50+ Adorable Nicknames For Jasper

Nicknames For Jasper

If Jasper is one of the most special people in your life, but you haven’t managed to find a nickname as precious as him, then this blog post is for you. We are here to rid you of your worries of devising a loving and fun nickname for Jasper by taking over the job.

This article will give you more than 50 adorable nicknames for Jasper, and believe us, and you will thank your stars for this day.

Jasper is a calm and composed guy in the face of any adversity and knows how to have the best times. He is a reliable friend and an even better partner to have.

Let’s tell you all about this name and then give you some great pet names that go superbly well for someone named Jasper.

Don’t worry, that’s not all. We will guide you with what type of nickname to choose with some helpful tips and tricks along the way. So, Let’s get started!


Meaning and Significance of the name

The name Jasper originated from the English language and is primarily a masculine name that means “treasurer.” Jasper is also the name attributed to an opaque semi-precious stone that is reddish-brown in color.

The name is symbolic of wealth, passion, and love. Many people believe Jasper to be an English version of the counterpart Casper.

Now that we have properly introduced the name, let’s head straight to the adorable nicknames we have in store for you.


Popular Nicknames for Jasper

This section is where we list all the nicknames that high on demand for anyone named Jasper. If you like to play it safe with nicknames, then this is the place for you.

  1. Jess – Here is a simplistic and short name that is an overly used option for anyone named Jasper.
  2. Jas – Do you have an eye for super short nicknames that have a cool vibe? Here you go!
  3. Jaspery – Adding a simple “Y” to the original name can give you a perfectly warm and lovely nickname.
  4. Jip – Jip means to cheat someone. You might have someone in mind who deserves this slightly offensive name.
  5. Pear – Is your Jasper, a sweet guy who is kind and understanding? If yes, then this sweet fruity name would be perfect for him.
  6. Jack – Here is a safe choice of a pet name that you can never go wrong with.
  7. Jose – Pick a No-fuss name and works like a charm for any man named Jasper.
  8. Perry – You can give this name to someone who is a big fan of Chandler’s character in FRIENDS, played by Matthew Perry.
  9. Jasey – We will spoil you with choices when it comes to sweet and simple nicknames. This one comes with a hip and happening vibe.
  10. Japery – We have got another super simple and snuggly nickname that is hard not to fall instantly in love with.


Cute Nicknames for Jasper

If you need a nickname that is a sweet and appreciative title for your spouse or boyfriend, then you have landed at the right place.

Have a look and be mesmerized!

  1. J Star – Put a smile on your guy’s face with a name that is bound to please anyone.
  2. Jappy – Cheery nicknames for the win! This name would work well if the Jasper you want to nickname is an infant or a little boy.
  3. Pareja – This Spanish word translates to “couple or partner,” needless to say, this name fits well if you want to find a name for your spouse or boyfriend.
  4. JellyBear – Any nickname with the word Bear in it is already a nickname that is hard to not fall in love with.
  5. Jerry – Cartoon character as nicknames is one thing that we can never get enough of. Perfect pet name for a little boy who is obsessed with “Tom and Jerry.”
  6. Jazz – If your Jasper is a fan of finer things in life or a musical man, we recommend this classy and suave name.
  7. Casper – This is an older version of a similar name. It was also the name of an adorable movie that came out in 1995.
  8. Chiseled – Calling out that that muscular guy Jasper, who is the town’s talk, especially with the ladies.
  9. Jigglypuff – Not all nicknames make sense, but they are a hit with the masses as long as they sound cute.
  10. Jasberry – Isn’t this the sort of name that instantly puts a smile on your face when you hear it?


Funny Nicknames for Jasper

Choosing a fun and sassy nickname which comes with a kick of sarcasm is always a good idea. Find some amusing and amazing options that will get the job done.

  1. Camphor – How about this weird yet amusing name that comes after an organic compound used in various medicines and ointments?
  2. Spa – If your guy loved a relaxing visit to the spa now and then, you should consider this offbeat name for him.
  3. Jeopardy – Jeopardy is the name of an American reality TV show. If your Jasper is into telly shows, then this one might be it for him.
  4. Juggler – If your friend Jasper is a multitasker who is a pro when it comes to juggling many things together, here is a great name for him.
  5. Asparagus – We suggest you give out this quirky name to a Jasper who is a health freak and perpetually on a diet.
  6. Gypsy – Here is an amusing pet name that would go well for a wild and free guy named Jasper.
  7. Yapper – If Jasper has a habit of gossiping, we recommend this nickname which will be fair for him.
  8. Juicy Ass – Need we say more about this flirty name?
  9. PJ – This is an abbreviation for “Poor Joke,” an apt way to address someone whose humor makes you cry and not laugh.
  10. Prick – Use this offensive nickname for a guy who is self-serving beyond measure. It doesn’t hurt to have a demeaning private nickname for someone you can mutter to yourself when irritated.
  11. Spaghetti – Use this cheeky name for a guy named Jasper with long and preferably curly hair.


Unique Nicknames for Jasper

Do you like to go overboard and delve into uncharted waters with your Nicknaming Game? If yes, then this is the section dedicated to you.

Have a look at some unthinkable nicknames that might be offbeat but will set you apart from the crowd.

  1. Jasperware – This is a type of pottery developed during the 17th century; use this unique name for a guy with a creative streak.
  2. Jasmin – Here is a flowery name for your buddy Jasper, a nature lover who smells amazing.
  3. Juniper – Juniper is a small tree or a shrub; take a dig at a Jasper who is short heightened yet cute.
  4. Jerome K Jerome – It would be a phenomenal idea to nickname a geeky literature guy named Jasper after one of the most famous English writers of all time.
  5. Jumper – Keep this classy and chic name for a guy who is super active and sporty.
  6. Piper – If you want to go a little bit away from the common nicknames and keep it simple, you can choose this name.
  7. Asper – Asper is a former silver currency of Turkey and Egypt. If your Jasper is a money-minded guy, then this name is a distinguished title for him.
  8. Joypopper – Here is another name that you might not have imagined was possible for Jasper.
  9. J Stor – If your buddy Jasper is a bit of a brainiac, this nickname will suit him superbly well.
  10. Ouija – Adding something spooky here for people who take the road not taken with giving pet names.


Clever Nicknames for Jasper

When it comes to finding nicknames for the youngsters of the 21st century, the single-most deciding factor is how cool and clever the nickname sounds.

Read ahead and find some new age nicknames that will win all the Gen Z’s approval.

  1. Gaspar – Isn’t it fun to experiment with names and find some creative nicknames.
  2. Agent Jones – Hey, Matrix fans! Here is a special nickname for you that ticks all the right boxes.
  3. Jester – Jester means a person who usually plays the fool or a clown. Perhaps you can give this pet name to a guy who has a comical personality.
  4. Jägermeister – What better than naming a party animal named Jasper with a nickname that’s a renowned alcohol brand?
  5. Pringle – This snacky pet name is for your little man named Jasper, who is so cute that you just want to gobble him up.
  6. Poser – Use this self-explanatory nickname for the guy who loves getting clicked and is super active on Instagram.
  7. Nin-Jas – How about a little wordplay in devising a name that is like no other name?
  8. Japer – Jape is a practical joke, and hence Japer is someone who plays pranks on people. If you know someone who fits this description, then you have a name sorted.
  9. Jigsaw – Here is a perfect title for a guy who is a mystery and puzzle. You can also adopt this name for someone who just likes to do puzzles.
  10. Jay Jo – Doesn’t this sound like the sort of name a hip-hop rapper would have?


As promised, here were all the 50 adorable nicknames for Jasper from us. If we have tickled your funny bones and inspired you to make up some great nicknames of your own, then do share them with us. We would love to hear from you. Until then,

Happy Nicknaming!

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