50+ Creative Nicknames for Kimberly (Cute and Funny)

Nicknames for Kimberly

Kimberly is a very popular and sweet name for females all over the world. It is usually invoked to name infants that belong in the Christian religious order and is in widespread use in Western countries. The name Kimberly is not inclined towards any particular gender, so it can be used to name both male and female babies.

Some famous people you may or may not be aware of who goes by the name Kimberly or any other variations are:

  • Kim Kardashian, a makeup beauty mogul, and reality TV star.
  • Kim Barnett, an English cricketer.
  • Kim Cattrall, an actor.
  • Kim Gordon, a musician.
  • Kim Clijsters, a tennis player.
  • Kimberly Nixon, an actor.
  • Kim A. Novick, an environmental scientist.
  • Kimberly Keeton, a computer scientist.
  • Kimberly Wyatt, a member of The Pussycat Dolls.
  • Kimberly Goss, a singer.


So you see, people named Kimberly have their sight set on the stars and achieve a great deal in the field of their choice.

This begs the question – where did the name Kimberly come from, and what on earth does it mean?


Origin of the Name Kimberly

The name Kimberley comes from a place in South Africa called Kimberley. Named after an English lord, Kimberley, the name is derived from a place in Norfolk, England, also known as Kimberley. The name Kimberley comes from two Old English words: Cyneburg and lēah, and is roughly translated as the “woodland clearing of the royal fortress.”

Kimberly is a comparatively recent name that has come into creation and is unique and alluring at that. It is in the top two hundred names used to christen infants in the United States of America.

There are quite a few pet names for Kimberly, some of which are cute, funny, and creative. Here are more than sixty pet names for the name Kimberly.


Cute Nicknames for Kimberly

Kimberly might sound cumbersome to some, so here are some cute nicknames for the name Kimberly. These cute names can even be used as terms of endearment for people named Kimberly.

  1. Kimmie – Kimmie is such a cute pet name for the Kimberly in your life!
  2. Kimmie Jammie
  3. Bear – Bear is a lovely nickname for Kimberly. If you are, or the Kimberly in your life is fond of animals or animal life, Bear is perfect!
  4. Lily
  5. Lila
  6. Berly-Girly
  7. Kitty – if the Kimberly in your life is a cat lover, then Kitty might just be the perfect sobriquet for them.
  8. Ly
  9. Berry – Berry is a very cute, lovable, and charming name for Kimberly.
  10. Mickey
  11. Korey
  12. Kora
  13. Linnie


Funny Nicknames for Kimberly

If you or the Kimberly you know have a great sense of humor, then these names are perfect for you! Some of these names are puns, and some are just outright hilarious.

  1. Koko
  2. Mocha
  3. Kim K – For the drama loving diva Kimberly, Kim K, the well-known TV personality, is a great and hilarious nickname.
  4. Kimquat – Kimquat is a pun on the name Kimberly and the fruit kumquat. That is a funny, or rather punny, pet name.
  5. Kimbo
  6. Kraken – The Kraken is a mythical monster with a tentacle that attacks ships and boats. The Kraken is a funny nickname for the name Kimberly. Great for someone with a great sense of humor!
  7. Kleopatra – Kleopatra is the perfect nickname for someone who likes history and/or dabbles in fashion.
  8. Kookie
  9. Kimchi
  10. Kim Possible – Kim Possible is a well-known cartoon character and is an inspiration for both boys and girls. Kim Possible is a great and funny pet sobriquet for people named Kimberly.


Creative Nicknames for Kimberly

People named Kimberly are creative individuals, so they would appreciate some creativity in their nicknames. Here are some quirky and unusual pet names for Kimberly.

  1. Millie
  2. Milo
  3. Blu – Blu is a relatively unknown and creative nickname for the name Kimberly.
  4. Berlé – Berlé is a really classy and pretty pet name for Kimberly.
  5. Kimbra
  6. Merle
  7. Laila
  8. Lee
  9. Lili
  10. Ki – Ki is a very short nickname for the name Kimberly. It is a quirky term of endearment for people with this name.
  11. Lana


Cool Nicknames for Kimberly

Kimberly is such an unconventional name that it is easy to make some cool pet names out of it. Here’s a list of some far-out and off the wall names for such a quirky and cool name full of personality.

  1. Kim – Kim is short and very to the point nickname for Kimberly. It is a small and cute nickname for this name.
  2. Kimbo
  3. Big K
  4. OK – ‘OK’ is such a sassy name for Kimberly. You can use this nickname for a cool and saucy pet name for Kimberly, OK?
  5. K
  6. K-Gurl – K-Gurl is a very ghetto and ratchet name – in a funny sense, of course – for Kimberly.
  7. Berz
  8. Burl
  9. Big B
  10. Billy – Billy is a more masculine nickname for the name Kimberly, but it works for any gender that can carry off this sassy pet name.
  11. Kleo – Kleo is a very one-of-a-kind nickname for this type of name. Kleo is a unique and cheeky pet moniker for Kimberly.
  12. Kandy – Kandy is a cheeky and flippant name for Kimberly. This name is perfect for the sassy and quick-talking Kimberly in your life.


Best Nicknames for Kimberly

  1. Kimz
  2. Kimzie – Kimzie is a sweet and short nickname for Kimberly.
  3. Missy – Missy is one of the most well-known and beloved nicknames for Kimberly.
  4. Ki-Ki
  5. Kelly
  6. Kimmie Boo – Kimmie Boo is a loving term of endearment for the name Kimberly.
  7. Kimsee
  8. Lenny
  9. Libby
  10. Lolly
  11. Kay – Kay is a short pet name for Kimberley, and focuses on the inflection on the first part of the name Kimberly. It’s a cute name that can also be a nickname for someone in a formal setting.
  12. Kelsey

Kimberley is a lovely name, and people who have been christened with this name are full of potential to do great things in their lives. There are many sides to this name, just like their personality, and the type of nickname depends on how a Kimberly puts themselves forward.


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