50+ Awesome Nicknames For Landon

Nicknames For Landon

He’s cute, charming, and has great taste in music. You’ve been dating him for a little while now, and you can’t keep the smile off your face. When you talk about him (as you probably do incessantly) you can’t call him anything other than his full name. That’s not cute anymore! It’s time to come up with some adorable nicknames for your dear Landon.

This endearing name has unmatched energy and seems to go well with the enthusiasm, and zeal for life of all Landons. On hearing the name Landon, we immediately think of a charming young man with a magnetic personality.

From Landon Carter in the book and movie ‘A Walk to Remember’ to Herbert Landon in Spider-Man, this name is well-suited for those with resilience and perseverance.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list packed with more than 50 awesome nicknames for Landon. Hope you find one that suits him.

But before we dive right into it, let us analyze how the name came into existence and its meaning. This will not only help you gain better insight into the name but also make an informed decision of picking the right nickname as well.


Meaning and Origin of Landon

In many cultures around the world, the meaning of each name is given immense importance. Originated from Old English, the name Landon primarily means ‘from the Long Hill’ and it has been derived from the name Langdon.

Another possible origin of the name comes from the French word ‘Lando’. Since 2010, this name has been growing in popularity and it peaked in the mid-2010s.

It is not only a popular first name but also the surname of many people. However, its use as a surname is decreasing with each passing year.

Another meaning of the name is an open, grassy meadow. Like the meaning, Landon is soothing to the ears and has an ecstatic vibe to it. This name is widely popular in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and France.

Now, without wasting more time, allow us to help you choose a suitable nickname for your beloved Landon. We have also provided short descriptions along with each nickname to help you navigate through the list smoothly.


Popular Nicknames For Landon

The monotony of a name is essentially what makes us come up with nicknames. It is the tendency of human beings to shorten every word to suit our convenience. This is precisely why we have in store for you various popular alternatives of Landon.

The names in the list below are the ones that you think of when you hear the name ‘Landon’.

  1. Lan – A simple yet crisp nickname, it is the most widely out of all.
  2. Lanny – A decent and cute name for our youthful pal, Landon.
  3. Lando – This popular nickname is deemed perfect for a zestful Landon who isn’t afraid of anything.
  4. Landy – This sweet-sounding nickname is for someone who is lively, and thrives on the uncertainty of life.
  5. Landers – This trendy yet unique nickname sounds perfect for a joyful person like Landon.
  6. Lad – Make use of this tiny nickname for your best lad, Landon.
  7. Landen – A little twist for our own twisted Landon.
  8. Dan – This is best suited for a delightful and charming young man, who can sweep you off your feet.
  9. LD – This is as short as it can get. This is probably the coolest way to refer to Landon.
  10. Lance – This one is for Landon who is always humming or dancing to the melody of music.


Cute Nicknames For Landon

Cute nicknames are essential for every relationship. If Landon holds a special place in your heart, express your affection by keeping an endearing nickname for Landon.

  1. Lazy Bear – If you find him sleeping in bed all day, this has to be your pick.
  2. Candy – A name that captures the essence of Landon in the sweetest way possible.
  3. Lo Lo – This nickname should be considered if Landon finds short names enjoyable.
  4. Little Lan – This adorable nickname accurately highlights the cuteness of little Landon.
  5. LanDear – If he is the dearest to you, then this nickname is a perfect choice.
  6. Dun Dun – Give it a personal touch by choosing this name only to describe Landon’s dumb quirks. Repeating syllables to create a nickname is the single most effective way for choosing nicknames.
  7. Donut – This nickname is painstakingly adorable and can be used to refer to little Landon.
  8. L-Bug – Go for this if Landon is nothing less than a jumpy, little kid.
  9. Larry – This name is similar to Lanny but with the letter ‘R’. To give it a distinct touch, a little tweaking in the name goes a long way.


Funny Nicknames For Landon

If you care about keeping your sense of humor alive, these hilarious names will definitely have you on the floor rolling!

To nurture a relationship, it is important to express concern and love. The best and the most effective way to do that is to assign a nickname to your significant other.

  1. Linny – Consider this name if he is an adorable ball of cuteness capable of making everyone’s hearts melt.
  2. Landy Dandy – This sounds like the name of a character straight out of a comic book. Pick this name if he is hysterically funny and loves to fill the room with laughter.
  3. Landino – It sounds like a great name for someone who loves to be associated with quirky nicknames.
  4. London – If he is vibrant and lively like the English city of London, this has to be the perfect name.
  5. Don – This one is for a robust and unstoppable Landon who knows no limits. If he is the coolest guy in town, you do not need to look further.
  6. Laden – A chucklesome name for a lazy and slow Landon.
  7. Mad Lad – Would you like to playfully tease him? If yes, give this nickname a preference.
  8. Blandon – This is for that dull Landon who never wants to do anything fun. Choose this name if you would love to tease your friend.
  9. Oldie – If Landon can never stop complaining about his severe back pains, then, this one is definitely for him.
  10. La La Land – Inspired by the infamous musical, this nickname is perfect for a music lover and Emma Stone’s biggest fan.
  11. Ladle – An amusing name for your friend who can always be found in the kitchen
  12. Hawland – Isn’t this nickname perfect for Landon who is always embarrassing himself?


Cool Nicknames For Landon

If you wish to assign a nickname that goes well with the easy-going vibe of Landon, then you must take the names below into consideration.

They sound strangely cool and would make anyone want to befriend him.

  1. Andy – If you’re aware of the movie ‘Toy Story’, then you would love this name.
  2. Lonnie – This innovative nickname was derived out of Landon itself to suit an exuberant Landon.
  3. L-Dawg – Take this into consideration if Landon is all about street names.
  4. Danny – This is a perfect fit for someone who likes a mixture of conciseness and cuteness.
  5. Lido – A cheerful name for Landon who you can never get enough of.
  6. Lands – A considerable option for a light-hearted Landon.
  7. Mr. L – For a nice, young man like Landon, this name has quite the energy.
  8. Liddy – This is an exceptionally apt name for an energetic and cheerful young man.
  9. Landry – This inventive name is perfect for addressing a delightful Landon.
  10. Landerson – Created by tweaking the name Anderson, this majestic name has a unique touch to it.


Creative Nicknames For Landon

If you like to explore uniqueness, and prefer to choose names that are unheard of, the names below are your best bet. Who doesn’t like a creative nickname anyway?

  1. Lan-Dan – Best way to create a nickname? Put together words that rhyme and you’re good. If Landon is your best friend, then this is an unusually apt nickname.
  2. LayDay – If he awaits a holiday more than payday, then this name is a great choice.
  3. Landlord – If he is stringent like every traditional landlord, then this is the perfect nickname.
  4. Lan The Man – This flattering name will make him fall head over heels for you!
  5. Don Jovi – Talented like Bon Jovi? This name is almost too perfect for the little bundle of talent.
  6. Donny – This unconventional nickname will surely match the spirit of Landon.
  7. Dodo – This one is for that silly person who always messes up.
  8. D-Land – This name has an immensely quirky undertone that brings out the playfulness in Landon accurately.
  9. Milan – This is for Landon who loves to embark on adventurous travel journeys. It is evidently inspired by the beautiful city of Milan in Italy.
  10. Donald – This name goes beyond the usual nicknames. It is an incredible name for someone who likes to take the road not taken.
  11. Adon – For that special friend who is classy yet dynamic.



Nicknames are a proven way to show your love for someone. Cut down on the number of alphabets, and you have a nickname for your loved ones. They not only tend to bring you closer to your significant others but also strengthens the pre-existing bond.

If there are any suggestions, do let us know and we would be delighted to include them in our list.

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