50+ Awesome Nicknames For Gregory

Nicknames For Gregory

Hey! Are you a Gregory yourself? Or someone who knows a Gregory? If you are looking for awesome nickname ideas for Gregory, this post is for you. In this article, we’ll show you plenty of creative nicknames for Gregory that’ll get your creative juices flowing. Enjoy!

Gregory is an evergreen and fascinating name but comes along with solid holy connotations, contributing to its immense popularity. Gregory is someone who lives like a king and seizes every adventure as it comes.

A name like Gregory is exceptional because we rarely find a name that sounds trendy but has remained highly sought after for more than a thousand years!

This name has been etched in American pop culture by the highly acclaimed medical drama “House.” There can never be anyone quite like Dr. Gregory House, played brilliantly by Hugh Laurie; his character bewitched us with his snide remarks but incredible acumen and thus immortalized this name forever.

Have you met a guy named Gregory in your life and wondered what good nickname you can give them? If yes, then today is your lucky day as we are here to provide you with 50+ awesome nicknames that you can use for your Gregory.

But before jumping to the list of nicknames let’s take a look at the meaning and origin of the name ‘Gregory’.

Meaning and Origin of the Name

The name “Gregory” has a rich heritage behind it and has been around for over a thousand years! The English name Gregory has come about from its Greek counterpart “Grēgorios,” which further has its root in the verb “grēgorein,” which signifies “to be alert or watchful.” Hence the name Gregory suggests someone who is vigilant and alert.

There are solid Biblical ties connected to this historical name, and it also appears in a handful of passages in the Bible. A slightly tweaked version of the name Gregory is “Gregorious,” which is used extensively in Roman Catholic circles; you will find an ample number of saints and cathedrals which are named “Gregorious” or “Gregory.”

We bet you had no idea that a contemporary-sounding name like Gregory went so long back. Prepare to be amazed even more as we present to you our list of 50+ awesome nicknames for Gregory, each of which comes with a pro tip on where it can fit the best.


Popular Nicknames for Gregory

If you are one of those people who like to keep things straight when it comes to giving nicknames to your loved ones, don’t worry and pick a sweet and plain nickname from down below, which goes amazingly well for anyone named Gregory.

  1. Greg – The most apparent nickname, which is very common.
  2. Ger – Another short and sweet pet name for Gregory that is always high on popularity charts for nicknames.
  3. House – Honestly, this is the first name that comes to our mind when we hear the name “Gregory.”
  4. Family Guy – Here is a nickname that is a safe-play but also quirky for your buddy Gregory.
  5. Gregorios – A holy name after a well-known saint. You will find many schools and cathedrals going by this title.
  6. Go – An equally fun and concise name. You should totally “go” for this nickname 😊
  7. Grego – Just trimmed the name a bit, standard nicknaming procedure!
  8. Reggie – Here is another classic nickname that is short and simple.
  9. Griggs – If you want something simple but catchy, you can pick this name for Gregory.
  10. Gragos – For a Gregory, who is strong as Thanos. Use this name for a fan of Marvel Comics.
  11. Greger – This slightly tweaked version of the original name has a nice ring to it.


Cute Nicknames for Gregory

A special guy like Gregory deserves to be showered by love and admiration. If you want to show how much Gregory means to you, one of these cheesy nicknames can do the trick for you.

  1. McGregor- A name inspired from the Macdonald’s menu for a Gregory who is so cute that you want to eat him up.
  2. Jigglypuff- If you are looking for a pet name for a baby Gregory, this name after a Pokémon character should be your pick.
  3. Grey Bug- A loving nickname for a little boy, as small as a bug.
  4. Greggy- A name that sounds endearing for your dear Gregory.
  5. Gremlin- A mischievous creature which is inspired by the 1984 comedy movie “Gremlins.”
  6. Grammy- A flattering pet name for someone as exceptional as a Grammy award.
  7. Jaggery- If your Gregory is as sweet as Jaggery, then it’s the perfect way to call him.
  8. Gero- This name is for the hero of your life.
  9. Gucci- Is Gregory a fan of luxurious high-end brands? Well, here is a pet name made just for him.


Funny Nicknames for Gregory

If your Gregory is the king of sarcasm, just like Dr. Gregory House, then a sweet pet name won’t do. What you need is a nickname loaded with humor and irony, like these nicknames listed below.

  1. Ginger Ale – A perfect name for your buddy who drinks too much.
  2. Gorilla – Your friends will ROFL on hearing this hilarious take on the name Gregory.
  3. Drudgery – Another chuckle-worthy take on the name, which goes for someone who preaches too much.
  4. Greek Yogurt – Something for all the weight watchers.
  5. Guinea Pig – For someone in your group who everyone playfully bullies.
  6. Grumpy – No need to say anything, the name says it all!
  7. G Spot – This adult and double-meaning nickname can work well for Gregory, who is good with the ladies.
  8. Gassy – Call out your friend Gregory with digestive issues, who often farts publically with this hilarious pet name.
  9. Greedy – Well, things that are hard to say can be conveyed easily via a nickname.
  10. Grizzly Bear – This nickname is for a guy with a heavy build. Demeaning animal nicknames never lose their charm. Do they?
  11. Greasy – Here is how you can tease a Gregory with an oily scalp or an acne problem.
  12. Jerry – If you have a love-hate relationship with Gregory, then he is genuinely the Jerry to your Tom.
  13. Grig – This word means a cricket or a grasshopper, an icky nickname that comes from the world of insects.
  14. Ginger – Teasing nickname for an overweight Gregory, who is growing from odd places like ginger.


Unique Nicknames for Gregory

We always have something different for people who are keen to experiment with nicknames. Find some creative pet names down below that are anything but ordinary.

  1. Gregorian Calendar – Solar dating system used throughout the world, you can opt this never heard before nickname for a Gregory who remembers dates well.
  2. St Gregory – A name that is for a guy who is simple and naïve.
  3. Gerome – This name is inspired by a French painter, Jean-Léon Gérôme; a perfect pet name for your artsy guy, Gregory.
  4. Gregson – Want to be a cool dad who has a super fun nickname for his son Gregory? Here you go!
  5. Gaza – A name after a Palestinian territory, which is frequently in the news these days.
  6. Gregorio – Adding a bit of Italian flavor to the original name.
  7. Gory – Is Gregory fond of Horror films that chill your bones? Then this name will go well for them.
  8. Greyhound – Something special for all the dog lovers out there.
  9. Gruffy – An apt name for a guy who is often rude to people and always in a bad mood.
  10. Grubbly Plank – A Harry Potter character who substituted for Hagrid as Teacher for “Care of Magical Creatures.” Does it ring any bells for you?


Cool Nicknames for Gregory

A trendy nickname is a nickname that can get you real close with your new buddy Gregory. Here are some cool nicknames which are calling out a millennial guy, Gregory.

  1. GK – A witty name for a guy named Gregory, who is a bit of a “know it all.”
  2. Gregori – This name is like Gregory but comes with a different spelling.
  3. Gigi – Any Gigi Hadid fans out here? This one is for you!
  4. Greenery – Is Gregory a fan of nature and loves to spend time outdoors? This name is practically calling out to them.
  5. Greys – If you are looking for a pet name for a middle-aged Gregory who sports a salt and pepper look, then this cool nickname might be the one.
  6. Allegory – Nerdy guy Gregory, who is always behind a book, is the one for this name.
  7. Graveyard – A spooky name that you might not have thought of, which is tough to place well.
  8. Guzzler – Here is a worthy title for the champion of Bear Guzzling in your group.
  9. Gyoza – These Chinese dumplings are to die for, and so is this offbeat pet name.
  10. Jaguar – Curated name especially for a guy who is loaded or a fanatic of fancy wheels.



Although it might not seem so, we have reached the end of our 50+ awesome nicknames for Gregory. We hope you have found one or many nicknames that you loved and are going to use. It was great fun thinking of all these fun nicknames, and we would love to have you join in with us on this.

If you have a nickname in mind for the name Gregory, do send it in. We might include it here in our list.

Until then, keep nicknaming!

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