100+ Awesome Nicknames For Katherine

Nicknames For Katherine

Katherine is one of the oldest and classiest names for females. It is royal, it is powerful, and this name has been seated on the popularity list by a plethora of celebrities and TV shows for as long as we can remember.

The name Katherine in itself looks best when taken as a whole. This means that finding the perfect nickname for it can be quite a challenging task. However, the rarity of this name only adds to its charm, making it a classic choice among all female names.

Choosing a fitting nickname should be enjoyed than stressed upon. This is why today, we have done all the legwork for you and assembled some of the most awesome nicknames for someone named Katherine!

We will also describe each option to help you pick the most suitable nickname from the lot. But before we get started, let us have a look at the origin and meaning of this name.


Meaning Of The Name Katherine

The name Katherine belongs to Greek origin and means “pure,” “clear,” “clean,” “God has redeemed.” Over the centuries, it has been used in a myriad of literary figures, from Fifty Shades of Grey’s BFF character to the spirited heroine of Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare.

Essentially, this name draws its power from Aikaterine, a saint martyred in Alexandria.

Katherine has been profoundly used since the beginning of the third century and has bloomed into different forms across different regions of the world, ranging from Kathleen to Kaitlin and Katarina.


Cute Nicknames For Katherine

Girls named Katherine deserve an angelic nickname that does justice to their original one.

If you are seeking an adorable title that will welcome endearing smiles every time you use it, look no further than this list.

Mentioned below are some of the cutest nicknames you can pick from for the Katherine in your life!

  1. Cathy – The most common, yet classic nickname for someone named Katherine.
  2. Kath – Another charming variant if you want to keep it simple.
  3. Kate – Taken by Kate Middleton, a member of the Royal British Family and Duchess of Cambridge.
  4. Kayce – A charming variant of the American name, Kacie.
  5. Kae – Inspired by the first letter of the name Katherine.
  6. Ather – Perhaps the cutest take away from this lengthy name.
  7. Kiki – Use this sweet nickname for a little girl.
  8. Erin – A great option for a tomboy named Katherine.
  9. Katy – A sought-after diminutive for Katherine.
  10. Kay – A blend of modern and delightful for a woman of style.
  11. Kara – A nickname with a Latin origin.
  12. Kats – Use this chic nickname for a cat lover.
  13. Katie – A Greek-rooted title for someone named Katherine.
  14. Kari – A Norwegian diminutive for an enigmatic lady.
  15. Trinne – A cute baby name that means “innocent.”
  16. KayKay – If you want to keep it girly.
  17. Katty – A feisty one that’s sure to steal the show whenever you use it.
  18. Rina – This nickname has a lovable ring to it.
  19. Kiwi – Another cute nickname that’s also a fruit!
  20. Kitty – Definitely predates all other conventional nicknames for a girl named Katherine.
  21. Erine – Typically means “The one from Ireland,” and is indeed a beautiful nickname.
  22. Karrie – Another Latin nickname for a toddler named Katherine.


Funny Nicknames For Katherine

What’s the point of a nickname if it doesn’t leave you giggling every time you use it? A funny nickname can be a harmless jibe at your loved one’s hobbies, appearance, or personality.

If you cannot think of one right now, take a look at some of the most hysterical nicknames for Katherine that are ideal for a good laugh!

  1. Kookie – Means a “peacemaker,” but surely is a chuckle-worthy nickname.
  2. Kitten – Literally means “perfect.”
  3. Killer – Use this for a Katherine with killer looks!
  4. Kissy – A nickname for an affectionate girlfriend.
  5. Knockout – Pick this nickname if the Katherine in your life is a sore loser!
  6. Kissy Face – A cute, yet hilarious nickname.
  7. Knuddel – A Katherine who loves to cuddle!
  8. Koko – A laughable nickname with a Japanese origin.
  9. Krabby – Inspired by the crustacean Pokémon with the same name.
  10. Kuki – A comical nickname attributed with great imaginative skills.
  11. Kacper – Use this for a Katherine who is a bit of a weirdo.
  12. Kora – Rhymes with Dora from Dora the Explorer.
  13. Ksnitch – Use this for someone who is a bit of a snitch.
  14. Kinky – A nickname to pick at your own risk!
  15. Knackered – For a Katherine who is always tired.
  16. Knotty – If the Katherine in your life loves some mischief.
  17. Know-it-all – A funny, snide remark as a nickname.
  18. Kooky – If the Katherine you know tends to be a little offbeat.
  19. Khaleesi – Taken from Daenerys Targaryen, the wife of Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.
  20. KIO – A humorous nickname that is an abbreviation for “Knock it Off.”
  21. Knick Trick – Use this for a trickster named Katherine.
  22. Krackerine – A great nickname to address a crazy Katherine.


Unique Nicknames For Katherine

The thing about nicknames is that they come in all kinds of forms and shapes. But, the more unique and swoon-worthy they are, the better they represent what the person you choose them for means to you.

If the usual nicknames seem too old-school, then take a look at our list of some of the most special and quirkiest titles for the name Katherine!

  1. Kush – This specific kind of marijuana is also a unique nickname.
  2. Catee – A variant form of Catherine.
  3. Kanie – A popular Hawaiian nickname.
  4. Ina – Derived from the name Regina, and means “Queen.”
  5. Renee – A French title that means “to be born again.”
  6. Katka – Another sassy diminutive of Katherine.
  7. Rina – A nickname belonging to the Hebrew origin that means “joy.”
  8. Kaitlan – A unique Irish nickname.
  9. Kai – Another Hawaiian nickname meaning “sea.”
  10. Athy – A popular nickname for a young girl named Katherine.
  11. Keya – A feminine nickname that translates into “flower.”
  12. Caelie – A nickname that creates a style statement whenever it’s heard.
  13. Koala – Named after the Australian animal.
  14. Kaylee – A spunky nickname for an eccentric Katherine.
  15. Kukoo – Use this for a stupid girl.
  16. Trin – A Vietnamese nickname that means “pure.”
  17. Riny – A unique Latin title that means “sea.”
  18. Kia – An African nickname that means “hill.”
  19. Ine – A sassy and classy nickname.
  20. Aspirin – For a Katherine who is a bit of a headache!
  21. Cate – A nickname that has worked well throughout all the ages.
  22. Kit Kat – For all the chocolate lover Katherines out there.
  23. Ryne – Ideally a boy’s name, but fits amazingly well on girls too.
  24. Trijntje – A Dutch nickname that’s absolutely adorable!


Cool Nicknames For Katherine

If the Katherine you know is cool, she deserves a nickname that’s alike. They say, nicknames stick to a person. The most ridiculous ones are often the most adhesive!

So, if you’re looking for one such term of endearment that sets your loved one apart from the crowd, here are some of the coolest options for you to choose from!

  1. Keila – A Biblical nickname of Hebrew origin.
  2. Ketchup – For a Katherine with a tangy personality.
  3. Cat – A nickname for a sensual and bold Katherine.
  4. KK – For someone who wants to keep it short and sweet.
  5. K-Cup – Inspired by Keurig K-Cup brewing systems.
  6. Katalie – Well suited for a sophisticated lady.
  7. Renna – Culled from the original name, Katherine.
  8. Catkin – A punny name for a hairy girl bearing Katherine (belonging to the Cat lineage)
  9. Kina – A Hawaiian endearment that means “China.”
  10. KandyK – For a girl who is as sweet and savory as a candy!
  11. Saint – Derived from the true meaning of Katherine. You can use this for someone who lives up to this nickname.
  12. Purity – A substitute to the above-mentioned nickname.
  13. Tina – Indeed, a glamorous nickname.
  14. Kale – Use this for a health freak.
  15. Kini – A Hawaiian name that means “abundance.”
  16. Cankles – A body-part inspired nickname for a cranky girl.
  17. Kangaroo – For a playful Katherine who loves jumping around.
  18. Kats – A voguish derivative of Katherine.
  19. Kenzu – An English nickname meaning “Gift of God.”
  20. Kasual – For a girl-next-door kinda Katherine.
  21. Kat Kat – Repetitive sounds make cool nicknames.


Famous Nicknames For Katherine

Whether you are a movie geek or not, there’s a room full of inspiration that you can take from celebrities and the entertainment industry in general when it comes to finding a fitting nickname.

So, without any further ado, scroll through some of the most famous titles for someone named Katherine!

  1. Katy Perry – If the Katherine you know is a Katy Perry fan.
  2. Katniss – Taken by Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games character.
  3. Rose – The name of Titanic’s leading lady character, played by Kate Winslet.
  4. Pierce – Inspired by Katherine Pierce, from The Vampire Diaries series.
  5. Kathy – Only true FRIENDS fans would know!
  6. Kitty White – The real name of Hello Kitty.
  7. Cathleen – Taken from ‘The Countess Cathleen’, a verse drama by William Butler Yeats.
  8. Kim – The character from the popular American Television Series, Kim Possible.
  9. Katie Olivia – A former businesswoman, media personality, and columnist.
  10. Kelly – Taken by Katherine Kelly, a popular English TV actress.
  11. Kitty Pryde – America’s Marvel Comics’ fictional superhero character.
  12. Caitlyn – Derived from Caitlyn Marie Jenner’s name.
  13. Kris – Taken by Kris Jenner, the Kardashian-Jenner mother.



So, this was all about over 100 awesome nicknames for girls named Katherine! The best thing about nicknames is that there are no rules to keeping them. You can choose to go as subtle or keep it as crazy as you want to, as long as it’s loved by you and the person you keep the nickname for!

We hope that our list has helped you pick the perfect name to call the Katherine in your life, or at least inspired you to create a title of your own!

Also, if you are feeling artsy and have another creative nickname in mind, then be a dear, and don’t forget to share it with us!


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