50+ Adorable Nicknames For Gabriella

Nicknames For Gabriella

Nicknaming is a universal thing, something which everyone loves doing. Shortening a name or adding something to it which makes it special is an adorable human quality. However, at the same time, nicknaming can be tricky or puzzling at times.

You can plummet under the pressure of finding the perfect nickname for your special person.

If you find yourself in such a puzzle, leave your worries at the doorstep and walk into this article fully assured that you will find the right pet name for the person who is dear to your heart.

In this article, we bring to you a carefully curated list of adorable nicknames for the name Gabriella. But before diving in, let’s find out more about this beautiful name.

A name that has both, masculine and feminine versions— Gabriel and Gabriella, both equally glorious, both having a quality that makes you feel majestic, spiritual, and calm.

Gabriella is an unforgettable name, it holds weight and sounds like birds chirping on a bright and sunny summer day. Gabriella is someone who is kind, someone who will go out of her way to help other people, she is someone who genuinely cares about humanity and is the truest kind of friend.

Everyone loves to have Gabriella around because she adds value to people wherever she goes. No wonder you find yourself looking for nicknames for this kind and compassionate person, it has to be perfect, doesn’t it?

Well, it will be. First, let’s find out the meaning and origin of this lovely name.


Meaning and Origin of the Name Gabriella

The name Gabriella was derived from its masculine form ‘Gabriel.’ This name is derived from the Hebrew word ‘Gavri’el’ which means “God is my strength.” Etymologically, this word can be broken down to understand its meaning. ‘Gever’ in Hebrew means “strong” and ‘el’ is the utterance of God.

Originally in Hebrew, the name Gabriella has Italian, Spanish, and Hungarian descents. It is also very popular among Latinos and the Portuguese. The name Gabriella has different spellings in different parts of the world.

For example, ‘Gabriela’ is the Spanish spelling of the same name. ‘Gabrielle’ is the French version of the name and ‘Gabrielė’ is the Lithuanian form of Gabriella.

We can easily trace the universal popularity of the name Gabriella to the widely watched and adored movie series High School Musical. Starring the gorgeous Vanessa Hudgens who played the iconic protagonist Gabriella Montez, this movie changed the course of this name’s fame.

Next, we have Gabriella Cilmi, the dazzling Australian-Italian singer, who became a youth icon and a pop star. The brilliant and astounding Chilean poet and educationist, Gabriela Mistral was the first Latin American author to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature.

In the exciting world of sports, the Argentinian tennis player, Gabriela Sabatini was a leading tennis player in the 80s and the 90s. This beautiful name, as we can see, is attached to some beautiful and inspiring people.

So, after finding all these facts about this name, let’s get right into it and find 50+ adorable nicknames for Gabriella! Enjoy yourself and pick the one you think fits best.


Cute Nicknames for Gabriella

First, let us take a look at some cute and loveable nicknames for Gabriella. If you are looking for a pet name to make a bond more cheery, gleeful, and exciting, these are the ones you should take a good look at.

They are great for generating smiles and deepening all kinds of bonds. Check them out!

  1. Gabbie/Gaby — the most adorable and commonly used nickname for this name, it’s a total win in every scenario. You can also use a variety of other spellings like Gabie, Gabbi, Gabi.
  2. Bree/Brie — a diminutive that sounds extremely loving and warm!
  3. Brielle — this one suits every kind of personality and sounds simply serene.
  4. Ella — taken from the last four letters of the name, this nickname is sweet-sounding yet trendy. Ella is an auditory hair flip, would you agree?
  5. Briella — based on the second half of the name, this one resounds beauty and tranquility.
  6. Ellie — an even cuter version of Ella, Ellie fits perfectly for your adorable Gabriella!
  7. Elle — a shorter variant of Ella, this one reminds us of the iconic Elle Woods and we are here for it.
  8. Abby — this one sounds as warm and comforting as a toasty cuddle on a cold winter morning.
  9. Lala — a charming cuteness to this nickname, it sounds just right for a kind-hearted, cute little jewel.
  10. Riri — in creating resounding syllables for nicknames, we think this one is chic and cute as hell. Rihanna would agree.
  11. Bria — another version of Brie, this one flows off the tongue and sounds like a love song.


Funny Nicknames for Gabriella

Next, we have a list of funny nicknames to add a humorous touch to your relationship with Gabriella.

We all need some nicknames which we can use to make another person laugh, tease them, poke fun at them and this way, get even closer to them. Take a look!

  1. Gabble — for Gabriella who is super talkative.
  2. Brit — this one is perfect for a Gabbie who is British.
  3. Britney — this nickname is for that pop star with a dazzling personality, all we have to say is: hit her with this nickname, baby, one more time!
  4. Grillie — for a Gabriella that loves to cook, grill, barbecue, roast, you get it.
  5. Bro — this funny little nickname is for that pal who is like a sibling to you.
  6. Montez — inspired by Gabriella Montez from High School Musical, you just can’t go wrong with this one.
  7. Cheesy — a little pun on Brie (the soft cow’s-milk cheese), this one is for an over-romantic and cheesy Gabriella.
  8. Gab-Gab — another nickname for a voracious talker!
  9. Goodgirlriri — a twist on Rihanna’s Instagram name, this one is hilarious and perfect for the goody-two-shoes Gabriella.
  10. Braddie — for a Brad Pitt lover!
  11. Gagster — this one’s for Gabriella who is supremely funny and is always sending people into splits of laughter.
  12. Giffy — for Gabriella who loves gifs.


Creative Nicknames for Gabriella

Now, we have a list of thoughtful and beautiful nicknames. These are creative, made by stretching our imaginations and help in magnifying the closeness and intimacy of your relationship.

We hope you find these helpful, dive right in!

  1. Bella — a pleasing nickname for a lovely person. Stephenie Meyer would approve.
  2. Briana — a gorgeous name on its own and fits even better as a nickname for Gabriella!
  3. Gigi — who doesn’t want to be the namesake of the marveling Gigi Hadid?
  4. Gabo — a quirky nickname with a lovely echo.
  5. Ria — short, sweet, and innovative. Now that’s ideal.
  6. Riella — a beautifully innovative nickname for your very special person.
  7. Rielle — a shorter variant that works just as well.
  8. Gabrie — cutting the name short, this one is for a highly likable person.
  9. Belle — for a fairytale fanatic.


Cool Nicknames for Gabriella

What’s better for a new budding friendship than a cool nickname? How to get closer to your adolescent child who doesn’t think you are as cool as their new friends?

Yes, you’re right: you give them a cool little nickname! It’s a solution to many conundrums. Well, here you go, problem solved.

You are most welcome.

  1. Gabster — instantly cool.
  2. Gabe — popular and coolest!
  3. Gaber — sounds like the name of a thriving company, we love this one!
  4. GB — initials never go out of fashion and make for great nicknames.
  5. Gee — taken from the first letter, we bring you, a classic!
  6. Glee — for a happy and joyful Gabriella.
  7. Baddie — cool as hell, Nuff’ said.
  8. Grabby — for the one who’s always ready to grab lunch or a drink with you!
  9. Fab-Gab — for a fabulous and chill friend.


Unique Nicknames for Gabriella

Lastly, let’s take a look at some unique nicknames for Gabriella. Far from popular, these are different and special. These are ideal for showing your precious Gabriella that she is unlike anyone else in your life.

We’re certain she will enjoy having any one of these nicknames just as much as we did making them!

  1. Jelly — for your sweet and colorful friend.
  2. Gelen — this one is totally unique and oh-so-lovely.
  3. Lila — an unusual nickname for Gabriella, this one will make your person feel deeply special.
  4. Reel — for your movie buff Gabriella.
  5. Bee/B — atypical for this name but fits right in, don’t you think?
  6. Brainy — this one’s ideal for a super-intelligent Gabriella!
  7. Elaine — another highly unusual nickname for Gabriella that somehow fits perfectly and sounds astounding.
  8. Bells — for the sweet-sounding beauty in your life.
  9. Gabz — different and pleasant!
  10. Breeze —- a stunning nickname, this one is definitely a favorite. Gabriella is going to love it.



There you have it! A variety of different nicknames for the name Gabriella. Take your time, go through it as many times as you need to make your decision.

Some may fit instantly, some you may need to weigh and analyze. Just remember to enjoy the process.

Also, don’t forget to send us any suggestions you may have!

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