60+ Beautiful Nicknames For Laura

Nicknames For Laura

Did you make friends with a sweet and chirpy named Laura recently? Are you hunting for a beautiful nickname that suits her fun and friendly personality well? If you need a hand when deciding a nickname for her, you are at the right place.

We are on yet another nicknaming spree, and we will delve into some great nicknames for Laura today. Laura is one of those evergreen and graceful names, a typical girlish name with charming vibes.

Laura is your best buddy, someone who can always cheer you up on a dreary day. In fact, this name is so popular that you must have encountered several women named Laura in your life.

If you have someone named Laura in your life and struggle to give them an appropriate nickname, you will get what you desire today!

As a bonus, you get some helpful comments from us about each name that can help you make your pick. But before we start unfolding our super cool nicknames for Laura, let us first tell you what we know about this stellar name.


Meaning and Significance of Laura

The popular name Laura is a feminine version of the masculine name Laurus, which is derived from its Latin counterpart “by Laurel part.”

In Latin culture, the Laurel plant symbolizes victory and strength. Laura has been consistently been one of the most popular given names in the United States of America.

Perhaps that is why you can find a long list of celebrities with the name, Laura. Isn’t it fascinating to know how a typical girl next door name has such a rich heritage behind it?

So brace yourselves as we get straight onto our lovely nicknames for Laura.


Common Nicknames for Laura

Some nicknames flow naturally and are absolute crowd favorites; here are some of these nicknames.

  1. Laury – This is perhaps the most commonly used nickname that you might have heard elsewhere as well.
  2. Miss Larry – Doesn’t this sound like a stage name that a famous comic or singing artist would have?
  3. Larry – Tweak the name Laura a bit, and you will arrive at this simple and sweet nickname that is perfect for your buddy, Laura.
  4. Lily – Here is a feminine and flowery nickname that has a special place in the hearts of all Potterheads.
  5. Ray – This superhit pet name will suit you if short nicknames that sound cool are your thing!
  6. Lolo – Play around with similar-sounding syllables to arrive at this lovely nickname that is all heart!
  7. Ella – Ella is one of those classic nicknames that you can trust with a blindfold.
  8. Flora – This pretty nickname might be a great idea if your Laura is a fan of the Harry Potter series. It also sounds very delicate and adorable!
  9. Rory – Any ‘Gilmore Girls’ in here? We know you hold this name dear that comes from the lead character’s name in the show.
  10. Lenny – How about this simple yet sweet nickname that is taken from one of the most popular comedians’ names?
  11. Aurora – Any Instagrammers here? It would be best to recognize this name that was all the trend recently on Instagram.
  12. Lara – If cheeky and concise nicknames are what pleases you the most, here is what we suggest you pick for nicknaming Laura.


Cute Nicknames for Laura

Here are some special nicknames for Laura that come with a big dollop of cuteness on them.

  1. Lure – Here is a great name that is fit for an alluring woman named Laura, who has a truly irresistible charm.
  2. Lorry Bear – An unmatched tip for the cutest name ever is just using the word ‘Bear’ in it. Works every time!
  3. Lamb Chop – What could be an adorable name for your little ball of joy named Laura? Here is a sweet name for her.
  4. Leah – How about this classic name for any woman named from the letter L?
  5. Rare Gem – Make your person blush with this hyping nickname that will leave them grinning each time they hear it.
  6. Honolulu – We don’t know why but hearing this name always makes one chuckle! Does it tickle your funny bones too?
  7. Cinderella – Fairy tale nicknames can be your go-to kind of nicknames when deciding a nickname that your toddler would love.
  8. Lady Luck – Compliment the special woman in your life with this romantic nickname, which will make her go weak in the knees.
  9. Laurel – There is no shortage of nicknames for this name. Pick this one if you like using nicknames that are simple to remember and sound sweet.
  10. Lavender – Here is one of those pretty nicknames that is a sure-shot people pleaser. If you like to use a simplistic nickname, this one can be a good pick.
  11. Dora – Cartoon nicknames are always a good idea. If your toddler Laura is obsessed with Dora, the explorer, then this name is the one for her.
  12. My Love – If there had been a contest for the best nickname for your spouse or girlfriend, this cutesy nickname would have been a clear winner.
  13. Lollipop – Smoother some love on your beloved Laura by giving her this sweet and sour nickname that she will definitely love.
  14. Lather – What does this nickname remind you of? Perhaps a soapy and bubbly bath with your Laura.


Funny Nicknames for Laura

In our opinion, funny nicknames are the best kind of nicknames out there. Not only do they make a person feel special, but they also bring a smile to their face.

  1. Ralph Lauren – If you have a fashion obsesses diva-like woman named Laura in mind whom you wish to nickname; we just found you the best name possible for her.
  2. Blurr – Wouldn’t it be funny to give this name to someone who wears glasses.
  3. Bruce Lee – Tag a fighter woman named Laura with this power-packed nickname which she will love for sure.
  4. Low Key – Does this off-beat nickname remind of a song by Ally Brook by the same name?
  5. LIIT – LIIt is an abbreviated form of Long Island Ice tea, a perfect name for a party girl.
  6. Landrover – Perhaps this name is best reserved for a woman who is obsessed with luxury cars and hopes to own one someday.
  7. Nazareth – Any fans of religious nicknames here? We have a name that might appease you as well.
  8. Loreal – If makeup is one of the things that Laura is a pro at, then here is a nickname that fits in neatly with her personality.
  9. Lemon Tea – Here is a name that works for all tea lovers out there.
  10. Mi Amor – This romantic name is Spanish for “My Love.” Make your girl named Laura feel special with this oh-so-dreamy nickname.
  11. LV – If LV are initials for your Laura and she is into luxury brands, then there is no better nickname for her than her initials itself which popularly stand for luxury brand named Louis Vuitton’s initials too!
  12. Sprinkle – Experiment with nicknames all you can; there is no right or wrong here anyways!


Mean Nicknames for Laura

Listed below are some nicknames that are a bit on the sour side; use them at your own discretion.

  1. Loser – Best friends have the authority to give the most demeaning nickname to their buddies; use this concession with this derogatory yet funny nickname.
  2. Little Witch – If Laura gets on your nerves, you might find solace in using this rude nickname for her.
  3. Sassy Lass – Lass, is slang for a young girl; this name is for a woman who is known for her sassy personality.
  4. Maiasaura – Want a spooky and stupid name for your Laura? Why not give her this rhyming name after a scary reptile.
  5. Hot Lava – Dedicate this name to someone who is quick to get angry and is ready to burst like a lava-filled volcano at all times.
  6. Lady Bug – Tease your cute little Laura with this insect nickname that might irritate her a bit.
  7. Blah Blah – Do you have a chatterbox in mind who can pull off this sightly offensive name?
  8. Reel Girl – Is your Laura an Instagram influencer who is doing reel trends all the time? If yes, this name is calling her out specifically.
  9. Lamaze – Lamaze is a birthing exercise involving breathing techniques to ensure childbirth is pain-free. Can this be a weirdly confusing nickname for your Laura?
  10. Lazy Ass – Need we say more about this self-explanatory nickname for your dear Laura, who is always on snooze?


Unique Nicknames for Laura

Our last section of nicknames is dedicated to some names that are out of the box yet sound loving. Have a look!

  1. Hugh Laurie – If your Laura is a die-hard fan of actor Hugh Laurie, then here is a winner for you.
  2. Laure – This unknown version of the same name is a great idea if you prefer a pet name that is very close to the original name.
  3. Our Leader – This inspiring name pays respect to someone who is a born leader and has an irresistible charm.
  4. Lauricella – There is no norm that all nicknames have to be short; whatever sails your boat is a good pet name.
  5. Pandora – Pandora was the fictional place in the movie “The Avatar,” a name that might strike a chord with cinema lovers.
  6. Royal Duck – This absurd suggestion for a pet name for Laura is for those friends with whom you have a love-hate relationship
  7. D H Lawerence – Author nicknames work best for those bookworms always hiding behind the books; if you know a Laura who fits the bill, here is a cue to use this nickname for her.
  8. Leo – Leo is a sun sign and short for actor Leonardo Di Caprio; use it for someone who is either a Leo or Leo’s fan.
  9. La Rosa – If French vibes fascinate you, then this French-inspired nickname for Laura might spark your interest.
  10. Hey Lor – How is this catchy and cute way of addressing Laura? It might be your thing to greet her with this cool name.
  11. Lorraine – Horror movie buffs might recognize this unique name inspired by the acclaimed movie “The Conjuring.”
  12. L.A Girl – This is a cosmetic brand name. Use this glam nickname for a girl who is always on top of her fashion game.

So, there you have it, 60 amazing nicknames for Laura. We hope you enjoyed hearing these lovely nicknames for Laura and could find not one but multiple nicknames to use for your Laura.

Please write to us with your unique pet names for Laura that have you have in mind. Always remember, there is no right and wrong when it comes to giving cute nicknames to people.

We will be back with some more fun nickname ideas for all your loved ones. So stay tuned! Until then,

Happy Nicknaming!

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