80+ Lovely Nicknames For Hannah

Nicknames For Hannah

Hannah is the kind of name that is simple and sweet but also has a beautiful biblical story behind it. If you are looking for a religious name that never gets old, Hannah should be your pick. Plenty of celebrities go by this name which only adds to the popularity of this adorable name.

When you really think about it is a name that goes with women of every age and nationality. You might already have a Hannah in your life, but Hannah being a rather short name, you never thought about a nickname to give to your dear Hannah.

Well, we are going to give you more than 80 awesome nicknames for Hannah today that will change that. But before we go on, let’s tell you what this name means.


Meaning and Origin of the Name

The name Hannah has Hebrew origins, it is made by root words “h-n-n”. Hannah is a biblical name that means “favor or grace”. So, Hannah can be translated as “God has favored me”.

Hannah was also the name of the mother of the prophet Samuel in the Old Testament, whose ardent desire for a baby was granted by the lord. If you want a name out of the scriptures for your baby girl, this might be it.

A simple name like Hannah could use a fun nickname to go with it, and we are here to do just that. We will give you 80+ innovative pet names that you can give to somebody named Hannah, all of which will come with a bonus quirky side note.

You will surely find a perfect name for your unique bond with Hannah. So, let’s get right on it.


Common Nicknames for Hannah

There are always some pet names that are used more than the others. Here are some classic pet names for a girl named Hannah which you might have heard of, honestly because they are hard to beat.

  1. Han – A shorter way to spell the same name.
  2. Holy – The name Hannah is already so religious, that this name fits right in.
  3. Honey – A classic nickname that is perfect for a girl named Hannah.
  4. Hon – If you want to trip the nickname Honey, you can just call your ladylove as Hon.
  5. Hanna – We just skipped an H and made this shorter version of the name.
  6. Hannah Banana – We know you thought about this name too!
  7. Annie – Another blockbuster nickname that is loved by all.
  8. Hosannah – Biblical expression for praise and admiration of the lord. A name that has no competition.
  9. Anna – A short and stylish name that is a safe bet for a pet name.
  10. Ann – A trimmed version of the name above, which sounds equally amazing to us.
  11. Hymn – Taking the bandwagon of religious nicknames ahead.
  12. Helena – Enchanting and engaging choice for a nickname.
  13. Helen – This name is for Hannah who is as pretty as Helen of Troy.
  14. Hans – A short and cute take on the name which adds a bit of zing to it.
  15. Noah – There is no dearth of names with history when it comes to nicknames for Hannah.
  16. Hanny – This is just a perfect way to call your dear Hannah.
  17. Hinny – Kind of similar to the previous name, sounds chic though.
  18. Niña – Spanish for a baby girl, our favorite nickname for an infant of all time.
  19. Sarah – A rhyming nickname for Hannah, which is very candid.


Cute Nicknames for Hannah

Nothing says “I love you” like an affectionate nickname for your special girl Hannah. If Hannah is angry at you, calling her by these swooning pet names will make her frown go away and bring back that beautiful smile on her face, that you adore.

Have a look!

  1. Honey Bear – Names with the word Bear have no competition when it comes to cute nicknames.
  2. Nana – Tailormade name for the Hannah of your life who dots on you like a child.
  3. My Heart – We know this affectionate nickname will melt any girl’s heart right away.
  4. Heaven – Having this endearing nickname would melt anyone’s heart.
  5. Hazel – A captivating name that is as pretty as nicknames can possibly get.
  6. Hinny Minnie – This name is calling out a little girl Hannah who is fond of cartoons.
  7. Hana – A bright and bubbly alternative for a pet name for Hannah.
  8. Hugsy – FRIENDS fans will relate to this cute pet name, apt for someone you love to hug.
  9. Hottie – A flattering nickname for Hannah who is attractive.
  10. Haley’s Comet – A special name for Hannah who is as rare as Haley’s Comet.
  11. Honey Bun – Another affectionate name that you can choose for your girlfriend.


Funny Nicknames for Hannah

Nicknames and jokes are two things that can create magic when blended. Funny nicknames are what people always remember and reminisce about. So, find some funny but appreciated nicknames below for someone named Hannah.

  1. Nanny – Another quick-witted nickname for a caring friend Amelia.
  2. Hunky Dory – A laughable nickname that means that it’s all good.
  3. Honolulu – How can someone not like this high-energy name for their girl? Also, a great name for Hannah who likes to travel.
  4. Hennery – It means a hen farm, a name that will guarantee you a few laughs in your group.
  5. Hunk – When Hannah has a “take no shit” attitude and is a bit tomboyish.
  6. Hula Hoop – A comical name for Hannah who has a round figure is too lazy to work out.
  7. Hunter – If she the only one you are hunting down.
  8. Hen – We bet your friend Hanna with a weird haircut won’t like being called a hen, but we know you will have fun calling her this.
  9. Hyena – This name is for a fierce woman who scares everyone around with her bold attitude.
  10. Ham Sandwich – A foodie Hannah, will eat this name right up.
  11. Mynah – Native birds of south Asia with a sweet sound. A name for nature enthusiasts.
  12. Hanky Panky – You decide who should get this enigmatic name.
  13. Hahaha – Using this as an irritating name for someone who cracks the worst jokes ever. (With slow claps)
  14. Hannukah – A festive name, perhaps for your Jewish friend Hannah.
  15. Hanzy – An urban-sounding name after a music artist.
  16. Hansel – A name from the famous fairy tale of “Hansel and Gretel”.


Cool Nicknames for Hannah

This is the part, where we like to keep things casual and cool. The names below are breezy and simple with a slight touch of urban slang or pop reference.

If you are someone who doesn’t want something serious but a simple and suave name, have a look!

  1. Hannah Montana – Nickname after a pop singer? Yes, please!
  2. Hillary – An extraordinary nickname after an extraordinary woman.
  3. Savannah – A fun nickname that is completely rhyming with the name Hannah.
  4. Havana – Camila Cabello fans will go crazy over this name inspired by her song.
  5. Hollyn – A laid-back name that can be your pick for your buddy Hannah.
  6. Hashtag – Foe a Hannah, who is an Instagram addict.
  7. Ahoy – If Hannah likes to sail, why not use this sailing slang as a nickname for her.
  8. Honor – A safe option for a nickname, which is also very different from the usual names.
  9. Ohio – Random nicknames are honestly the best kind of nicknames.
  10. Hanakin – We love the fun sound of this nickname.
  11. Hancock – A name after the superhit American Superhero film series starring Will Smith.
  12. Hamleys – Wouldn’t your toddler Hannah love to be lovingly called as a giant toy store, which is honestly her dream destination.


Mean Nicknames for Hannah

If you and Hannah are currently in a fight and you are looking for ways to irritate her, here we are to help you. The names below are rude and offensive and might make Hannah red with anger, but it will be great fun to use them.

Have a look!

  1. Honk Honk – A name that just sounds weird to us but will make people laugh.
  2. Nano – A playful dig at a Hannah who is incredibly tiny.
  3. Hannibal – Based on the very scary but historic character of Hannibal the Cannibal. It is a nightmare being called a cannibal.
  4. Hangmen – A gory name that is a total nightmare for anyone who gets it.
  5. Naah – Urban slang for no, it’s a name that can irritate anyone who has it.
  6. Hanakonda – Who would like to be nicknamed after a giant scary snake?
  7. Love Handles – A superb way to tease someone chubby.
  8. Hooligan – Is Hannah someone who is a threat to public property? Here is a name for them.
  9. Hobo – Slang word for a homeless and vagabond person.
  10. Hookah – A name for Hannah who smokes.
  11. Hangover – This rude name goes well for your alcoholic friend Hannah.
  12. Haunted House – If Hannah has an overbearing personality that scares you, it won’t be wrong to call her a Haunted House.


Unique Nicknames for Hannah

In the last section, we have compiled some unheard and unused nicknames for Hannah. If you want to be someone who amazes Hannah with a nickname that she has never received before, you should consider the names below.

  1. Hiya – Urban slang for Hello, what a chirpy nickname for a talkative girl.
  2. Henna – An Indian origin name, taken after a plant that has a symbolic reference to prosperity.
  3. Neon – An offbeat name for someone named Hannah. Might work for a typical part animal.
  4. Henaquen – A scientific name for a type of plant. We bet you have not heard of this before.
  5. Hencoop – A weird name that will leave Hannah confused.
  6. Hauhau – Just a random selection of words that sound like an overexcited greeting for someone named Hannah.
  7. Hallelujah – A name that is oozing with musical and energetic vibes associated with the lord.
  8. Humane – A calm and friendly way to call someone who has always been there for you.
  9. Nirvana – Indian origin word for absolute bliss, also a famous rock band. Win-Win!
  10. Hannan – Sounds good to us, you might like this unheard name for your Hannah.
  11. Hanks – This one is for all the Tom Hanks fans out there.
  12. Hanaper – It means a case to contain drinks, another nickname for your alcoholic friend Hannah.



These were all the 80+ lovely nicknames we could think of for the name Hannah. We challenge you to use your creativity and find some more amazing nicknames for Hannah. If you have one in mind, go ahead and send it in. We are eagerly waiting to see your creativity at work.

Until then, we hope you had fun nicknaming your dear Hannah.

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