50+ Beautiful Nicknames For Hazel

Nicknames For Hazel

If you are looking for a nickname for your special Hazel. And you do not want to surf through hundreds of sites, then take a break, as you have landed at the right place.

In this article, we have listed out over 50 nicknames that suit the name Hazel for you to choose from. Remember to go through them all before you make your pick.


Origin and Meaning of the name Hazel

Before we dive into the list of nicknames for the name Hazel, let’s take a moment to know the true meaning and essence associated with the word. As commonly known, this name comes from the hazelnut tree. But the history of the word Hazel goes way beyond that.

Derived from Olde English of the 7th century, the original word ‘Haesel’ finds its roots in the ancient Anglo-Saxon tradition. After that, experts have also suggested that the name might also have an Old Norse origin. The name has gone through centuries of modifications and is now widely accepted as the common ‘hazel.’

The name immediately brings to mind the image of a kindred soul whose beauty can be felt both externally and internally.

That said and done, let’s get straight into the long list of nicknames.


Common Nicknames for Hazel

If I’m allowed to be biased, then I’d say Hazel is one of the most beautiful names I have come across. But it is also because of its aesthetic beauty that this is one of the most desired names in the world. The popularity of the name works even better for us, as we will not have to rack our brains to find beautiful nicknames for your beloved Hazel.

So, let’s start off with the list of the most common nicknames for Hazel.

  1. Haze – means ‘fog’ or ‘mist’ in English but as a nickname, it has a beautiful ring to it.
  2. Hazie – an adorable way of naming your beloved every day.
  3. Hazy – another alternative to the above name with a little spelling tweak.
  4. Hazal – pronounce it with the stress on the latter part of the name.
  5. Hazelle – originally meaning the hazel tree, this is another beautiful nickname for someone named Hazel.
  6. Hazeline – usually rendered a religious meaning, this nickname is a popular choice.
  7. Elle – You can also choose to go with a simpler ‘El’ which highlights the last syllable of the name.
  8. Ellie – a compact and cute diminutive for your Hazel.
  9. Hellie – one of the most sought-after nicknames, this one means a ‘dweller by a hill.’
  10. Haz – a more concise version of haze for a short nickname choice.
  11. Haze L – if signing off your nickname is your priority, then you can go with this chic format.
  12. Lazzle – another archaic alternative of the name Hazel.
  13. Hiez – this one is for someone who has a helpful personality.


Cute Nicknames for Hazel

If you do not want to go with the above-mentioned conventional list of nicknames, then the following list of nicknames might just do the trick for you. Finding the perfect nicknames means finding the right word to express your love or affection.

Cute nicknames are there for that. Don’t worry, we have also added some endearing nicknames that will also be perfect for your romantic partner.

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into the list.

  1. Hazy Bear – for someone special and adorable.
  2. Elz – are you familiar with Elz the witch, a popular Youtuber?
  3. Elzie – an endearing nickname that expands on the name Elz.
  4. Zelly Belly – does your Hazel have a knack for food? Then go with this one.
  5. Hazelnut – a rather common but still adorable way of adding some nutty cuteness to your christening.
  6. Hershey – want to go with a chocolaty nickname? Here is the one for you.
  7. H-Bunny – this is a smart yet cute way to name someone.
  8. Hazel Bazel – you can add any rhyming words to the original name and make it sound adorable.
  9. Hazelstar – this name is for the star in your family.
  10. Hazeymaisy – another lovable alternative for your Hazel.
  11. Haze Baze – this nickname has a buzzing quality to it which makes it even more appealing.


Funny Nicknames for Hazel

Now we come to the most interesting part of the article. If you are looking for something funny yet adorable, this is the list of choices for you. Funny nicknames are also the most useful for friends who are looking for a witty teaser name for their friend, Hazel. Allotting a funny nickname to someone is also another way of telling them that they are special.

They are the ones that stand out among the crowd. So, for all the Hazels out there, let’s check out which of these funny nicknames is the perfect fit.

  1. Halls – an easy-breezy nickname for someone named Hazel.
  2. Zoey – this one is both funny and popular as TV characters and so on.
  3. Oz – have you heard of the great and powerful wizard of Oz? If you have, you will definitely like this nickname choice.
  4. Hail – all hail Hazel! If you want this to be the refrain whenever you enter the room, get this one as a nickname.
  5. Hen – this is for those who are looking for a way to tease using nicknames.
  6. Hay Hay – a nickname with two meanings of which both are equally funny.
  7. Zazu – if you have watched the Lion King, then you will know what a funny and loyal character Zazu is.
  8. Zazzle – a little tweak to the previous one makes for another funny alternative.
  9. Bazil – a funny reworking of the original word, basil.
  10. Haze head – this is for those who might be a little dense up there.
  11. Hazy lazy – for all the lazy Hazels you know, this one is the pick.
  12. Hassle – a funny way of teasing someone named Hazel.


Cool Nicknames for Hazel

Have you ever come across gamers with cool nicknames and avatars? But let’s remember cool nicknames are not only for them. So, select one from among the list of choices below and give your beloved Hazel a cool persona.
Let’s check out what the list beholds.

  1. Zelly – a cool revision of the last part of the name Hazel.
  2. Lee – a compact nickname that is also cool beyond average standards.
  3. Z – pronounced as Zee, this is another cool way of addressing someone.
  4. Hell-on – if you are looking for gaming names, then this might be a good option.
  5. Elsa – another cool choice taken from the movie ‘Frozen.’
  6. Helsa – a nickname that means ‘devoted to God.’
  7. Hell gal – much like Hell-on, this one is also a powerful nickname.
  8. Zelda – taken from the legend of Zelda, this one means ‘blessed.’
  9. Zee Zee – your gang of friends can go with this nickname.
  10. HazeX – this one makes you sound uber-cool among your peers.


Unique Nicknames for Hazel

Remember what Jodie Foster says, ‘Normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something to get away from.’ A unique nickname is just the way to set yourself apart from the crowd. It is a way of being yourself by affirming everything that makes you authentically you.

If you are in search of such a name, we have a list ready for you. Let’s unpack.

  1. Hope – this nickname has a unique and pristine quality attached to it.
  2. Hailey – originally meaning a ‘meadow’ or a large patch of clear land, this is another soothing nickname.
  3. Zella – in Slavic languages, this means ‘perfect’ or ‘beautiful girl.’
  4. Hazlett – this one means ‘a headland with an array of hazel trees.’
  5. Hazel Elle – if you want to emphasize on the ending ‘L,’ then you can go with this unique style.
  6. Azel – a nickname that in Hebrew means ‘noble.’
  7. Lila – a name with a Sanskrit touch; this one has deeper philosophical meanings.
  8. Zay – also used as a boy’s name, this one is fairly popular.
  9. Leeza – reverse the name Hazel, you will get a variation of this nickname.
  10. Baezel – if you want a nickname with a unique spelling, then this one’s for you.
  11. Hazerella – a reworking of the name ‘Cinderella,’ yet a unique choice for your Hazel.



With that, we have come to the end of our list. If you come across any other nickname options to improve this list, make sure to let us know. We curated this list with a lot of care and effort, so we hope you found what you were looking for. Be sure to go with the nickname that goes best with the personality of the Hazel in your life.

Happy nicknaming!

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