70 Beautiful Nicknames For Jasmine

Nicknames For Jasmine

Nicknaming a person can be a tricky exercise for some, but why exert yourself thinking about probable pet names when we can do that for you. Our “Nicknames Wagon” is rolling on again and the stop for today is the beautiful and nature-inspired name, Jasmine.

If you have your very own princess Jasmine in your life, then read on ahead as we give you 70 attractive nicknames for this enchanting name today.

Jasmine is a name that deserves all the hype that it gets; a name after a Disney princess which comes straight from the fantastic world of nature are two things that make it a superstar among girlish names.

Join us today in the journey of finding some great nicknames for the name Jasmine; we promise you are going to love all of them and have a hard time selecting one for your dear Jasmine.

What’s better is that we give you our expert opinions on each of these names as a side note that will aid you in making your choice.

But before we start with our nicknames journey, let’s first study the meaning and origin of the name ‘Jasmine’.


Meaning and Origin of the Name

As many of you might already guess, Jasmine is a name that comes from the world of flora. The name Jasmine denotes any of the many plants which come from the genus “Jasminum,” these varieties of plants are mainly native to Asia.

The characteristic feature of the Jasmine plant is the fragrant white and yellow flowers used to produce the finest quality of perfumes in the world.

An article on the name Jasmine, without reference to the Disney Princess Jasmine, is impossible. This fictional character appeared in the movie Aladdin in 1992.

Jasmine is a charismatic princess of Agrabah who seeks to break free the chains of confinement and live a free life. Even though this character was introduced to us almost 30 years back, the fangirling and craze associated with it remains as high as ever.

Now that you know something about this name, let us start with all the mind-blowing nicknames for the name Jasmine we have in store for you today.


Popular Nicknames for Jasmine

When it comes to choosing nicknames, there are always some choices that are commonly loved and appreciated.

Find some super popular nicknames for the name Jasmine below, which are short and sweet.

  1. Jess – Beginning our list with the most obvious nickname, which you surely already know.
  2. Jas – We trimmed the name Jasmine and took the first three letters, which is an excellent and short name.
  3. Missy – This name sounds very classy and is a super cute nickname to call your young daughter or niece Jasmine.
  4. Jenny – Another alternative nickname; that is very popular for girls with names beginning from the letter J.
  5. Jen – Here is a tweaked version of the above name, which is a good choice for you if you prefer shorter names.
  6. Madge/Maj – If you want something that is different but goes well with the name Jasmine, this should be your pick.
  7. Jane – A name that is the epitome of grace and feminine bravery, this name appears in the classic novel “Jane Eyre.” Perfect choice of pet name for a literature geek.
  8. Jenna – Choose this name if you want a stylish but straightforward nickname for Jasmine.
  9. Jenga – This playful take on a nickname comes from a popular indoor game with the same name.
  10. Asami – Want something that is unique and sounds chic? Here you go!
  11. Jessy – This fun name paints the picture of a cheerful and good-humored woman.


Cute Nicknames for Jasmine

A Nickname is not just a name you use to call someone; it’s a coded message of your undying love and admiration for them.

We have some adorably cute pet names for Jasmine that will aptly convey your loving feelings.

  1. Mine – A possessive but lovely pet name to let everyone know that Jasmine is all yours.
  2. Juju Bean – Want a nickname for an infant Jasmine? Well, here is one that would fit the little one nicely.
  3. Jelly-Bean – Candy nicknames are our favorite kind of nicknames.
  4. Gem – When Jasmine is a gem of a person who you are lucky to have in your life.
  5. Yummy – This playful pet name is for a spectacular woman or maybe a Justin Bieber fan.
  6. Vitamin – Here is what you can use for a nickname if your Jasmine is too obsessed with her diet and health.
  7. Muesli – Another option of nickname for a health freak, Jasmine.
  8. Joy – An adorable little name for a woman who brings a smile to your face and joy in your life.
  9. J Star – Here is a nickname to hype up your buddy Jasmine.
  10. Nemo – A cartoonish name will be suitable for a toddler named Jasmine.
  11. Jigglypuff – Another cute-sounding pet name that comes from the universe of Pokémon.


Funny Nicknames for Jasmine

If you ask us, our favorite category of nicknames is the funny nicknames. In this section of nicknames, we get to experiment and devise unique ways of calling a person by something hilarious and playful.

Please have a look at what we came up with for the name Jasmine.

  1. Jägerbomb – You already know that this name is calling out to your Alcoholic buddy, Jasmine.
  2. Jaguar – For a fan of fancy wheels.
  3. Mini – This is an apt nickname for a little girl Jasmine or just someone who is tiny.
  4. Mummy – If Jasmine scares you just like Egyptian mummies, why not call her this.
  5. Jumbo – A playful dig at a Jasmine who is a bit chubby and flaunts those curves.
  6. Gold Mine – Here is how you call a loaded woman and has the name, Jasmine.
  7. Juno – This hilarious name inspired by the movie “Juno” is for a Jasmine with kids.
  8. Slime – We bet you are chuckling while reading this weird nickname suggestion from us.
  9. Genome – A word that sounds like Jasmine can be used for a woman who is into Science.
  10. Mania – This amusing nickname is for a woman who is a tad bit crazy.
  11. Mimosas – This name here wants us all to go…………Cheers!
  12. Monkey – Choose this fun nickname for a little girl Jasmine who is super energetic and constantly jumping around the house.
  13. Jumping Jacks – Is Jasmine very particular about her daily workouts? If yes, then think no more and pick this name for her.
  14. Minion – Who doesn’t love the adorable Minions?


Cool Nicknames for Jasmine

The list below streamlines some new-age nicknames that are trendy enough for a teenage girl Jasmine.

Pick something from here if you are on the lookout for pet names that are hip and happening.

  1. Jazz – Loving this jazzed-up version of the name Jasmine.
  2. J-Lo – A teenage pop music fan will swoon over this voguish nickname after Jennifer Lopez.
  3. Gen Z – Need we say more on this epic pet name?
  4. MJ – These abbreviated letters are for the King of Pop Music, Michael Jackson. Any Jackson fan would be proud to have his initials as a nickname.
  5. Jim – Any fans of the American Sitcom “The Office” would appreciate this name.
  6. Jammies – A lazy and laid-back pet name to address a Jasmine who is an introvert and prefers staying indoors.
  7. Muse – An artsy name for a Jasmine who is creative and talented.
  8. Mojo – This new age slang generally denotes somebody’s charm or luck; pick this for someone who is your lucky charm.
  9. Sassy Ass – Here is a name that is fit for a diva-like girl.
  10. Eminem – A dapper name after a super famous rapper? Yes, please!
  11. Agent J – We got the idea of this witty name from the “Men in Black” series.
  12. Joey – If Joey was your favorite character on FRIENDS, then this name is bound to be your first choice.
  13. Mama Mia – Another quirky name that is going to stick around for a long time.
  14. Jambe – This musical name inspired by a drum type will work best for someone keen on singing or dancing.


Aunt Nicknames for Jasmine

An Aunt is someone who is like a mother, only cooler!

If you have a loving aunt who goes by the name Jasmine and you want a friendly and fun nickname for her, we have some exceptional suggestions for you.

Have a look!

  1. Jocelyn – This prim and proper name is for those of you who want to play it safe.
  2. Aunt J – A no-brainer pet name for your aunt, which is effortlessly cool.
  3. MiMi – Pronounced as Mee-Mee; this name is sweet and charming. Perfect for your loving aunt.
  4. Annie – A name that rhymes with Aunty; use this for an aunt who spoils you too much.
  5. AJ – Abbreviated name for Aunt Jasmine, a fashionable way to call your young aunt.
  6. Jessica – A modest way to address someone you love named Jasmine.
  7. Jasey – Here is a name for your aunt, which is on the fleek like her.
  8. Jonty – Jasmine + Aunt = Jonty, our nicknaming formulae behind this name.
  9. Jaspillites – If your aunt is a pilates girl, why not use this innovative pet name for her.


Creative Nicknames for Jasmine

We put on our thinking caps to give you a few pet names for Jasmine that are unheard of. These choices are unique and specially made for a person who loves giving nicknames that are not apparent.

  1. Jazz – A swagger pet name high on the popularity list of nicknames for people with names from the letter J.
  2. Midge – Anybody remembers the adorable character of Midge Maisel from the superhit series “Marvellous Mrs. Maisel”?
  3. James Bond – A name that needs no introduction.
  4. Jeans – If she looks too pretty in blue jeans, then why not give her this name.
  5. Jimmy – We bet you have heard of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” which is the base of this name.
  6. Miami – A party or a beach person named Jasmine is someone who can pull off this name.
  7. Miso – A type of soup, a name for a Jasmine who donned a chef hat.
  8. Jimson – A type of weed, a name we suggest you use for a Jasmin who is into gardening.
  9. Ninja – A person trained in the Japanese art of “Ninjutsu,” this name is for a super active girl Jasmine.
  10. Mayonaise – Another quirky name that can be used for someone fond of burgers or sandwiches.
  11. Jiminy – A Disney character pet name for a Disney Character name? Well, why not!



We are at the end of your beautiful nicknaming journey for the name Jasmine. We had a blast devising these 70+ lovely nicknames for you to choose from. We hope you have found a name that suits your Jasmine and the relationship you share with her beautifully.

If you are inspired to curate a nickname of your own after reading this article, why not share it with us. We would be thrilled to hear from you.

Happy Nicknaming!

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