100+ Adorable Nicknames For James

Nicknames For James

Are you hunting the best nicknames for James? A nickname is the most endearing gesture towards a person you love and respect. Finding a suitable nickname for a James is a no-brainer as we have compiled all possible nicknames under one site.

James is a name with Biblical relevance. It means ‘the Supplanter,’ or the one who replaces something original. According to the New Testament, Jesus had Jesus also had a brother named ‘James the Just.’ Two apostles, called ‘James the Greater’ and ‘James the Lesser’ are also mentioned in the Bible.

The name ‘James’ faced surging popularity in the 17th century during the inheritance of King James VI to the English throne. A word of advice would be not to pair the name James with a surname that starts with the letter ‘s.’


Cute Nicknames For James

We know how much a cute name brings a smile across a face. Millions of flowers and candies can never match up to the cuteness these nicknames bear. If you know a James who needs a cute name, read on!

  1. Jems – The best variation of the name James. It is a homophone for ‘Gems,’ just like the literal Gem of your life.
  2. Jim Jam – This is an amazing variant of the name James reminds people of the fun and chaos a ‘James’ can create at their pajama parties.
  3. Jimbo – Jimbo is a cute variant for James.
  4. Hyamez – For someone who wants a cool yet cute nickname.
  5. Jamon – A very adorable nickname for a child.
  6. Jamies – Jamies is another name for James.
  7. Jumblat – The nickname Jumblat is a nickname for a loving and endearing boy.
  8. Jimbothy – This is another nickname that is famous among grandparents.
  9. Jamesie – The popularity of this nickname is low. If you want a cute nickname for your loved one named James, name him Jamesie.
  10. Jamboree – It means a grand celebration of lavish nature. If your James likes to party, Jamboree is a cute name to go along with his identity.
  11. Jimps – The nickname Jimps sounds very adorable for it means ‘delicate.’
  12. Ames – The nickname Ames is a surname most common among French, English, and German.
  13. Jimmilee – A cute spin to the name James.
  14. Jimmy-boy – Any boy named James has been called Jimmy-boy at least once in their lifetime by their mother. You can as well if you have a son named James.
  15. Jay-bird – It is the perfect nickname for someone very creative, introverted, yet well-behaved.
  16. Jas – This short and cute nickname is just the perfect one.
  17. Jaymie – If you were looking for a cute yet stylish name for a James, Jaymie is perfect.
  18. Jimmy-Jat – A modern yet cute spin to the name James is a creative choice.
  19. Jammie – Jammie tends to be close to the name Jamie meaning ‘Yahweh may protect.’
  20. Jay-mo – It is the perfect nickname a child can give to someone named James
  21. Yams – Children call their grandparents many loving nicknames. Yams is a cute nickname your grandchild can name you.
  22. Jamo – It is another cute nickname to call someone in Korean, meaning ‘motherly.’


Funny Nicknames For James

No matter how proper a name is, near and dear ones find ways to make it funny and unique. To embarrass someone named James in front of others, use these names. James may hate it but secretly love it!

  1. Jimbo Slice – A very innovative and funny name for someone who likes to drink
  2. Jamburrito – Next time you order a burrito, humor your friend James with the name Jamburrito.
  3. Big Jim – It is referred to as the action toy with the same name.
  4. Double J – It is a medical term, but you can use it for anyone who went through the procedure.
  5. Jimmothy – This is a funny name as it carries a naughty meaning.
  6. Jambo slice – It is a funny name for someone who loves pizza.
  7. Jimmy-joe – This name goes after the famous American visual artist. If you know a James who gets lost in the world of art, name him Jimmy-joe.
  8. Jimbolini – If you love food, Jimbolini is the perfect nickname.
  9. Gym – A straight-cut nickname for a James who goes to the gym
  10. Jimstatic – It is a nickname for the ones who do not move from one place.
  11. Jimbopotamus – The name suggests the meaning. You must carefully give someone this nickname as it borders body shaming.
  12. Jerms – Any James out there trying to fight their fear of infection should have the nickname Jerms.
  13. Jamster hamster – This one is a very adorable nickname that is most suitable for a friend named James, who has a cute hamster face.
  14. Jammity – It is a fun name to give a James who always jams with his friends
  15. JoJay – An endearing name with funny undertones.


Popular Nicknames For James

The entire list of popular nicknames is the best possible modification of the original name James. Have a look at the list to get more ideas.

  1. Jim – The most popular nickname found on the silver screen is Jim. It is a typical variant of the name James or Jimmy.
  2. Bond – ‘My name is Bond. James Bond.’
  3. Jameson – A relatively popular name for people with the name James.
  4. Jamey – It is the most common of all popular nicknames for James.
  5. Jaime – This version is a cool and chic nickname.
  6. Jay – A relevant name that grabs the attention of people in a social situation.
  7. Jase – This nickname is of Greek origin, and it means ‘lord is salvation.’ It has a more popular version called Jace.
  8. Jess – This name is perfect for James’ who is confident and charming.
  9. Jame – A shorter version of the name James is an effortless attempt to be cool.
  10. Jimi – The famous musician Jimi Hendrix is an idol for all music lovers. If you have someone in your family who is the future Jimi Hendrix, do not hesitate.
  11. Jamus – This nickname is suited for people who are hardworking, diligent, and enjoy working.
  12. Jimmi – This nickname is an alternative for James and perfectly suits anyone into music.
  13. Jameser – This name is comparatively new and trending.
  14. Jamathon – If your James has a knack for success and hard work, name him Jamathon.
  15. Jamal – A popular and charming character in the movie ‘slumdog millionaire’ made the nickname famous.
  16. Hames – Other than being an English name, Hames means curved pieces of wood attached to the horse.
  17. Jimce – This nickname is a popular version of the name James.
  18. Jesmiah – It is a cool and modern nickname.
  19. JayJee – An adorable and easy-to-pronounce nickname.
  20. Jemmy – Jemmy is a pleasant nickname that has widespread popularity.
  21. Jamesco – This nickname is for someone who is laid-back and carefree
  22. Jimmer – The nickname means ‘caution.’ We believe it is to warn people of how intoxicating the personality is.
  23. Jemsa – Jemsa is a Spanish nickname, which means precious or a gem.
  24. Jimisco – The nickname Jimisco is uncommon and relatively popular.
  25. Jammez – This nickname is an accentuation of the name James. It is perfect for someone eccentric and extravagant.
  26. Jeree – This nickname is a special variation of the name James, meaning vessel.
  27. Jay-mis – This Hebrew nickname means ‘he who supplants.’
  28. Jake – This is an admirable nickname.
  29. Jambo – It is a Swahili origin nickname meaning ‘hello.’
  30. Jayma – a neat and highly-accepted nickname
  31. Jimmily – it is a word-play nickname for all the James
  32. Jaminson – This nickname is for children.


Scottish Nicknames For James

There are very few Scottish nicknames for James.

  1. Hamish
  2. Seumus


Irish Nicknames For James

The Irish nicknames for James are sweet and unique.

  1. Seamus
  2. Jacob


Cool Nicknames For James

Sometimes a cool nickname can add to your personality. Make the best use of it with this list of the coolest nicknames for James.

  1. JameBud – Your buddy James will be obliged to do anything for you when you call him ‘JameBud’
  2. Jamijames – Any person will acquire this nickname at the drop of a hat.
  3. Jason – This nickname is distinct and very popular.
  4. J-J – This nickname has another variant- JayJay. It means a gift from the heavens/god.
  5. Jay-z – The popular American musician Jay-z is a stylish nickname to own as a James.
  6. Jayman – An individual with this nickname tends to be organized and a leader.
  7. Jamz – A very common nickname that you can name a James. It has a catchy pronunciation and sounds stylish.
  8. Jamieth – People with this nickname have a compassionate outlook towards life. It is a modern name with a warmer presence.
  9. Jaci – This elegant nickname is a perfect version of the name James. You should choose it if you want to portray a personality.
  10. Jakov – The nickname Jakov is the Hebrew version for the name James. It has an interesting pronunciation that has higher retention.
  11. Jekabs – This Latvian nickname has an effortless ring to it.


Cute Boyfriend Nicknames For James

If you know someone named James whom you love and cherish, get going with this list of the cutest names you can utter to your love.

  1. Jameboo – We have a piece of news. Men with the name James only want to be called Jameboo by their girlfriend when they have a poor day at work.
  2. Shimmer Jimmer – This one is a fun nickname
  3. Jamsie – Your boyfriend will be happy to know that you call him the ‘protector of god’ by calling him this nickname.
  4. Jaystar – The apple of your eye should deserve this name.
  5. Diego – This one is a modern and loving nickname.
  6. Jammer – This is a funny and adorable nickname.
  7. Honey – A simple and efficient nickname that makes their day.
  8. JameyKing – He is the. He rules your life. The case is closed. Call him JameyKing to get crushed in his hug.
  9. JimmyChoo – Your boyfriend has to be a fashionista to deserve this high-statement nickname.
  10. Gemkins – If your boyfriend is a gem of a person and you want them to know that you recognize it, this nickname is perfect.
  11. Jamesybun – Adding the suffix bun to their name is bound to make your boyfriend feel warm and fuzzy.
  12. JayJay – A simple and effective nickname that makes your boyfriend feel good.
  13. Jammikins – Jammikins is a funny nickname that you can call your boyfriend lovingly.
  14. Jimboo – It takes no time to reserve this name for your boyfriend. The nickname is adorable and very popular.
  15. Jeremiah – this nickname is a term of endearment that you can call your boyfriend.
  16. JaymeBee – A very endearing nickname to call a James. If he is the treasure of your life, JaymeBee is the perfect nickname.
  17. Jemirique – This name does not exist. It is a creative nickname for men named James.
  18. Jacques – English literature has assigned this name to most of the romantic characters. Call your soulmate this nickname if he is an avid literature lover.


Don’t follow any format. Go crazy with choosing the best nickname for James. If you recall a nickname that we have not mentioned, let us know in the comments section below.


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