80+ Adorable Nicknames For John

Nicknames For John

From John Cena to John Krasinski, the world is jampacked with celebrities and even commoners who rock this spunky name. John is one of the classiest names that has managed to remain relevant and outweigh the other titles, even after tough strife with many other worthy contenders.

Whether John is your partner, best buddy, brother, or just a special person in your life, you know he is entitled to an astounding nickname that sets him apart from the crowd. However, with the great responsibility of finding a nickname that fits like a second skin, comes a whole lot of confusion!

Therefore, today, we have listed over 80 adorable nicknames for someone named John. You are also armed with our two cents worth of opinion about every nickname so that your nicknaming journey gets all the merrier and trouble-free!

But first, do you know what is the origin and meaning of the name, John? Let us find out.


Meaning And Origin Of The Name John

The name John is a marvelous male title that belongs to the Latin origin, “lohannes and loannes,” which are the two variants of Lōánnēs, a Greek name. This Greek title finds its roots in the Hebrew name Yohanan, which typically translates into “Graced by Yah.” Another similar name is Yehonanan, which bears the meaning, “Yahweh is Gracious.”

This theophoric name was borne by a plethora of obscure personalities in the Old Testament, and expanded in popularity once it was taken by the high priest Johanan, in 407 BC, and also the great kind John Hyrcanus. This name is recorded in numerous forms in several languages.

Now that we are familiar with John, its meaning, and where it hails from, let us have a look at some of its most incredible pet names.


Cute Nicknames For John

We bet the John in your life is simply awesome, and if nothing beats the spectacular bond you share with him, then it’s best that you get a cute nickname to show how much you care about him.

Make your loved one feel adored and special by taking a look at our list of delightful nicknames for John:

  1. Jack – Wondering why Jack is a nickname for John? During the Bible days, the name John evolved into the Germanic title, Jackin and Jankin, which further birthed the commonly-used moniker, Jack.
  2. Jackie / Jakie – A feel-good variant of the nickname Jack.
  3. Johnny – This endearing nickname reminds us of Johny Johny Yes Papa by The Water Kids!
  4. Joe – This one is taken by using the first two letters in the name John.
  5. Jan – A fitting nickname for someone named John who is also a January-born.
  6. Jon – A simple nickname without any added drama!
  7. Jax – Quite a cute and cool pet name for John, when you come to think of it.
  8. Jackin – Another nickname that is a tweaked version of “Jack.”
  9. Ivan – This is a Russian-Slavic variant of the Greek name John.
  10. Jackfruit – A fruit-based nickname in case you want to go all mushy.
  11. Jono – A playfully cute nickname for a mischievous toddler named John.
  12. Jock – Use this nickname for a guy named John who loves making everybody laugh with his antics.
  13. Jocko – Silly names often make the cutest nicknames.
  14. Johnnie – Another adorable nickname that suits boys of all age groups.
  15. John-John – Double trouble, because we cannot get enough of the cuteness!
  16. Joe – Another commonly-used nickname for a man bearing the name John.
  17. Nhoj – This one is pronounced as “Nhoj.”
  18. J’oh – A charming nickname that is pronounced as “J-oh!”
  19. Jam – If you just want to devour his sweetness!
  20. Jonni – Use this pet name for someone who is the life of the party.


Funny Nicknames For John

The entire point behind doing your research to choose an ideal nickname is that it should induce bouts of laughter, smiles, and giggles every time someone catches wind of it.

If you are looking for a funny pet name for the guy named John in your life, then look no further than this list:

  1. Joker – Pick this comical nickname for the clown among you all.
  2. Jo Jo – This pet name sounds pretty hilarious when heard.
  3. Mini John – Use this nickname for a stout guy named John, or gifting it to a tall guy would be ironically-funny too!
  4. Red John – For a John with a ridiculously fiery temperament.
  5. Papa John – Another hysterical nickname, especially for someone who is not as old to be a father.
  6. Johnny Rockets – Pick this nickname for a guy named John who farts a lot.
  7. Johagranny – A nickname to tease someone who is aging rapidly.
  8. Johnica – A “Britannica” inspired nickname for the know-it-all named John in your circle.
  9. Jon Bon Jovi – Use this nickname for a Bon Jovi fanatic.
  10. Johnny Bravo – The perfect nickname to address the Cassanova of your group!
  11. Johnny Jackpot – Use this nickname for a rich kid named John.
  12. Johnny Casino – A nickname to mildly throw a jibe at a compulsive gambler.
  13. Lil John – You could either use it for a toddler or make it funnier by using it for an adult named John.
  14. Toilet – Because the name John is an uncommon slang for toilet.
  15. Piss Place – Quite an offensive nickname that’s derived from the toiled slang mentioned above.


Creative Nicknames For John

If the John in your life is like no other, then he probably deserves a creative nickname that is crafted with a dash of finesse and ingenuity!

Below, we have listed a few options for you to get inspired and choose from:

  1. J Star – This nickname is similar to the shoe brand, G Star.
  2. Jelly Bean – A lovey-dovey nickname for your boo.
  3. Jack Daniels – Use this nickname for someone named John who loves his glass of whiskey.
  4. Jack Sparrow – It’s always a good idea to take the pirate route sometimes!
  5. Juggernaut – Use this nickname for a guy named John who is a little too hyperactive.
  6. John Keats – Use this for a friend who is also a poet.
  7. Jabberwockey – A comical nickname for someone who doesn’t make much sense.
  8. Jabhead – This is a slangy pet name for someone with a highly annoying personality.
  9. OJ – Inspired by the popular American footballer, O.J. Simpson. Use this nickname for an avid footballer or sportsman.
  10. Joinker – An ideal nickname for someone who is always on the high!
  11. Jewey – A nice way to call out a man named John who is a Jew.
  12. Yawn – This nickname rhymes with John, and is a good endearment for a sleepyhead.
  13. Junk – For a person whom you subtly want to regard as a piece of trash!
  14. McJargon – Pick this pet name for a guy bearing the name John who uses unnecessary jargon.
  15. Jack At A Pinch – An ancient (but cool) nickname to tease someone who is always used as a last-minute replacement!
  16. Jiffy – This nickname would look pretty ironic on someone who is always late.
  17. Jigglypuff – This pet name is taken from that of the popular Pokémon series with the same name.
  18. Jiggle Wiggle – A funny way to describe the John in your life by how he walks when he’s sloshed!
  19. Jobbernowl – Pick this old-Tudor period nickname for an empty-headed, foolish guy named John.
  20. Jeery – A nickname for someone who is always unapologetically rude.
  21. Johpan – A punny nickname for someone who belongs to Japan.
  22. Joy – A loving nickname for a guy who brings immense joy to your life.
  23. Joanna – A rather girly nickname to pull your best friend’s leg!


Rhyming Nicknames For John

Choosing a rhyming nickname for someone you love means double the fun and excitement!

Listed below are some worthy suggestions of rhyming pet names that we absolutely love for someone named John, and think that you will too!

Take a look:

  1. Bonne – This nickname translates into “good” in French. Use it for someone with a kind-hearted personality.
  2. Con – A nickname to call out someone named John who loves tricking others.
  3. Don – Use this pet name for a guy who loves dominating around.
  4. Dawn – A nice nickname that can be used for an “Early to bed, early to rise” kind of man.
  5. Drawn – Use this nickname for someone who is always tired.
  6. Fawn – Cutely describe a handsome guy named John using this nickname.
  7. Gnawny – A nickname for a guy named John who nibbles a lot.
  8. Mr. Gone – A nickname for someone who rarely makes an appearance.
  9. Lawn – Use this nickname for someone named John who is an avid gardener.
  10. Nom Nom – A nickname that is essentially used to express delight while eating. Use this for someone who is a big-time foodie.
  11. Thor – A nickname for someone who is as strong and mighty as the Marvel superhero Thor.
  12. Ron – Inspired by the fictional character, Ron Weasley, from the Harry Potter series.


Rude Nicknames For John

Let this section be your go-to for choosing the rudest and most impolite nicknames to get at the guy named John in your life! Have a look:

  1. Jerk – A self-explanatory nickname that you can use for a guy who is an absolute jerk.
  2. Jaundice – Pick this offensive nickname for someone who makes you want to puke!
  3. Wuss – Use this nickname for a weak or coward person.
  4. Bozo – Another rude nickname for a petty man.
  5. Lamebrain – A nickname for a guy who comes up with ridiculously lame ideas.
  6. Chipmunk – This guy named John is your shortest friend.
  7. Flame Brain – Use this nickname for someone who is always running low on temper.
  8. Slim John – A nickname for a very thin friend.
  9. Barbarian – A pet name for someone who is excessively unhygienic and uncivilized.
  10. Snail – Whoever you’ll get this nickname for is your laziest friend.
  11. Low Signal – This guy named John barely understands any inside jokes.
  12. Wikileak – Use this pet name for someone who can never keep a secret.
  13. Bagel – A subtle way to tease a fat guy.


Conclusion: Nicknames For John

There you have it – a lot of adorable nicknames for a guy named John. We hope that our all-inclusive list has helped you choose the best pet name for the special person in your life, or at least inspired you to create one of your own. If you have another stellar nickname in mind, then please help us expand our database of endearments!

Happy nicknaming!

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