60+ Awesome Nicknames For Kevin

Nicknames For Kevin

The name Kevin is brilliantly used to describe a lively personality. It has been commonly used to name an energetic and fun-loving boy who brings enthusiasm to any room he enters into.

Moreover, the name is also used by many famous celebrities including, Kevin Hart and even one of the much-admired Jonas Brothers, Kevin Jonas. Though popular with many, the name still hasn’t lost its unique charm and is loved by all.

A name as enthusiastic as Kevin’s deserves an equally cheerful nickname. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of plenty of awesome nicknames for Kevin, some funny, some very nice, and respectful. You can use them to refer your husband, boyfriend, or just a friend named Kevin. Depending on the level of intimacy you share with your dear Kevin, name-calling could be a cute way to show how much you love him and connect in fun ways.

So, without any further ado let us explore this list and find a well-fitting name for your beloved Kevin.


Origin and Meaning of Kevin

The name Kevin originates from the Irish name Caoimhin. This name also has two other disambiguations. They are Caoimhgin and Coemgein. These two names have Middle Irish and Old Irish origins respectively. The Irish also have a modern diminution for this name, which is Kevan.

Furthermore, they also used this name for females. Kevin was then changed to Caoimhe. In history, Saint Kevin was the first popular person to make the name popular for common use. Consequently, Kevin McCarthy made this name doubly popular.

In terms of meaning, the name refers to someone as handsome or beautiful. Originally, the name meant someone who had a handsome birth. In contemporary times it has come to mean anyone who is handsome.

For some, the name also means someone who is gentle and kind. A name with such heavy connotations deserves some awesome nicknames. Let us see what they are.


Popular Nicknames for Kevin

Kevin has been made into a very popular name in English use. However, the name Kevin never seems overused. Every time you hear the word Kevin you think of someone sturdy and smart. Kevin is also now used in many popular TV shows and movies.

A name as popular as Kevin deserves some popular nicknames. Here are some popular nicknames for Kevin.

  1. Kev – probably the most popular shortening of the name Kevin, this one is commonly used by everyone
  2. Kin – originating from the word relative, this nickname means someone who is close to you
  3. Ken – originating from Ken from the Barbie universe, this one is a perfect one that stays loyal to the original meaning of Kevin
  4. Evin – taking out the K from the name makes this nickname stand out from the ordinary while being popular
  5. Vin – sweet and commonly used, this shortening of the name is another popular nickname
  6. Kvin – this nickname is a great play on the alphabets that exist in the name Kevin by just removing the ‘e’ from the name
  7. Nik – this nickname makes one think of a Russian lord and stays true to the original grandiosity of the name
  8. Nick – a more modern take on Nik, this name means victory to the people and has Greek origins
  9. Vek – the name Vek has major vibes for the oriental times and a very popular choice of nickname for Kevin
  10. Vik – another nickname with Greek origins, this nickname can be used to call any Kevin who is known to be victorious in his life
  11. Vin – popular actor Vin Diesel has made this nickname a much-loved one
  12. Kei – this nickname is both popular and a sweet-sounding one


Cute Nicknames for Kevin

If you are looking for some adorable ways to call your loved one named Kevin, look no further. The name Kevin is sweet and always appears to be humble and welcoming. A name such as this deserves some cute nicknames. All these nicknames are as lively as the name Kevin itself.

So, without any further delay let us jump right into finding out about some cute nicknames for Kevin.

  1. Kevvy – this name has a sweet and adorable sound to it that is just perfect to listen to
  2. Vinny – this name is the perfect nickname to give to a loved one as it conveys affection and loads of love with it
  3. Keke – the popular Drake song made this nickname popular and widely used while being so cute
  4. Kevie – this one is perfect for someone calling out to their loved one as it is sweet and cute both at the same time
  5. Kebo – this nickname is a great play on the name Kevin while being an adorable alternative to it
  6. Kevo – if you are looking for a short and adorable nickname to suit someone who is lively, this one is a perfect fit
  7. Evin – this nickname sounds like an infant is calling out to Kevin and sounds just so endearing
  8. Kiwi – if you love both the fruit and the name Kevin, this one is the perfect match for you
  9. Kevkev – a repetition of the first half of Kevin, this nickname is lovely to hear and call out
  10. Kuvin – this nickname is innovative with its pronunciation and also a great way to build intimacy with the loved Kevin in your life
  11. Vinnie – sounds close to Minnie and is as cute as the mouse herself
  12. Vikkie – this name derives its origins from the nickname Vik and puts an engaging spin on it
  13. Ev – this shortening of the name is so appealing to listen to


Funny Nicknames for Kevin

Anyone named Kevin is known to be a fun and energetic person to be around. They are jocular and have an aura of humor and enthusiasm surrounding them. The name Kevin is attached to general positivity and wellbeing. A name such as this hence deserves some funny nicknames that capture the accurate energy that the name exudes.

  1. Keven – rhyming with even this nickname is perfect to poke fun at someone who spells his name as Kevin
  2. Kebab – meaning the food dish kebab
  3. Kenny – this is such a fun name to give to a buddy you are close to
  4. K-mart – this nickname hints at an actual mart and is hilarious when used for a person
  5. Van – what better way to get some harmless fun out of nicknaming than by calling someone a vehicle
  6. Wendy – derived from the burger joint Wendy’s, this is a hilarious way to hint at the foodie Kevin
  7. Vindaloo – meaning a popular curry dish
  8. Vine – referring to the old social media platform
  9. Wink – a play on the last half of Kevin
  10. Kine – a funny nickname to give to a lively person


Cool Nicknames for Kevin

I think this has been well established that the name Kevin is extremely cool and friendly. It is a name that is commonly associated with dynamic individuals. To live up to this vibrant personality we have curated some cool nicknames that you can give to the spirited Kevin in your life.

All these nicknames are as cool as the name Kevin itself!

  1. Keegan – this name means someone who is fiery and has Irish origins
  2. Nike – a cool way to refer to someone who is a big sporty
  3. Kethoven – a mixture of Kev and Beethoven, this is a unique take on a nickname
  4. Wave – sounding so magnificent and distinctive this nickname sounds immensely cool
  5. K-Dawg – an incredible way to refer to a close friend
  6. Kingpin – this nickname has attached to it immense grandeur and majesty while being modern
  7. Ice-K – this is such a cool (pun intended) nickname to give to a closed one named Kevin
  8. Kegs – this is a distinctive way to refer to the snazzy Kevin in your life


Cute Boyfriend Nicknames for Kevin

Everyone would like to call their boyfriend by some cute nicknames. Do not let others tell you that calling your boyfriend with cute nicknames is cringy. It is the perfect way to show your affection for him on a regular basis. A boyfriend whose name is Kevin can be called by many cute boyfriend nicknames.

We have here some nicknames listed for you.

  1. Nie – adorable way to call out to your boyfriend
  2. Nev – giving off some major lovebug vibes, this nickname is so sweet
  3. Kev-bear – add a Kevin and a teddy bear and you will have a Kev-bear
  4. Mini Vinny – this is the perfect nickname for the Kevin that you love and who is special to you
  5. Kev-Wevi – this name sounds so enchanting
  6. Kevs – this nickname is different from others and will signify your special relationship
  7. Evi – this nickname is ridiculously adorable and perfect for your partner


Silly and Weird Nicknames for Kevin

The name Kevin can be of a lively and energetic person who is also simultaneously giddy and childish. It is always lovely to have someone around you who makes you smile with their silly behavior.

These nicknames are perfect for the Kevin in your life who always has some weird antics up his sleeve. Loopy, ridiculous, silly.

  1. Winnie – coming from the animated series Winnie the Pooh, this silly name is adorable
  2. Kevinincredible – a strange but unique way to refer to a smart Kevin
  3. Kevlar – meaning the water company Kevlar
  4. Kuvo – this nickname though sounding silly is a very quirky one
  5. Kavy – sounding close to savvy, this is an eccentric nickname that you can choose
  6. Keviebumz – this loopy nickname is fun and enthusiastic
  7. KevieKun – this one sounds silly but conveys a huge amount of affection
  8. Keviah – a silly way to make fun of a Kevin
  9. Kebru – this nickname looks like some jumbled words but is actually a popular one many turns to
  10. Skinny Vinny – a frivolous way to refer to a Kevin
  11. Kinley – a silly nickname for the silly Kevin in your life
  12. Kevdoll – a combination of Kev and doll, this is a hilariously dotish nickname



Nicknames are an easy and fun way to show affection. They don’t take any effort, and they can be used in many ways. When I was younger, my friends and classmates often called me by different nicknames. Some were cool, some were not. But they all made me feel good regardless of how lame they sounded.

Nicknames can also add a personal touch to your relationships. Nicknames help you become closer to people around you, making them feel more special as though they became part of your special group of friends. Given these reasons, it’s worth thinking about the best nickname you can think of for Kevin.

We hope we have been able to help you with some different varieties of nicknames for the special Kevin in your life. Select one of these and refer to Kevin lovingly.

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