60+ Awesome Nicknames for Harold

Nicknames for Harold

The name Harold has a certain loftiness and grandiose attached to it. It is a name that makes others put its holder on a pedestal and think of him as noble, powerful, and kind-hearted.

If you happen to have such a Harold in your life, then you will know that he is a keeper. And what could be better than giving him a nickname to tell him how much he means to you.

In this article, we will take you through a splendid range of interesting nicknames for Harold and help you to choose the right one by giving out a piece of our mind about each suggestion along with it.

So, stick with us till the end, and you will have suitable endearment for him in no time!


Meaning and Origin of Harold

Harold is a name of Scandinavian origin, and it roughly means ‘army ruler,’ ‘commander,’ or simply someone powerful. It has its roots in ‘Here Weald’ from Old English. However, the name has its strings tied to multiple cultures across Europe and has enjoyed considerable popularity in the continent.

In fact, it has been carried by five kings of Norway and three kings of Denmark. Though the demand for the name has been falling in the United States since the 1980s, it is catching some momentum upwards in recent years.

Some of the most well-known men who have held this name are British prime ministers Harold Macmillan and Harold Wilson, Emmy Award winner Harold Holbrook, and Harold Llyod, an American actor, and producer to name a few.


Popular Nicknames for Harold

Let’s kickstart our journey with some of the most loved nicknames for Harold.

These nicknames are such that you won’t have to think twice before using them for Harold. They have tiny bits of fun, love, cheesiness, coolness – all rolled into classic yet casual names.

So, peek in and see if you like something for your dear one here.

  1. Oldie – A popular nickname with a tinge of humor, this might be right for your Harold.
  2. Harry – Conventional yet classy, this one never goes out of style.
  3. Harr – Jazz up a regular name by deconstructing it your way.
  4. Rollie – A fun and frisky name that Harold will love to be called by.
  5. Roro – Here comes a sweet and simple pet name that doesn’t require you to give much thought.
  6. Halley – Another common but fancy nickname that you can pick for Harold.
  7. Hodd – This one sounds like it is right out of a comic book. See if it suits your dear Harold.
  8. Arold – Just remove the H, and you will get this super stylish name to call Harold by.
  9. Hal – Cut it into this crisp nickname, and your friend will love you for it.


Cute Nicknames for Harold

If Harold is someone you can adore all day long, this sweetie pie has to have the cutest nickname. So, we have brought together some of the most heart-melting nicknames sprinkled with lots of love and sugar.

Go through the names, and you will want to pick more than one for sure!

  1. Hulu Bear – Call him by this cute and kiddish nickname and have some silly fun.
  2. Hare Bear – A cuddly nickname that comes straight from the heart.
  3. Honey Bunch – Load your nickname with sweet, sweet honey for the sweetest person you know.
  4. Olly – This playful pet name is all you need to amp up your relationship with Harold.
  5. Roll Ball – If Harold is a goofy guy, then this awkwardly lovable nickname is for him.
  6. Aro – What do you think about this perky and petite nickname that we made for Harold?
  7. Li’l Hamster – We think that hamsters are the cutest of all animals. If you happen to agree with us, then pick this pet name for someone special.
  8. Ola – If you are looking for something both chic and adorable, then you should certainly go with this one.
  9. Ha-rom – This beautiful nickname is for someone who is a die-hard romantic at heart.
  10. Rio – The perfect pet name for a happy-go-lucky guy, just like your Harold.
  11. Harby – This swanky yet heart-warming name has its roots in Welsh culture.
  12. Herry Berry – Call Harold by this cutesy nickname if he is as sweet and vibrant as a berry.
  13. Olaf – The Disney character that makes everyone go ‘aww!’
  14. Huddy – We think this will suit a guy named Harold perfectly well.
  15. Huddle Cuddle – If Harold is the best cuddle buddy you could ask for, then this one’s for him.
  16. Hopping Hare – If little Harold keeps jumping around the house, making everyone smile, then call him by this name.


Funny Nicknames for Harold

Now, it’s time to add a dollop of humor to the mix! The list that lies below is full of nicknames for Harold that will crack him and others up.

So, if you wish to have a good laugh with your friends and family every time you call Harold, then do skim through these funny nicknames.

  1. H.O.D – This will make a great nickname if Harold dreams of making it big in academics.
  2. Humpty Dumpty – A childishly funny nickname for Harold who has not learned to behave like an adult.
  3. Ha-roast – If Harold becomes the butt of all jokes amongst friends, then this is a fitting nickname.
  4. Hair Oil – This one’s for a Harold who is obsessed with his lustrous hair and takes too much care of them
  5. Old Man – If Harold is the wise one in your group, call him this chucklesome nickname.
  6. Har-cold – Here is some wordplay for Harold, who is down with a cold for most of the time.
  7. Hire-old – If Harold is someone who is always looking for a job, then this will crack everyone up.
  8. Har-run – This would be the ideal name for an athlete called Harold, who runs like a cheetah.
  9. Har-odd – If Harold is one of those awkward souls who feel extremely odd with new people, then this is for him.
  10. Har-oops – This would make a hilarious nickname for Harold if he keeps getting into trouble.
  11. Har-oats – For the health-conscious Harold who eats and recommends having oats over anything else.
  12. Har-bald – If your Harold has a receding hairline, then this pet name will definitely make him laugh a little.
  13. Ham roll – The perfect nickname for a foodie who goes by the name Harold.
  14. Scare-old – If Harold is that arrogant uncle of the street that every kid is scared of, this one’s for him.
  15. Hyper Hal – If he makes a big deal out of the tiniest events, then he has to have this nickname.


Creative Nicknames for Harold

The nicknames that lie ahead of us now are truly magical. We are certain that you will not come across such creative and well-thought pet names for Harold anywhere.

So, don’t wait for too long, and grab these wonderful nicknames that are wrapped in wit and wordplay.

  1. Halo – We think this is an uber-cool way to call him your angel, don’t you?
  2. H-ariel – This mermaid princess from Disney will make a pretty name if Harold likes watching Disney movies.
  3. Dora – We tried jumbling up the name a little and came up with this smart and snappy nickname.
  4. Har Scar – A nickname for Harold that has a badass, hip-hop vibe to it.
  5. Care-old – If Harold is one of the most caring people that you know, then call him by this name.
  6. Ha-rough – For an adventurous Harold who likes living life on the edge.
  7. Hareoli – Giving the name an Italian twist is a nice way of flavoring it up.
  8. Old McDonald – This famous farm-man from a nursery will make an excellent nickname if Harold likes being around animals.
  9. Grandpa Hud – A cute and lovable nickname for all grandpas named Harold out there.
  10. Carol – If the most exciting part of Christmas for Harold is the carol-singing, then this music-lover has to be called by this name.
  11. Dare-old – For the daring and gutsy guy who never says no to a challenge.
  12. Fair-old – If Harold is known for being fair and just in every situation, then this might be the right moniker for him.
  13. Roadie – This one is for the high-spirited Harold who loves exploring the outdoors.
  14. Hulk – For a crazy Avengers fan who happens to be called Harold.


Unique Nicknames for Harold

Do you want to stand out of the crowd when it comes to nicknames? Well, that makes two of us. Whipping up unique nicknames is what we absolutely love, and we have a fresh bowl of extraordinary and out-of-the-box names sitting on our shelf.

Why don’t you dig through this bowl of names and find something enchanting for Harold?

  1. Hardy – A common and candid name that sounds ravishingly retro.
  2. Harlo – A name that sounds like it is from the pages of a classic Shakespearean play.
  3. Star-old – For the born superstar who has won a million hearts.
  4. Bizarre Har – How about this silly nickname for a Harold who does and says the most unusual and unexpected things.
  5. Gold – This one rhymes with the name and is perfect for someone with a heart of gold.
  6. Haroon – This exceptionally beautiful name from Arabia has our hearts.
  7. Ha-rock – A dashing nickname is for your childhood buddy who has been your rock for years.
  8. Ruby – If you think that Harold is an absolute gem, then pick this precious stone as a pet name for him.
  9. Oller – What do you think about this suave and charming name for a Harold who is a treat to the eyes.
  10. Haroldo – This one has a touch of the countryside and will make a fantastic nickname if Harold likes humble and rustic things.
  11. Hard Guard – If Harold is someone who never lets his guard down, then call him by this one.
  12. Share-old – If you share everything from pizzas to gossip to sadness with him, then you might want to consider this nickname.
  13. Happy Harro – If he is one of those jolly people who spread happiness by being happy themselves, then this will fit him right.
  14. Hogger Har – For a Harold who can eat up a huge burger in seconds.


We hope you enjoyed exploring our treasure trove of nicknames for Harold and decided to call your dear one by one of these. In fact, we think it would be a great idea to pick a new nickname for every once in a while from this huge heap of monikers and keep having fun with the names you choose. After all, there should be a nickname for every mood, right?

So, take your time and find out the ones that you like the most. Also, if you have more recommendations for nicknames for Harold, or if you have a special nickname that you call your Harold by, then we would love you to share it with us.

We will be back with more amazing nicknames soon. So, stay tuned!

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