60+ Popular Nicknames For Harley

Nicknames For Harley

Today, we decided to pick another chit from the jar of names for our next round of nicknames. And what did we get? Harley! If you have been waiting for this lovely name to pop up on our board, then your wait has come to an end. In this article, you’ll find more than fifty interesting nicknames for Harley. That too, with a super helpful description attached to each of them.

One of the rare unisex names that suit guys and girls equally well, Harley is a beautiful blend of that old-world charm and cosmopolitan crispness. If you have a loved one called Harley, he or she would probably be someone who stands out for their high spirit, confident conversations, and the zeal to indulge in new experiences.

We are sure you treasure this person and giving them a nickname will make both your hearts feel so full. So, stay with us while we explore some spectacular nicknames for both girls and boys named Harley.


Meaning and Origin of Harley

The name Harley is of English origin and is used mostly in English-speaking countries but also in a few other countries and languages of the world.

Having roots in present-day Scotland, specifically, Shropshire and West Yorkshire, Harley comprises the Old English word ‘hær’ which means ‘rock’, ‘heap of stones’ or ‘hara’ i.e. ‘hare’, and ‘lēah’ which means ‘wood’, ‘clearing’. In some cases, the name may be topographic. Some more concrete meanings that are deferred from this are ‘woodland’, ‘clearing’, and ‘spacious meadow’.

The name also has some history in Ireland. When not of English origin, this is an Anglicized form of ‘Gaelic Ó hEart haile’ which translates to ‘descendant of Earghal’. In this light, it can be considered as a variant of the personal name ‘Fearghal’ without the initial F.

Harley has been popular as a masculine name since 1880. However, as a feminine name, it made a breakthrough in 1990, and today, it is slightly more popular as a feminine name. Some well-known people who go by this name are Harley Parnell Hisner, a baseball player, Harley Venton, a T.V. actor, and Harley Allen, a country singer, and songwriter.

Now, let’s wrap up this knowledge fest and go straight for the nicknames!


Common Nicknames for Harley

Keep the drama aside and go for these classic common nicknames which are simple and fun at the same time. You won’t have to think much about these as each of them is extremely flexible and will suit almost anyone.

So, gear up and begin with your search now!

  1. Harl – A simple safe suggestion for a new friend called Harley.
  2. Harry – Whether Harley is a Potterhead or not, you can call him by this name if it suits.
  3. Lee – A tiny but terrific pet name that would plus it up for Harley.
  4. Arlo – A snazzy nickname that gives an impression of a fun-loving person.
  5. Arly – Harley will love this twist to her/his name.
  6. Harz – If Harley is a close friend, then don’t think much and call her this.
  7. Holly – This pretty name comes from a majestic evergreen tree.


Cute Nicknames for Harley

Is Harley someone who doesn’t let your eyes go anywhere else but herself/himself? If yes, then this admirable cuteness deserves to have an equally cute nickname.

We have tried to gather some roly-poly names and hope you find the perfect one for your bunny.

  1. Har-pea – For that pea-sized baby who makes you tear up.
  2. Little Ley – For the naughty kid who is always up to some mischief.
  3. Hare Bear – This one is for a cutie who you will never give up on.
  4. Harlove – Don’t beat around the bush and express your love!
  5. Aroo – An adorable name for someone who is a child at heart.
  6. Hihi – How does this sound for a little lady whose smile has stolen many hearts?
  7. Honey Bun – For the toddler whose honey-soaked voice makes you go ‘awww’.
  8. Harie Boo – If your partner goes by the name Harley, then this might make a super cute nickname.
  9. Darly – Get all mushy and call him or her by this love-filled nickname.
  10. Habibi – That’s how you woo your loved one in the Middle East.
  11. Herry Berry – For a tiny Harley who you just want to squish.
  12. Hop – This one for that jolly and jumpy kid who is too high on energy.


Funny Nicknames for Harley

For some people, nicknames are synonymous with humor and leg-pulling. If you are one of those, then the bundle of nicknames that follows is tailored for you. Call Harley by these names and you will certainly hear some hearty laughs.

Read on to get hold of one!

  1. Marley – The perfect nickname for a Bob Marley fan.
  2. Score-ley – If Harley is into sports, then celebrate all their high scores with this name.
  3. Har-tea – If Harley can’t go a day without a hot cup of tea, then this is an option to consider.
  4. Har Lee – A funny reference to Bruce Lee for a friend who is into martial arts or action films.
  5. Har-loo – A chucklesome for someone who keeps running to the loo.
  6. Har-lie – Use this pet name as a light-hearted taunt for a Harley who has a habit of lying.
  7. Sour-ley – For an impulsive friend who doesn’t think twice before saying something sour.
  8. Barley – Name him or her after this healthy grain if s/he is always on some or the other diet.
  9. Har-rage – For a short-tempered Harley who everyone maintains a distance from.
  10. Hary Mary – If Harley is an innocent girl who is far from all guiles, then Mary is what you call her.
  11. Ha-wreck – This one is for that tiny devil who is only interested in wrecking things down.
  12. Shower-ley – Make people laugh with this nickname made for a stinky friend who needs to shower.
  13. Bark-ley – Quite a ‘paw’sible nickname for a dog-lover who goes by the name Harley.
  14. Hire-ley – If Harley is desperate for a job, then this is just the right amount of humor for them.
  15. Hothead – If your new pals need the warning to be aware of Harley’s wrath, then this might be an amusing option
  16. Hobnob – For a Harley who is a bit too focussed on flattering the rich and famous.
  17. Hamlet – Call a literature enthusiast by this Shakespearean classic.


Cool Nicknames for Harley

If Harley is someone who everyone, or at least you, look up to, then what he needs right now is a cool nickname. And we already have an extensive list ready!

You just have to go through it and pick the one that makes them feel like a winner.

  1. Scar-ley – A dashing nickname for a Harley who is proud of their scars.
  2. Hare Dare – For a Harley whose daring attitude inspires everyone.
  3. Harley Quinn – The one character that never fails to endorse her audience.
  4. Hardy – This one is for the cool guy who keeps himself prepared for challenges.
  5. Har-lit – If he or she is the life of any party, then they deserve to be called ‘lit!’
  6. Harrier – Name him after this exotic animal which is the epitome of chivalry.
  7. Prince Harley – What if he is not Prince Harry? Prince Harley doesn’t sound any different!
  8. Hornet – A dangerous insect name for someone who wants to form a bossy impression.
  9. Hawk – An uber-cool nickname (just like the bird), that Harley will enjoy being called by.
  10. Helly – Whether you want to refer to hell or not, this pet name is pretty cool anyway!
  11. Hero – If Harley is your all-time savior, then don’t hesitate and call him your hero.
  12. Hercules – If Hero sounds too old school, this will definitely puff him up.


Unique Nicknames for Harley

We know that your relationship with Harley is unique and so should be the nickname that you give him/her. We have curated a bunch of out-of-the-box nicknames for Harley that might help you here.

Just try calling them by any of these and they won’t stop smiling!

  1. Heart – If Harley is your whole heart, why not call him/her by it?
  2. Starley – A special nickname for the born star that Harley is.
  3. Lily – Let’s choose this beautiful bloom for a beautiful soul.
  4. Harlez – This one has a peppy sound to it and is fit for a fashionista.
  5. Harlette – Sounds like it belongs to a sophisticated lady from England.
  6. Harper – An ideal name for a Harley who produces or plays melodious music.
  7. Hariolini – This is what we get by adding a pinch of Italian herbs to Harley.
  8. Harpy Place – A customized and much cuter way of calling Harley your ‘happy place’.
  9. Haroon – A soulful Arabic name that means ‘leader,’ ‘strength,’ or ‘warrior lion.’
  10. Harleen – Adorn her with this elegant North-Indian name that means ‘within the love of God.’
  11. Harissa – A spicy sauce name for a sizzling personality like Harley’s.
  12. Homely – If you feel at home with Harley, then nothing can be a bigger compliment than this nickname.
  13. Harglow – If Harley is the reason for the glow on your face, then go ahead and call them by this nickname.
  14. Harling – A mash-up of Harley and darling, this will make their eyes twinkle.


And that brings us to the end of this list loaded with more than fifty amazing nicknames for Harley. We did our part by sharing these suggestions and now, it’s your turn. We would love it if you could send some of your favorites from this list our way. But what we would love even more is you dropping your own creative nicknames for Harley.

Looking forward to them, we will now sign off!

See you next time!

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