70+ Cute Nicknames for Helen/Helena

Nicknames for Helen

Looking for a suitable nickname for someone named Helena or Helen. Both the names are just two different variants of the same Greek name ‘Helene’. In this article, we’ll serve you with 70+ cute nicknames for Helen or Helena that’ll make you go aww!

Are you hovering over the internet for quite some time now in search of nicknames for Helena/Helen and couldn’t manage to decide any?

Don’t worry as we are displaying some beautiful nicknames that you might have missing in other places. Select the best fitting nickname that you think would suit Helena’s personality whom you know very well.

Moreover, we have categorized nicknames in several parts that will help you pick the perfect one according to your requirement. Choose even the most unique one confidently and attribute it to your loved ones.

Let us first tell you the origin, history, and meaning of the name for a better understanding of why you are choosing what you are choosing.


Origin and Meaning of Helena/ Helen

Helen or Helena is a feminine attributed name derived from the ancient Greek ‘Helene’(a dialectal variant is Helena) meaning ‘torch’, ‘the bright one’ or ‘shining light’ but its etymological root is still uncertain. Another possible adaptation is from Greek ‘Selena’ which means ‘moon’. In Swedish, the name means ‘light’.

There is an appearance of the name in Greek mythology. She was the daughter of the Greek god Zeus and Leda and wife of Menelaus, believed to be the most beautiful woman in the world ever lived. Her abduction by Paris caused the biggest war of the time called the Trojan War.

If we take the historical point of view, the name was in extensive use due to Saint Helena, the mother of the emperor Constantine. It is believed that on her journey to Jerusalem she found the broken part of the cross on which Lord Jesus was crucified. The name was revived by Shakespeare in his comedies; All Well that Ends Well, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream published during the 16th century.

The name, Helena, saw the highest pick (one of the top ten baby names) of its popularity in the USA during the first half of the 20th century though decreased from the position after the Second World War.

This name was not only possessed by mythological characters or historic figures. There are some celebrities and famous personalities who bear the same name as their first name. The popularity of a name to some extent depends on the famous people bearing the name.


  • Helen Keller – Helen Adams Keller was an American author, lecturer and political activist (1880-1968)
  • Helen Mirren – a movie actress.
  • Helen Flanagan – English actress and model.
  • Helen Reddy – Australian author.
  • Helen Lasichanh – American designer.
  • Helen Shaver – Canadian actor and director.
  • Helena Bonham Carter – she is an English actress known for her roles in several movies including Harry Potter as Bellatrix Lestrange.
  • Helena Christensen – a Danish model and actress.
  • Helena Blavatsky – she is a Ukrainian writer and philosopher.
  • Helena Vondrackova – singer.


Without any further ado check out our list for Helen or Helena’s nickname. All these names can be used for both Helen and Helena.

Cute Nicknames for Helena or Helen

A sweet girl needs to have a cute nickname for her. These nicknames will suit her best.

  1. Ellen – by simply omitting the ‘H’ from the name. This name is also used as a first name.
  2. Ellena – same as Ellen, if her name is Helena.
  3. Lena
  4. Elle
  5. Lenie
  6. Ellie
  7. Hela
  8. Heli
  9. Elenie – the Greek version of Helen.
  10. Elen
  11. Honey Bee
  12. Eeleni
  13. Helaine
  14. Ilona
  15. Yelena
  16. Heena – an Indian touch to Helena.


Popular Nicknames for Helen/ Helena

Helen is a very popular name in Germany. Here we have suggested some popular nicknames for Helena/Helen to choose for herself or to be given to any Helen/Helena.

  1. Nell
  2. Lane
  3. Nellie
  4. Elna
  5. Heleid
  6. Oena
  7. Lena
  8. Helly
  9. Helli
  10. Helenita
  11. Lele
  12. Nena
  13. Ena/ Enna
  14. Anne
  15. Helenina
  16. Helle
  17. Lenny
  18. Lenna


Cool Nicknames of Helen/ Helena

To sound cool is what every person dreams for. A cool nickname may help you in that. You are very cool from inside and outside but your name sounds like the 80s then this will be a major minus to your cool personality.

So choose a cool up to dated nickname for you or for your loved one.

  1. Lana
  2. Lainy
  3. Anna
  4. Lenn
  5. Leen
  6. Lenke – a Hungarian nickname.
  7. Hels
  8. Nella
  9. Nel – this sounds kinda pop.
  10. El
  11. Neli
  12. Hennie


Funny Nicknames for Helena or Helen

Funny nicknames are generally used by close friends, siblings, or between partners for any reason as to tease, irritate, disturb, to poke fun, or maybe for no reason at all. These puns or spin-offs will surely help you in your motive, whatever it is.

You have to be a little careful in using these names on someone you know little about, as they are based particularly on certain body traits or characteristics. Okay then, go on.

  1. Helicopter – just like that, for no reason.
  2. Hell
  3. Helinski
  4. 101 Helena – it is the name of a rocky main-belt asteroid. Name her after the name of this asteroid if she is very restless all the time.
  5. Hellina – Hell-in-a handbasket.
  6. Café Lena – naming after the song Café Lena.
  7. Helain Alien
  8. Helen of Troy – this name can be given to compliment someone as well as to criticize. ‘Helen of Troy’ can be a complement to a pretty girl because Helen (mythological) was considered to be a very beautiful woman in the world ever lived. Again this can be a sarcastic attribution if the girl boasts of her beauty every time, everywhere.
  9. Helen Melon – sounds similar.
  10. Hell-on
  11. Halloween
  12. Hen – try it to irritate someone.
  13. Helen the Hellion – if she is a rowdy, unruly, and mischievous person.
  14. Hennie Bunny – a name for a cute girl. It is made from Honey Bunny.


Best Nicknames for Helena or Helen

Went through all the names here and still confused about what to choose? We have separated some unique Helen/ Helena nicknames.

Those are unique and up to date. If you are a parent and searching for a nickname from your age then this is not going to do for sure.

Times change, so do names. In this fast pacing age of technology, names are also required to be fresh. Check these unique sets of Helen/ Helena nicknames.

  1. Ele – the Greek ‘Helen’ was derived from the root ‘Ele’ which meant bright.
  2. Lee
  3. Neleh – this is Helen in backward.
  4. Leena
  5. Helka
  6. Hele
  7. Heleia
  8. Layna
  9. Ena
  10. Elz
  11. Helin
  12. Lin
  13. Helsie
  14. Nelsie


We wish we were able to suggest some best Helen/ Helena nicknames. All these categorized sections above will serve you best to pick that best fitting one for a sweet girl like Helen/Helena.

Now, this is your turn to help us back. Suggest some more beautiful Helena/ Helen nicknames that are there in your head and help us update our collection.

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