50+ Adorable Nicknames For Jeremy

Nicknames For Jeremy

A charming name, Jeremy is the perfect match for a little boy, right at home on a curious kid on the go! This name echoes fun, thrill, and reiterates a personality that’s always willing to discover more. When you come to think of it, Jeremy appears like a pretty solid name for the adult world. Moreover, it also offers a range of some seriously adorable nicknames, which is an added cherry on top!

This name might sure carry ancient roots, but luckily, it is not at all outdated and remains fresh in both—spirit and sound! If you have someone named Jeremy in your life and you’re looking for a cute nickname to call that person out, you know how baffling the wide range of options might make it for you.

That is why, today, we have handpicked some of the best endearments for Jeremy that we love, and know that you will too! Also, each nickname accompanies our free advice to catalyze your nicknaming journey.

But before we kickstart with over 50 great nicknames for Jeremy, let us first get to know a little about the background of this name, what it means, and where it hails from.


Meaning and Origin of the Name Jeremy

Jeremy has been widely accepted in several parts of the world today. In fact, this name stood as the 84th most famous name for young boys in the United States in the year 2000. What’s interesting to know is that more recently, in 2018, Jeremy was the 204th most sought-after title for men.

It is a masculine name that hails from Hebrew origin, and means “appointed by God.” Some of its other meanings are, “Exalted of the Lord,” “The Lord loosens,” “May Jehovah exalt,” or “God will unloosen.”

Etymologically, the name Jeremy is an English diminutive of the biblical title Jeremiah, an anglicized form. This name is also recorded in the Christian New Testament’s verses Matthew 27:9 and verses Matthew 2:17 in translations of King James’ translated version.

Now that we are familiar with the meaning and roots of Jeremy, let us head straight to some of the best nicknames for the name!


Cute Nicknames For Jeremy

If you have a Jeremy in your life who is as cute as a button, then he probably deserves an even cuter nickname that best suits his personality.

Not only do cute nicknames sound sweet to the ears, but they also help you bond well with the person you love. Here are a few admirable options we love and think that you will too!

  1. JerBear / JereBear – Pick this nickname for a Jeremy who resembles a teddy bear.
  2. Jerry Berry – For a guy named Jeremy who is the sweetest among all!
  3. JerJer – Repetitive titles make the most magnificent nicknames.
  4. Remy Boy – A playful and cute nickname to address a high-spirited Jeremy.
  5. Jerry Boo – You can probably use this one for a Jeremy you have a crush on.
  6. Jere-Mine – A nice way to cutely mark your territory over the Jeremy you love!
  7. Jelly Remmy – Just mismatch a few letters here and there, and you’re good to go!
  8. Germy – A fabulous nickname that’s pronounced just like the original name.
  9. Jerry – The most commonly-used nickname for someone named Jeremy.
  10. Gem – From Jeremy to Jem, and straight to Gem! Use this one for a boy named Jeremy who is a gem of a person.
  11. Jere – Taken from the first four letters of the name Jeremy.
  12. Remy – Quite a charming nickname that is derived from the last four letters of the name Jeremy.
  13. Jerr – In case you wish to keep it short and classic!
  14. Rey – Another remarkable nickname, and our absolute favorite! Use this for a teenager named Jeremy.
  15. Jay – Another common, yet classy nickname for someone named Jeremy.
  16. Jez – A cool nickname for a Jeremy who is the talk of the town!
  17. Rem – Short, simple, sassy, and significant.
  18. Jezza – Perhaps the coolest nickname there is!
  19. Jemmie – An easy-to-pronounce nickname that you can gift to a little boy.


Funny Nicknames for Jeremy

A funny nickname is a great way to get your point across, isn’t it? Although it can appear somewhat crude and rude, yet it somehow is socially acceptable! Possibly not for the person you’re looking a nickname for, but you are sure to get some chuckles out of others when they first hear a whimsical pet name!

Thus, if you intend to get a good laugh and lighten the air, have a look at some of the most comical nicknames for someone named Jeremy:

  1. Joker – Use this nickname for a guy named Jeremy who is a bit of a laughing stock.
  2. Jigsaw – An appropriate nickname for a Jeremy who always seems confused.
  3. Jelly – Somehow, there is something unexplainably funny about food names!
  4. Poor Joke – Pick this nickname to throw a jibe at someone who always tells the worst jokes.
  5. Jiggles – Use this nickname for someone who keeps laughing.
  6. Jabberwockey – Typically used for a guy who tries his best to be cool and funny, but ends up looking like a dork.
  7. Jocked Jeremy – A fitting nickname for someone named Jeremy who is also a copycat.
  8. Jazzy – Pick this nickname for a flashy showoff bearing the name Jeremy.
  9. Jojo – A comical way of addressing Jeremy who is a “Monday born.”
  10. Jammie / Jams – A nickname for someone who is always seen wearing his pajamas.
  11. Mr. Jealous – Use this one to mock someone who has a jealous personality.
  12. Jägerbomb – A cool and lighthearted nickname for Jeremy that’s derived from a cocktail.
  13. Junkyard Dog – An informal way of mocking a friend bearing the name Jeremy.


Boyfriend Nicknames for Jeremy

Do you have a special guy named Jeremy in your life whom you are searching a delightful nickname for?

Well, your search ends here because we have brainstormed some of the greatest-of-all-times pet names for your boyfriend that will make you go from “Oh,” to “Aww!” real quick! Have a look:

  1. Juicy – Quite a flirtatious pet name that’s sure to get all your juices flowing.
  2. JellyBug – A nickname for Jeremy who is as cute as a bug!
  3. Jon Snow – A punny boyfriend nickname for a Jeremy who ironically knows everything about you!
  4. Joy – A heartwarming nickname for a guy named Jeremy who brings nothing but joy in your life.
  5. Jelly Cup – For you to devour an entire Jelly Cup all by yourself!
  6. Jelly Belly – Use this nickname for a Jeremy whom you love cuddling with.
  7. Jekyll – For a boyfriend who brings out both – your good and evil side altogether.
  8. Jewel – A great nickname in case you think your boyfriend is like no other.
  9. Jock – Use this nickname if your boyfriend is overly-enthusiastic about a certain activity.
  10. Jujube – A wonderful nickname for a sweet guy named Jeremy.
  11. Mad Jack – Pick this nickname if your boyfriend gets all fired-up very easily.
  12. Magician – An ideal nickname for a boyfriend whom you can rely on to make you smile during hard times.
  13. Main Squeeze – A whimsical and cute nickname for a boyfriend who knows how to get the best out of you!
  14. Major Jerry – For the boy who is A1 since Day 1 in your life.
  15. McDreamy – A nickname for an extremely handsome boyfriend, the kind whom every girl dreams of.
  16. Melody – A sugary-sweet nickname for a Jeremy who makes your heart sing.
  17. Jumu – Another cute nickname that’s sure to get you truckloads of hugs in return.


Unique Nicknames For Jeremy

The more unique a nickname, the more attention it is sure to grab whenever someone catches wind of it. After scrolling through heaps of the same-old pet names for Jeremy, a list of unique nicknames will seem like a breath of fresh air!

If you are looking for a unique nickname that creates a remarkable statement wherever the Jeremy in your life heads, then look no further than this list:

  1. Jeromy – An uncommon nickname that resembles the original name in terms of pronunciation and spelling.
  2. Jay Bling – A nickname for a Jeremy who is blessed with all the riches.
  3. Jerome – Taken from the name of the popular English writer, Jerome K. Jerome.
  4. JayLo – Pick this nickname for a guy named Jeremy who is a Jennifer Lopez fan.
  5. Ymerej – The “Y” is silent, and this nickname is created by reversing the alphabets in the name Jeremy.
  6. Jeramy – Another similar, yet uncommon pet name for someone bearing the name Jeremy.
  7. Jester – An uncommon nickname for a man named Jeremy who is the “fool” of the group.
  8. J’aime – A French equivalent of the phrase “I love,” or “I like.” This one makes for quite an interesting nickname!
  9. Jezbollah – A nickname that was given to Jeremy Corbyn, a British politician.



This was all about over 50 adorable nicknames for a male named Jeremy. Whether you choose to go for a cute pet name or a funny one, what matters is how much you enjoy the process! Pro tip: As much as you would love gifting the perfect nickname to the Jeremy in your life, don’t fret much about it.

As long as you choose an endearment wholeheartedly, they are going to love it! Lastly, if there is any nickname that you think would be a good fit, then be a dear and make sure to share it with us.

Happy nicknaming!

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