70+ Popular Nicknames For Jonathan

Nicknames For Jonathan

The Nicknames Express is here again, and the next stop is this sprightly name, Jonathan. One of the most desirable names for boys, Jonathan is a name that shines of valor and elegance.

If you have someone special called Jonathan in your life, then he deserves a special nickname too! And guess what? You don’t even have to think of a nickname anymore. We are here to cover all your nicknaming needs.

We have brought together some of the best nicknames for Jonathan along with a helpful piece of description attached to each suggestion.

But before we get to the nicknames, let’s understand what this name means and how it became one of the favorite names for boys.


Meaning and Origin of Jonathan

According to Hebrew tradition, the name Jonathan would denote a gift from God or Jehovah. It is derived from the Hebrew name Yehonatan, which contains the elements ‘yeho’ which can be explained as ‘in reference to God’ and ‘natan’ which means ‘to give.’

In the Old Testament, Jonathan is the son of King Saul, and his highly respected loyalty to brother-in-law David gave way to the expression ‘Jonathan and David’, generally used to describe steadfast friends.

A couple of names that come to mind when we think of famous people named Jonathan are Jonathan Swift, the renowned Irish author, and American actor Jonathan Groff.

Now, we are all set to hit the nicknames! So, brace yourselves for some awesome nicknames for Jonathan.


Popular Nicknames for Jonathan

It is quite clear by now that one is known better by their nickname than their real name. They are your true social identity. And in most cases, these nicknames are popular ones, easy to understand, and used by everyone. If you are looking for such a nickname for Jonathan, then the options below will be super useful. Read on!

  1. Jon – Petite and popular, this is probably the most preferred nickname for Jonathan.
  2. Nathan – It is cliche but probably the coolest nickname.
  3. Jonah – This beautiful name means ‘dove’ and reflects spirituality.
  4. Nate – A trendy name that never goes out of style.
  5. Jo – This lovely name will suit anybody you give it to.
  6. Jonny – This is one of the most spunky names of all times.
  7. Jono – An absolutely adorable nickname for your loved one.
  8. Jockey – An ideal name for a sporty Jonathan.


Cute Nicknames for Jonathan

A cute nickname is one of the purest expressions of love. So, express your heart with these sugary and cheerful nicknames. Have a look and make your pick.

  1. Joe – The perfect nickname for your cutie patootie.
  2. Jello – A sweet pet name for your sweetheart.
  3. Jujube – This juicy fruit makes for a great nickname for little Jonathan.
  4. JellyBean – The cutest candy for the cutest boy around.
  5. Jigglypuff – This adorable pokemon has won many hearts.
  6. Natt – Short and charming, Jonathan will love this nickname.
  7. Thanny – This will fit perfectly with an innocent guy called Jonathan
  8. Jojo – A cool and appealing name for that kiddo named Jonathan.
  9. Jonquil – What do you think of a pretty flower name?
  10. Jerry – If Jonathan reminds you of this tiny and witty cartoon mouse, then go with this.
  11. Jonateen – A suitable name for a Jonathan who has just entered teenage.
  12. Jonason – Probably the best nickname for your son if he is named Jonathan.


Funny Nicknames for Jonathan

Want to make people fall for your sense of humor? If yes, then these insanely funny nicknames are a great step forward. Call someone named Jonathan with these names and give everyone a reason to laugh.

  1. Thanos – This fictional supervillain will make for a humorous nickname for a mischievous Jonathan.
  2. Joker – For someone who is always up to make people laugh.
  3. Jon Don – A cool gangster name for a Jonathan who thinks too highly of himself.
  4. Marathon – This rhyming nickname is for an athletic Jonathan.
  5. Jonathin – For that thin and lanky guy named Jonathan.
  6. Jonerd – Isn’t this perfect for your nerdy, head-in-the-books friend?
  7. Jon Snow – If he is a fan of ‘Game of Thrones,’ then you don’t need to look any further.
  8. Donathan – This is one is for a philanthropic soul who never misses a chance to donate.
  9. Jonathorn – An amusing name for a Jonathan who is as painfully irritating as a thorn.
  10. Jobathan – Does he juggle too many jobs at once? If yes, then this is your pick.
  11. Jonap – For a Jonathan who always finds time to take a nap.
  12. Jonano – This nickname for a tiny (nano) man will fill the room with laughter.
  13. Jonanny – Call him a nanny if he has a way with kids.
  14. Joule – Let’s pick some science jargon for Jonathan who is a science enthusiast.
  15. Jomathan – A chucklesome nickname for a Math genius named Jonathan.
  16. Yawnathan – For the sleepyhead who keeps yawning all the time.
  17. Slownathan – If Jonathan takes hours to get a task done, then this funny one’s for him.


Boyfriend Names for Jonathan

If your special someone is called Jonathan, then we have some wonderful suggestions for lovey-dovey nicknames. Go on and look to pick one and win his heart.

  1. Jo Man – For the special man in your life.
  2. Joynathan – If Jonathan is someone who only brings joy to you, then you must call him this.
  3. JonnyBoo – The perfect way to get silly and affectionate with him.
  4. Jon-taken – This creative nickname will let everyone know that he is only yours.
  5. Bae-than – If he is your ‘before anyone else’, then this is a super cute option to choose.
  6. Thansome – Call him handsome, but with a twist!
  7. Jonny Honey – Put two lovely endearments together to make him feel all fuzzy.
  8. Hero – This one’s an all-time ruler when it comes to nicknames for boyfriends.
  9. Mr. J – Another staple is the interesting use of initials. They certainly sound compelling.
  10. Joey – This darling name will make Jonathan go ‘Aww!’
  11. Jonathank – If you are immensely thankful for him being in your life, then this emo nickname is for him
  12. Jonasun – A delightful way of addressing the sunshine of your life.
  13. Captain Nathan – Call him captain and he will fall head over heels for you!
  14. Joy Box – The perfect nickname for your personal box of happiness.
  15. King J – Here is a flattering nickname for the ruler of your heart
  16. John Smith – If you are a sucker for Disney movies, then you will love to call your boyfriend by this name.
  17. Jo-knight-ton – A fairytale nickname for your knight in shining armor.


Silly Nicknames for Jonathan

Everyone likes being goofy once in a while. The silly nicknames mentioned below will definitely bring Jonathan closer to you, or at least make him smile. So, check them out!

  1. Jazzie – Silly yet spunky, this nickname will suit a carefree Jonathan.
  2. Bacon – If he can’t get enough of bacon, then this foodie nickname is for him.
  3. Jon-satan – This one is for a Jonathan who is always up to something evil.
  4. Jonty – The right pet name for a happy-go-lucky Jonathan.
  5. Jonana – A pretty fun name that a cool-headed Jonathan will love.
  6. Jogathon – If your Jon is someone who just can’t miss a jog, then this one’s for him.
  7. Demonathan – A witty name for that tiny devil.
  8. Jonath-ham – If he is a lover of ham, then honor him with this name.
  9. Jinn – The Arabic form of ‘genie’, this is a cute one for your wish granter.
  10. Jumbo Jon – For a huge guy called Jonathan.
  11. Jonathumb – A slightly weird nickname for a Jonathan with an unusual thumb.
  12. Janithan – A considerable option if he was born in January.
  13. Jonatan – For a Jonathan who returned with an amazing tan from the summer vacay.
  14. Jonathief – If Jonathan keeps borrowing things without permission, then this is for him.
  15. Jonasty – For that shabby boy who doesn’t know the basics of cleanliness.


Unique Nicknames for Jonathan

Never heard before, these unique nicknames are like a cool breeze. Go through them and pick the best for your Jonathan to impress him and many others.

  1. Jolly – If that million-dollar smile is your favorite thing about him.
  2. Juno – Named after a Roman Goddess, this is a pleasant one.
  3. Yehonatan – The Hebrew variant of the name, this sounds aristocratic.
  4. Natty Boy – The disguised way to call him a ‘naughty boy’.
  5. Johnny Bravo – For a macho man who resembles this popular cartoon character.
  6. Jonathrill – If every day is an adventure with Jonathan, then compliment him with this name.
  7. Jo Bro – For that dear one who is a brother for life.
  8. Jen – This pleasant name means ‘a compassionate love for humanity or the world as a whole.’
  9. Jaguar – Make him feel cool with this wild and feisty nickname.
  10. Show-nathan – For that lively boy who’s into show business.


Conclusion: Nicknames for Jonathan

There you have more than seventy nicknames for your loved one called Jonathan. We hope the collection above provides you with your choice of nicknames or helps you create your own customized version for that lovely guy. We are always eager to know about your creations and would love it if you drop them in for us.

So, keep visiting, sharing, and stay tuned for more amazing nicknames!

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