100+ Popular Nicknames for George (Cute, Funny and Unique)

Nicknames for George

The best way to profess your love for the person you love is to bestow that person with a name that will profess your affection. The nickname could be anything. As long as it will convey your feelings, then it is fine. If you are having some difficulty while coming up with a nickname for your loved one named George, then this article is for you. We will help you provide some cool ideas on how to come up with the best nicknames for George.

The nickname could be the carrier of an inner joke that you and friend or loved have, the nickname could also be the carrier of a feeling that the person invokes in you.

Mainly the nickname has to be the vehicle of your inner feeling connoting your appreciation. But it doesn’t mean that it cannot be funny. But before we start, we should have a go at the origin of the name George.

The origin of the name ‘George’

The name ‘George’ originated from the Greek ‘Geōrgios’. The name further deviated from Greek to English and Romanian names. The name of George got its recognition from the Christian martyr, Saint George.

So the name owes its popularity to the member of the Praetorian Guard who gave up his life to save his sense of faith in Christianity. The name could also be taken as a theophoric name, meaning that it contains the name of a god.

The god that the name George is associated with is Zeus. The name found its origin in Zeus Georgos, one of the early titles of Greek God Zeus. The name has deviated from the origin to many streams turning the name into one of the most common names in the world.


Cute nicknames for George

Here are some of the cute and unique nicknames that you can choose from.

  1. Georgie
  2. King George
  3. Jory
  4. Jojo
  5. Porge
  6. Georgie-pie
  7. Georgie-bun
  8. Georgie-hun
  9. Georgy-plum
  10. Jug
  11. Joji
  12. Georgesome
  13. Gigi
  14. Georgie-cup
  15. Georgie-love
  16. Georgie-san
  17. Georgie-candy

The names are very cute. Most of them have their origin rooted from sweets and candies. The sweetness of the candies makes the nicknames cuter.

Similarly, you can create your own cute nicknames. Take the name and add the word that describes the person the most. The name will be unique.


Funny nicknames for George

If the George you know is funny and is very sarcastic, if he is someone who likes to joke around a lot then giving him a nickname that is funny will suit more. Here are some of the nicknames for George that are funny.

  1. G-Man – a cool mysterious character in Half-Life series.
  2. G-Dawg – a perfect nickname for your best friend named George.
  3. Georgie-Poole – the name deviated from Deadpool.
  4. Geezy – a cool nickname for George who loves thug life.
  5. Doddie – Scottish nickname for George
  6. Georgie, the man – the name gives a bit of authority.
  7. George-lee – attacking you with jokes.
  8. Big G – a cool name for a big muscular George.
  9. Geor
  10. Georgetron – influenced by Megatron.
  11. Georgie Porgie
  12. Prince George
  13. Jeorjito – a famous Spanish name
  14. Lil G – a perfect name for George who loves to rap.
  15. Greg – suits best on a handsome George

You can also create your own funny nickname. All you have to do is think of a word related to an inner joke that you and your friend share and add that particular word after or before the name.

It will not only make the nickname funnier but it will create a sense of familiarity between you and your friends. Also, the recollection related to the joke will always linger in your memory whenever you call him by that nickname.


Cool nicknames for George

Here go some cool nicknames that you can give your friend.

  1. G-star
  2. Georgetown
  3. George, the man
  4. George the predator
  5. George the fox
  6. George, the tiger
  7. Georgeston
  8. Georgeon
  9. Georginger
  10. George the star
  11. George the sun
  12. Georgimion
  13. Georgian
  14. Georgianistic
  15. Georgieland
  16. Geormion


Good nicknames for George

If you want to give your colleague, student, or someone whom you respect a lot named George a good nickname, then choose any one of these.

  1. George dear
  2. George bear
  3. Georgy darling
  4. Lil Georgie
  5. Juju
  6. George-Kun
  7. Georgy-Kun
  8. Georgy senpai
  9. George senpai
  10. George kaka
  11. Georgy
  12. Gorjie
  13. Georgy
  14. Georgou
  15. Georgious
  16. Jourgee
  17. Jorgou
  18. Prince George
  19. Georgeee
  20. Georgous
  21. Gerious
  22. Georgio
  23. Georgian
  24. Gennie
  25. Gemmi
  26. Gemmi-san
  27. Gemmi-Kun
  28. Gemmi-mun
  29. Gemmi moon
  30. Gemmi bear


Common nicknames for George

There are some common nicknames for George that have been going around the world for ages. The name has deviated in many countries in their own form. Each form has become a common name in respective places.

  1. Georgeanna
  2. Georgeanne
  3. Georgene
  4. Georgia
  5. Georgiana
  6. Georgina
  7. Geordie
  8. Ayub
  9. Eyüp
  10. Georges
  11. Georgios
  12. Georgius
  13. Gheorghe
  14. Giorgio
  15. Göran
  16. Gaara


Names Related to George

There are many names that are related to George that can be used as a nickname for George. The names are used in many places around the world.

  1. György,
  2. Jerzy
  3. Job
  4. Jorge
  5. Joris
  6. Jörg
  7. Jörgen
  8. Jørgen
  9. Jørn
  10. Jüri
  11. Jurgis
  12. Jurģis
  13. Jürgen
  14. Jurij
  15. Juris
  16. Örjan
  17. Ørjan
  18. Sjors
  19. Yegor
  20. Yrjö
  21. Jyrki
  22. Yuri


Short forms of the name George

If you think calling the person George is too big of a task then you can use this shorter version of their name.

  1. Ge
  2. Gee
  3. Geo
  4. Jo
  5. Geor
  6. Org
  7. Jorge
  8. Orgieee
  9. Rogee
  10. Geori
  11. Gordy


Few famous people named George

You can definitely use the name of a famous person to call your friends. Choose the name of that person who shares the personality (at least almost) like your friend’s.

  • George Bernard Shaw
  • George Clooney
  • Prince George Alexander Louis
  • George Washington
  • George Walker Bush


Characters named George from famous TV shows or books

The key to choosing the right nickname based on a character from a book or a tv series lies on the characteristics both George shares. Make sure that the characteristics of your friend are the same as the character you are trying to impose on him.

  • George O’Malley – grey’s anatomy.
  • Curious George – a member of the famous five.
  • George Weasley – a character from Harry Potter.
  • George Milton – from ‘of mice and men’
  • George Bailey – from ‘it’s a wonderful life’
  • Georgie denbroughGeorgie denbrough is a famous character from the novel IT.
  • George Banks – from Mary Poppin.
  • George Knightley – Emma by Jane Austen.
  • George – from the book “The Dragon and the George
  • George Jetson – from the famous TV show “The Jetsons”
  • George McFly – a character from ‘Back to the future’
  • George of the Jungle – It is a 1997 American comedy film directed by Sam Weisman.


At last, we would like to add that you choose the name that speaks the most to you. The name that goes in accordance with the characteristics of the person should be chosen. We have provided you with more than 100 names that you can choose from.


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