70+ Cute And Funny Nicknames For Jacob

Nicknames For Jacob

Jacob is the kind of name that screams delight and subtlety. From Jacob Elordi to Jacob Tremblay, the world has seen some of the most magnificent celebrities pulling it off.

However, despite being one of the most popular names and surnames for boys for years now, nicknames for this name can be pretty hard to find, especially when the web is overflowing with bountiful options.

As enjoyable as the process of researching nicknames is, it doesn’t take long for it to turn into an arduous chore.

This is why, today, we have prepared a know-it-all list that incorporates some of the cutest and most comical nicknames for a guy named Jacob! Additionally, each nickname comes with our interpretation to help you make the right choice for the special person in your life.

But before we delve deep into the names, let us first discover what the name Jacob really means and where it originates from.


Meaning And Origin Of The Name Jacob

Just like many other names starting with J, such as Jason, Jack, and John, Jacob is also a deeply loved name for males. It is a cognate word for the name James.

This means that Jacob is derived from “Lacobus,” a Latin word, which further is a derivative of the Greek “Lakobus.”

This, in turn, was derived by “Yaqob,” a Hebrew name, kept after a biblical figure and patriarch, Jacob—the son of Rebecca and Isaac.

The meaning of the name Jacob is “to supplant,” and also “to follow.” It is an eccentric name for parents who want to name their babies, and also looks great on grown-ups.

Perhaps, this is why there are around 53.6 men named Jacob for every 100,000 citizens in America!

Now that we are familiar with where this name hails from and the meaning behind it, let us head straight to over 70 cute and funny names for a guy named Jacob!


Cute Nicknames For Jacob

We always want to keep cute and adorable nicknames for the extraordinarily special people in our lives, and the ones named Jacob are no different!

If you have a penchant for sweet endearments as much as we do, then look no further than this list.

  1. Jay-Baby – For a boy named Jacob who also happens to be your little one.
  2. Sweet Jacob – This nickname is inspired by “Sweet Jesus.”
  3. Jakey – Pick this one for a jumpy and joyous boy named Jacob.
  4. Jimmy – An appealing English meaning that’s as good as the original name.
  5. Jakey-Jake – Another adorable nickname for Jacob that we love.
  6. Jellybeans – A delightful way to call out your special someone.
  7. J-Bear – Use this nickname for a Jacob whom you love to cuddle with.
  8. Jay Jay – Both the J’s in this nickname as pronounced like the letter “J.”
  9. Jace – A delightful nickname for a guy with a pleasant personality.
  10. Jace Cutie – Quite a cute title for a cutie named Jacob.
  11. JayBird – Preferably for someone who owns a bird.
  12. Jakey boy – A sugary-sweet nickname for the toddler at your home.
  13. Jakey-Poo – A nickname that’s ideal for children who love Winnie the Pooh!
  14. JacobBooBear – Choose this nickname for a guy named Jacob who is also your boo.
  15. Jacey – Sounds a lot like Jay-Z, doesn’t it?
  16. Jacob-Roo – Another charming nickname for someone bearing the name Jacob.
  17. Jock – A nickname for an overly-enthusiastic guy in general.


Funny Nicknames For Jacob

Nicknames are meant to lighten up the mood, and choosing the one that just cracks you up is a cherry on top!

If you are looking for a funny and punny nickname for a guy named Jacob, then have a look at the nicknames we love the most!

  1. Jakey Wakey – A nickname for someone named Jacob who is always asleep.
  2. Cob-O-Corn – A punny reference to corn on the cob.
  3. Jack Of All Trades – Pick this nickname for a Jacob who effortlessly aces all tasks!
  4. Jacob Jawbone – For someone who speaks quite too informally.
  5. Jojo – A chuckle-worthy nickname for a nice guy named Jacob.
  6. Chunky Jacob – Use this nickname for a Jacob who is chubby.
  7. JacobWooBear – A whimsical nickname for a Jacob whom you love snuggling with!
  8. Jacoy – A punny nickname for a boy named Jacob with a shy nature.
  9. Caj – Reverse the first three letters of Jacob and boom! This nickname is another way of saying “Casual.”
  10. Jigsaw – An ideal nickname for a man who always seems confused!
  11. Jazzy – Use this one if the Jacob you know bears a bright and showy personality.
  12. Jujube – Food names make the funniest nicknames.
  13. Juicy – An appropriate nickname for someone who is interestingly scandalous!
  14. Snack – From Jacob to Jack, which rhymes with Snack!
  15. Jargonaut – A funny nickname to throw jibes at someone who uses jargon.
  16. Jolly – Pick this nickname for an eternally hyper-active Jacob.
  17. Jam – We adore both; this nickname and the foodstuff it’s named after!


Cool Nicknames For Jacob

What’s the point of getting a nickname for your loved one if he cannot proudly flaunt it among his peers?

We say cool nicknames are a great choice. So, have a look at some of the most celebrated endearments for someone named Jacob:

  1. Jakeson – Use this for a cool boy named Jacob.
  2. Jacobus – An amazing variant of the name Jacob.
  3. McJoy – An appropriate title for a Jacob who loves spreading joy around!
  4. Jay Z – Derived by the name of the popular American rapper, Jay-Z.
  5. Jay Derulo – Pick this nickname for a Jason Derulo fan, or perhaps a music lover.
  6. Jacobi – The perfect blend of cute and cool.
  7. Jakey B – For a Jacob who is your brother (or boyfriend).
  8. Jojo – This nickname ideally translates into “Monday born.”
  9. Yakob – A dynamic Hebrew nickname.
  10. Jason – A common (but amazing) nickname for someone named Jacob.
  11. Jakob – Another classic variant with a twist in the spelling.
  12. Jacko – For a Jacob who loves dancing (with reference to the legendary Michael Jackson).
  13. J-Dawg – A slangy way to address an impressively cool Jacob.
  14. Jacky – This nickname would look great on a DJ.
  15. Sporty Jakey – Use this nickname for a Jacob who loves playing or watching sports.
  16. Jacober – An awesome Jewish variant of the name Jacob.
  17. Joey – For a guy who is as cool (and charming) as Joey Tribbiani from Friends!
  18. Jim – The Office fans would know. Enough said!
  19. Jroccoli – A lovable nickname for a Jacob who loves eating broccoli.


Mean Or Insulting Nicknames For Jacob

Nicknames that appear somewhat teasing in nature have had a bad reputation for as long as we can remember. But, let us clear the air!

There is nothing wrong with picking a (slightly) mean nickname for your loved ones, especially if you both share a great equation!

However, always remember to use these nicknames only if you think they’ll be able to handle a jibe. Let us have a look:

  1. Joke – A nickname for a Jacob whose life is a joke.
  2. Jester – Pick this for a Jacob whom nobody takes seriously.
  3. Joker – Another alternative for a Jacob who acts like a clown.
  4. Jackass – A nickname for a very stupid person.
  5. Mr. Jealous – Use this nickname for a jealous person named Jacob.
  6. Jeery – A nickname for someone who makes rude remarks.
  7. Junkie – An appropriate nickname for a guy named Jacob who is also a peddler.
  8. Jughead – This word is used for a foolish person. Inspired by Jughead from Archie.
  9. Jerky – A nickname for a casanova bearing the name Jacob.
  10. Boo-Boo – A funny way to tease a compulsive crybaby named Jacob.
  11. Jackal – Named after a nocturnal wild dog.
  12. Jigaboo – An offensive nickname for an African-American.
  13. Jobless – The best way to mock someone who is out of a job.


Common Nicknames For Jacob

A sure-fire way to select a nickname for someone named Jacob is to go for a tried-and-tested one. Have a look at some of the most commonly used monikers that never go out of style!

  1. Jaco – A nickname derived from the first four letters of Jacob.
  2. Job – Taken from the first two and last letters of the original name.
  3. Jo – A popular name among guys and girls alike!
  4. Jacoby – This nickname is pronounced as Jacob added with a Y.
  5. Cobby – A nickname that hails from Australia.
  6. Aco – An ancient Greek nickname.
  7. Jayke – A Hebrew derivative of the name Jacob.
  8. Jae – Indeed a sassy nickname for a classy person.
  9. Jackie – A nickname for someone named Jacob who is a Jackie Chan fan.
  10. Jace – A Hebrew nickname that translates into “The Lord is salvation.”
  11. Thiago – A Portuguese variant of the name Jacob.


Conclusion: Nicknames For Jacob

So, this was all about over 70 cute and funny nicknames for Jacob. They say wherever there is a good nickname, there has to be a strong bond. We hope that our list saved you the stress of having to find a suitable nickname for the special person in your life.

Each name that we have picked has been meticulously selected to ensure that it is the best fit for someone named Jacob.

In case you are feeling artsy and come up with another nickname that your fellow readers might love, then be a dear, and don’t forget to share it with us!


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