50 Creative Nicknames For Griffin

Nicknames For Griffin

Griffins are strong, smart, and fiercely protective of their friends. They’re also incredibly cute. If you’ve got one in your life, then this article will help you find 50 adorable nickname ideas for your dear griffin.

How many times does it occur to you that the more you love a person, the more lovingly you want to call them? And it is for this reason, we resort to nicknames. From silly ones to funny ones to cool ones, the type of nicknames that a person can get is endless.

As it is said that having a baby is easier than choosing a baby name. So a list of nicknames is always helpful in choosing the most appropriate and suitable name to call your child by. Some cultures also attribute the name of the baby to the qualities the parents want it to possess.

The name Griffin is trending in the newborn circle. And we assure you that there is more than one way of making this name sound more lovely than it already is.

After all, one is reminded of Harry Potter when one listens to the name Griffin and that gotta mean something. The name Griffin symbolizes courage, boldness, and strength.

Below, we’ve put together a list of the most popular nicknames for griffin, including witty names, cool and funny nicknames, old-fashioned nicknames, vintage nicknames for griffin, traditional nicknames for griffin, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin.


Origin Of The Name

Griffin actually stands for the mythical creature with the upper body of an eagle and the lower body of a lion. The creature, Griffin, is kind of like a Unicorn but is just a little less popular.

In Christianity, Griffin represents the wealth of the Sun and is hence related to the Sun. Even in this context, it symbolizes strength, valor, and courage. They are seen as the guardian of buried wealth. So who knows what the future of your child holds!

The Roman and Greek texts mention Griffin who, according to the text, were related to depositing gold in Central Asia. The eggs that Griffins lay contained gold nuggets, according to the texts. Griffins also symbolized divine power in the medieval period.

The name Griffin is also mentioned in “The Life of Apollonius of Tyana” which is used for this fictional character that digs up gold with the strength of its beak.

Griffins are also used in Persian poetry amongst whom Rumi is the most popular poet who uses Griffin to carve out an image of strength and wealth.

Another popular use of the name Griffin is by John Milton in Paradise Lost:

“As when a Gryfon through the Wilderness
With winged course ore Hill or moarie Dale,
Pursues the ARIMASPIAN, who by stelth
Had from his wakeful custody purloind
The guarded Gold […]”

There is a character of the name Gryphon derived from Griffin in Lewis Caroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”. Isn’t it lovely to find so many mentions of the name Griffin in the literary sphere?

The name is as popular as it can be and it is as significant as it can get. The nicknames, on the other hand, are no less relevant.

Now the meaning of the name is heavy but the nicknames can lighten this name up. Skim through the nicknames mentioned below to choose what you want to call your little one.


Popular Nicknames For Griffin

  1. Gruff – The nickname Gruff isn’t too rough for Griffin, is it?
  2. Gru – Now this one is based on one of the most popular animated characters, Gru. Can you guess the movie?
  3. Griff – If only Griff could be your little one’s nickname.
  4. Giffy – And you can call him Griffy coz the name isn’t too iffy but your mind can be if you don’t settle on one.
  5. Giffin – No this one one of our favorites. It is iffin, it is Giffin, but most of all it is Giffin.
  6. Fynn – How much can this one be emphasized upon? Your Fynn sounds as cute as it can get.
  7. Fin – Just a change of spelling but hey, this is not the end.
  8. Rubin – It can be a first name. It can be a last name. But in this case, it is a nickname. Pick it.
  9. Garry – A smart little man called Garry- who wouldn’t want that name?
  10. Gibbon – Is the name suggestive of animal instincts? Sure is, After all, it is named after an ape species.
  11. Friv – Does your Griffin like playing games online? Is he hooked on online gaming? Then this is the nickname to go for.


Cute Nicknames For Griffin

  1. Guff – You call your little one Guff and he is gonna come rushing to you and you won’t be able to love him enough.
  2. Guffu – How cute is the name Guffu- on a scale of one to ten, it is a hundred.
  3. Giffsu – What does Giffsu remind you of? No, it has nothing to do with GIFs; it has no virtual aspect but just your cute little reality.
  4. Finfin – Now this might rhyme with Tintin but hey, it sounds so much better when you say it as Finfin.
  5. Riffin – This one is taken up instantly. Yes, it is catchy. Yes, it is cute. Yes, your choice is great!
  6. Gi-Fi – When you stumble upon this nickname for Griffin, you want to call your little one nothing but Gi-Fi. That is a great connection by the way.
  7. Giff – Now this is not just a short form of Griffin, it is a short cute Griffin.
  8. If-Rin – Just a jumble mumble giving a cute spin on the name
  9. Gabe – Any fans of The Office? Gabe is a name worth considering for your Griffin.
  10. Giff-Niff – Not that anyone has to be miffed about it, the nickname Giff-Niff is a cute spin on Griffin
  11. Finto – It rhymes with Pinto but is more fun than it.
  12. Rin-Grin – A funny name always makes up for a perfect nickname.


Funny Nicknames For Griffin

  1. Guftu – What a quirky nickname to call your child by.
  2. Dugguf – Now, where have I heard this name before? Nowhere. You read it here first but feel free to use it.
  3. Ruff-Gruff – The name is not mean but the name could mean being mean.
  4. Riffin Master – It is a cool, funny name to call your little one by.
  5. Grin Rin Fin – This name is always going to give out a good laugh
  6. Griff – It literally means “handle” but you don’t need to handle this name in any manner other than cutely.
  7. Grin Man – It does bring a smile to one’s face.
  8. Ruffin – Call him Ruffin, call him Riffin, but if he is caught ruffin’ up other kids, remember you chose this nickname all by yourself.
  9. Niffirg – This one is just as unique as your child.


Cool Nicknames For Griffin

  1. Gift-in – What a gifted nickname for Griffin!
  2. Gini – Now this one is named after a renowned statistician and sociologist- Corrado Gini. Who knows your child might be brainy to carve out a name for himself just like Corrado did!
  3. Fino – It is cool. It is hip. It is lit. Go for this nickname.
  4. Grulu – This sure is a cool nickname but don’t call him by this name in front of his friends duh!
  5. Fiffi – Sounds like a smooth, easy name to call your loved one by.
  6. Fini – Shakespeare says, what’s in a name but the name Fini tells us, there is a coolness in this name.
  7. Rini – This can be an innovative name to choose as a nickname for your kid.
  8. Grub fest – For a foodie, this name is perfect. Named after a food festival, this nickname is as cool as it is tasty.


Creative nicknames for Griffin

  1. Grinny – And a smile draws upon your face with this name. It has to, after all, it is a sweet, funny nickname for Griffin.
  2. Griffinus – When you realize that there is more than one way of calling Griffin.
  3. Grind – What a crushing nickname for Griffin!
  4. Flynn Rider – Now the movie Tangled did leave us the choice of picking up this pseudonym for the hot hero of Rapunzel.
  5. Gryffindor – Who knows your child might turn out to be a wizard!
  6. Griffins – Seems like a plural of Griffin but hey, it is not Griffin.
  7. Gryphon – This means the same as Griffin but is a fancier way of saying the same.
  8. Giri – It is short, it is quipping, it is to be taken.
  9. Gridman – This could well be the name of a videogame; who knows your child might make one!
  10. Gruffydd – It is a popular nickname for Griffin.



This list of 50 creative nicknames for Griffin provides an ample amount of choice. These nicknames are creative, popular, funny, quirky, and suitable for all those who have named their child Griffin.

There is an unlimited number of ways in which you can call a person you love. The list above just made it easier for you to choose whatever suits you the best. After all, we cannot put a limit on the ways you can call your loved ones.

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