60+ Cute Nicknames for Heather

Nicknames for Heather

Have you just met a lovely woman named Heather and hit it off with her? Would you like to give her a cute pet name to bring your relationship to the next level? If yes, you have landed at the right place on the internet.

It’s your lucky day and today’s blog is all about the name Heather. Today’s blog will give you more than 60 great nicknames that you can give to anyone named Heather.

Heather is a sweet and simple name that has an old-world charm that is loved by many. Heather is someone who has a sparkle in her eyes and honey in her words; one is bound to fall in love with such a woman.

You will find it here if you also have a romantic partner with the same name and would love to give her a nice nickname. Whatever be your choice of picking a  nickname, be it cute, funny, or unique, we have it all.

Read on ahead to find what are some fun nicknames that you can use for your lovely lady, Heather.


Meaning and Significance of Heather

Heather is a pretty feminine name that comes from the English language. Heather is a short flowering plant that grows in the barren land of Scotland.

If you are someone who gets inspired by the beauty of nature, you will love this sweet name that comes from the plant kingdom. Heather is a beautiful shrub that has lovely pink and purple blossoms and is found in the countryside of Scotland and England.

Now that we have been introduced to this great name, let’s begin unraveling the great nicknames that we have come up with.


Cute Nicknames for Heather

The most sought-after attribute in a pet name is the cuteness quotient; if you also want a sweet and simple pet name for your Heather, here is where you will find it!

  1. Hazel – What a pretty name for a Heather who happens to have hazel-colored eyes that can leave anyone mesmerized.
  2. Heathey – Here is another simple yet comforting name that you can use for a Heather who is very special for you.
  3. Hazer – We love the high-energy vibe of this slightly off-beat pet name that might suit a fun-filled child, Heather.
  4. Hot Chocolate – What’s more comforting than a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter night?
  5. My Treasure – If your girlfriend is angry at you over something, use this romantic name and watch her anger fade away.
  6. Hazey Bear – How can one ignore this sugar-coated nickname that is bound to impress your crush named Heather?
  7. Hope – Here is another cutesy pet name for a woman who means a lot to you and lights up your life constantly.
  8. Heather Feather – Wouldn’t it be lovely to give this nice and cozy name to a petite Heather who is delicate and light like a feather?
  9. Honey – This is possibly the most loved nickname for a romantic partner and is a safe play when it comes to nicknaming your spouse.
  10. Heddy Teddy – Here is a name that we recommend for a young and vibrant toddler who can turn the whole house around.
  11. Teether – Do you need a playful name for a baby, Heather? Here is something that fits the context very well.
  12. Honeycomb – Need a name for Heather that is affectionate? Here you go!
  13. Shea Butter – If your Heather is a beauty queen who is particular about her skincare routine, this one is made for her.
  14. Heathers – The most simplistic way to get a perfectly good nickname is just adding the letter ‘S’ to the end of the nickname.
  15. Hi Boo – Here is another amusing and alluring title for your special someone named Heather.


Funny Nicknames for Heather

If you have a rapport for being the one with a good sense of humor, you must pick an amusing nickname for your buddy. We have some hilarious suggestions for you that might help, have a look!

  1. Hot Head – If your Heather has a bad temper, this amusing name is practically calling out to her.
  2. Leather Face – Annoy your close buddy Heather with this insulting name that will surely leave her fuming.
  3. Hitler – It’s common to use this iconic nickname for high-headed people and generally in a bad mood.
  4. Cheddar Cheese – Here is a name that will fit in perfectly for your foodie friend, Heather. (Pun-intended)
  5. Beaver – Won’t it be hilarious to use this name for a slightly chubby girl, Heather?
  6. Hell Girl – This wild name can be your pick if you want to have some fun with nicknaming your dear buddy, Heather.
  7. Healthy – Here is another direct way to label a health freak girl named Heather.
  8. Smoothie – Tease a Heather who has a thing for consuming only healthy foods with this sarcastic nickname.
  9. Ho Ho Ho – Spread some early Christmas cheer with this festive name for your lovely babe, Heather.
  10. Mugger – Best friends have the right to use insulting pet names for their buddies like this one. If heather is your best friend, you could consider using this offensive name for her.
  11. Harry Potter – It will be a good idea to use this name for a geeky girl who reads and is a through and through Potterhead.
  12. Hottie – Here is a pet name that any girl would love having for herself; hype up your girl with this flirtatious name.
  13. Half-Pint – You might have come across this witty name that is used for people who are short-heighted.
  14. Hercules – Hercules was a roman hero with exemplary strength. Use this name for a woman who is muscular and fit.


Creative Nicknames for Heather

Put on your creative hats and join us as we embark on a journey of some never heard before nicknames for Heather.

  1. Hot Girl – Want to make your special girl Heather blush? It’s simple, use this cheesy nickname for her.
  2. Header – It would be perfect to use this sporty name for Heather, who is a football player.
  3. Heh-heh-heh – This idiotic name can come to your rescue if you wish to irritate Heather with a silly and confusing name.
  4. Hollywood – If your friend Heather is a model who dreams of going to Hollywood, you can consider nicknaming her after the same.
  5. Heathcliff – Here is a unique name that is dedicated to all Literature geeks!
  6. Holland – Need a nice name for a Heather who has a thing for traveling? Here is what we suggest!
  7. Ethereal – If Heather’s beauty has left you smitten, you could give her this exquisite pet name that she might not have had before.
  8. Hologram – Here is another amusing name you can consider picking for your daughter or niece named Heather.
  9. Go-getter – Need we say more about this self-explanatory name?
  10. Heart Throb – Tease an attractive woman named Heather who makes the head turn whenever she steps out all dolled up.
  11. The Hobbit – How about this cinematic nickname that is great for teasing a tiny girl, Heather?
  12. Homie – Here is another informal name that you can use for your best friend, Heather.
  13. Hat Woman – If the first time you met Heather, she was sporting a stylish hat, then you can use that to create your own intimate nickname.


Aunt Nicknames for Heather

If Heather is the name of your fun aunt, who is also your favorite, here are some lovely nicknames that you can use for her.

  1. Aunt Heath – Keeping things simple and sober, we start with this basic name that works like a charm for an aunt.
  2. Godmother – Needless to sell, this sweet name perfect for an aunt who is also your godmother.
  3. Hadley – How about this cool name that you can adopt for your cool aunt Hadley?
  4. Hudson – Huson is a river in the USA, a slightly off-beat name for an outdoorsy aunt.
  5. Tia – Did you know Tia is the Spanish word for aunt? If you want to go exotic with names, here is something for you.
  6. Lana Headey – Celebrity nicknames are trendy and unique and also creative ways to flatter our friends and family.
  7. Hawkeye – If nothing goes unnoticed from the watchful eyes of your aunt Heather, here is a name that is practically tailor-made for her.
  8. Hugger – If your aunt Heather gives the warmest and the coziest hugs in the world, we have found you the perfect nickname for her.


Short Nicknames for Heather

Do you prefer short and snappy nicknames that are easy to use and remember? Don’t worry; we have some great options for you to choose from.

  1. Heth – If having a short and snappy name is what you are looking for; this one works for you.
  2. Haley – Here is another super short yet adorably cute name that you can use for someone named Heather.
  3. Hezzy – Haw about this chic and stylish name for a diva-like girl with the name Heather?
  4. Hayes – Here is another valid nickname for Heather that ticks all the boxes.
  5. Heidi – Heidi is an iconic child fiction book that was published in 1881. If you happen to know a nerdy girl, this will be a perfect nickname for her.
  6. Derek – Although Derek is mostly used for boys, there are no rules for nicknames, and you can use it for a girl too.
  7. Ether – Ether is a chemical compound; it’s best to use this name for someone with a scientific bent of mind.
  8. H – Possibly the shortest nickname that anyone can come up with for Heather.
  9. Halle – There is a beautiful city in Germany with the same name; if your Heather has a travel bug in her system, you can use this name for her,
  10. Erin – Fans of the TV series “The Office” will recognize where this concise pet name came from!
  11. Hugh – You can use this celebrity nickname can be used for fans of Hugh Grant or Hugh Laurie.
  12. HT – It’s cool to use initials as a nickname for people who have a hip and happening personality.


That’s all that we had planned for today! Hope you have found what you came looking for; that is a sweet and sassy pet name for your special girl named Heather. If our creatine nicknames have inspired you to take on the job of devising nicknames yourself, we are waiting to hear them out.

Do share your unique nicknames for Heather, and they might find a place in our list.

Until then, Happy Nicknaming!

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