquisite person.
  8. La — this single syllabled nickname is a la mode. It sounds super modern and fits perfectly with someone super stylish!
  9. Leh — a lovely nickname, this one is inspired by a serene little town in India. It is ideal for Lauren who loves traveling and exploring.
  10. Lennie — cute as hell, don’t you think?
  11. Penny — for Lauren who doesn’t waste a single penny and takes care of all their hard-earned money!
  12. Lerry/Lairy — something so loveable about this nickname, we would recommend it for a partner who fills you up with joy and love.
  13. Lair — this one is for a comforting presence, who makes your heart feel as warm as the sun.


Funny Nicknames for Lauren

Many a time, we have bonds with people which are further elevated by laughter and comedy. So, next, we’ve provided a list of super comical nicknames for you to choose from!

Get right to it.

  1. Lear — inspired by Shakespeare’s King Lear, this nickname is perfect to send your bookworm, literary genius Lauren into splits of laughter!
  2. Badgalriri — Rihanna’s Instagram name, this nickname is simply fabulous fabulous fabulous. No two ways about it. Also hilarious.
  3. Rory — taken from the famously adored, Lauren Graham’s TV show Gilmore Girls, we absolutely adore this one. And we assure you, your Lauren will too.
  4. Ler-Ler — add a repetition to add a little levity to any relationship. It always works.
  5. Lala Land — for your musical and movie buff Lauren.
  6. Lora Land — puns are hilarious and clever! So, this is for Lauren with an intelligent sense of humor.
  7. Rene — add a twist to the last three words of Lauren and you have another name that is French and chic!
  8. Nala — for Lauren who loves Disney. (Who doesn’t?)
  9. Bay-bay — a perfect pun on the laurel bay and baby, this one is perfect for a witty partner. They’re going to truly appreciate this nickname.
  10. LorriePop — a Lauren-esque twist on Lollipop, this one is funny and perfect for your sweet and cute Lauren who loves making jokes!
  11. Trolley — for the Lorrie who loves grocery shopping.
  12. Leo — this one is great to poke fun at Lauren who vigorously believes in astrology and horoscopes.
  13. Laws — got a lawyer Lauren? What could be a better nickname? The pun is killing us!!
  14. Renty — this is great for a flatmate Lauren with whom you’re always struggling to pay rent.


Cool Nicknames for Lauren

Finding a cool nickname for those fabulously cool people in your life can be a daunting task. But you’ve got nothing to worry about now that you’re here!

Look at this amazing list of cool nicknames for Lauren.

  1. Lune — sounds classy and cool.
  2. Laurz — add that -z to add a zing to any name. It works.
  3. Lozzie — for a fun and cool friend, this one sticks so well.
  4. Auzzie/Ozzie — a great nickname for a chill relationship. We’re kinda obsessed with how great it sounds.
  5. Oz — for Lauren who loves fiction and has a wonderful imagination!
  6. Renz — we think this sounds fantastic. Try it out.
  7. Ren-Ten — for Lauren who is a 10/10: perfect in every aspect of life.
  8. Lau-Lau — repetitions will always make the most chill nicknames, say what you will.
  9. LN — bringing together the first and last alphabet to create the coolest abbreviation.
  10. Ree — super short and duper trendy.


Unique Nicknames for Lauren

Nicknames that are rare, thoughtful, unique, and creative are the best kind of nicknames. We’ve done the work for you and you’re going to love these!

Take a look at some unique nicknames for Lauren.

  1. Aura — a glorious and gorgeous nickname for Lauren, we think this one sounds terrific.
  2. Flora — for Lauren who is as beautiful as a flower, inside out.
  3. Lunar — this one is brilliant for Lauren who is as poetic and picturesque as the moon.
  4. Foreign — this is a cute little nickname for a Lauren who you don’t get to see very often because they are always traveling to different countries!
  5. Renah — unique and majestic.
  6. Aurella — we think this one is magnificent.
  7. Laud — quirky and fun, this one is super different.
  8. Lorde — inspired by the enigmatic American singer-songwriter.


Rude Nicknames for Lauren

Sometimes, we need nicknames which are great for teasing or pulling someone’s leg.

Here’s a list of rude and cheeky nicknames for Lauren.

  1. Lunatic — for that crazy and wild Lauren!
  2. Troll — this is perfect for the one who is always scrolling and trolling on social media.
  3. Lawless — to tease the one who breaks all barriers.
  4. Low-low — this works well to tease Lauren when she’s down.
  5. Borin-Lauren — a cheeky banter awaits when you use this one on Lauren.
  6. La-Blah — to annoy Lauren who is super talkative.
  7. Laustie/Lostie — this one is just right for Lauren who is always lost in their own world.



So, there you go! A long list packed with interesting nicknames for Lauren. These are filled with a whole lot of variety, to suit your differing needs. Don’t hesitate if you have a good feeling about any one of these! Also, don’t hesitate to give us any suggestions you have. Send them to us via email.

Happy nicknaming!

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