100+ Popular Nicknames for Gabriel

Nicknames for Gabriel

Hello there, are you searching for a nickname to attribute to someone named Gabriel? Your one-stop solution for nicknames from this article will help you out in this process. Making a nickname from a name that is already very short is a rather difficult work to do. Our list of 100+ popular nicknames for Gabriel will make this tough task easier for you.

Our 100+ names collection will aid you to choose some cute, short, funny, and popular nicknames for Gabriel, be he your husband, lover, baby boy, or any close friend.

Moreover, the detailed description of the names will help you pick the perfect one which you think will suit the person most.

First, let’s have a look at the origin of the name Gabriel.


Origin and Meaning of Gabriel:

Gabriel was derived from the Hebrew word ‘Gavriel’; “Gever” which means “Strong man” and “El,” which means “God”. Thus ‘Gabriel’ implies “God is my strong man” or “God is my strength”.

He was described as an archangel in the Abrahamic religion. He was God’s messenger. Gabriel first occurred in the Hebrew Bible and was adopted by other traditions later on. Gabriel was described as the guardian angel of Israel who defends the sect from the angels of other nations. Judaism explains Gabriel as the ‘man in linen’ in the Book of Daniel.

Fictional characters who bear the same name, Gabriel, include Gabriel Helsing from the movie Van Helsing and Gabriel Stokes from the TV show, The Walking Dead. Gabriel is also delineated as female and implied to be an angel of wisdom.

The name Gabriel does not only have a Hebrew mythological root but there are some very famous people who bear the same name. Gabriel II and Gabriel III were rulers of Constantinople.

Gabriel of Kakheti was the prince and bishop of Kakheti in Eastern Georgia. Famous actors named Gabriel include Gabriel Braga Nunes, Gaba Kalpana, and Gabriel Bryne.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez was a Nobel-prize-winning Colombian novelist of the late 20th and early 20th century. However, the name became famous for its connection to Hebrew mythology.

We have shortlisted over 100 nicknames for someone named Gabriel.


Cute Nicknames for Gabriel:

Nicknames should be short and easy to pronounce. As we know, shorter the name, cuter it sounds. Here are a few cute nicknames for Gabriel.

  1. Gibs
  2. Gabri
  3. El – ‘El’ means God.
  4. Brail
  5. Lell
  6. Gab
  7. Gabes
  8. Angel – since the name is originally derived from archangel Gabriel.
  9. Gil – taken from Angel.
  10. Gabe – it sort of fits with the biblical theme (Abraham).
  11. Brayel
  12. Biel
  13. Brial
  14. GB – pronounced as Jiby
  15. Gib
  16. Gibi
  17. Gavrilo – A Serbian variant of Gabriel.
  18. Giber – this name is rooted in “Gever” means ‘strong man’.
  19. Gale
  20. Brian – sounds close to Brial.
  21. Gabrian – Gabri + Ryan.
  22. Gabo
  23. Gavie
  24. Gabie – same as Gavie.
  25. Gabriol – the nickname of the famous Brazilian footballer, Gabriel Barbosa.
  26. Gabanti – the nickname of the Uruguayan-American musician, Gabriel Saporta.
  27. Gaba
  28. Gabriele/Gabrielle – related names.
  29. Gabriella – feminine name.
  30. Gavri – same as Gabri.
  31. Jibri – this nickname is taken from ‘Jibraeel’ which is a different way of pronouncing Gabriel in Bengali.
  32. Gavvie
  33. Broel
  34. Gabeys
  35. Vril – taken from Gavril.
  36. Gail – similar to Gale.
  37. Riello
  38. Garbio
  39. Garbia
  40. Gabos
  41. Gavrel – A Yiddish variant of Gabriel.
  42. Avie/Avvie


Funny Nicknames for Gabriel:

Looking for a few funny nicknames for your loved one? Refer to the below suggestions.

  1. Gabby Goon
  2. Gabbuccino – funny combination of Gabbie and cappuccino.
  3. Garbosa – A combination of Gabriel and Barbosa.
  4. Giver Gever – puns are never out of fashion!
  5. GabeAbe – Gabe+Abe.
  6. Gabe-Gap – puns.
  7. Gipsy Gibs
  8. Gabes – rhymes with babes.
  9. Gab – Gab
  10. Gaby/Gabby
  11. Gay_Abe – It’s kind of similar to Gabe and will be a good pun. It has a teasing potentiality. One should be careful with the use of such puns.
  12. Gibbie Biggie
  13. Gabear – Gabe + Bear.
  14. Gabor – Fully based on the Hungarian form of the name, Gábor.
  15. Hobo Gabo
  16. Gabey
  17. Gabriello
  18. Gaybo
  19. Garbo


Cool Nicknames for Gabriel:

Looking for 21st-century trendy nickname for Gabriel which is equally cool and classy? We handpicked 20 cool and classy nicknames. Do consider these –

  1. Ree
  2. El/Eli
  3. Abe
  4. Bree/Bri
  5. G
  6. Abey
  7. Riel
  8. Ril
  9. Gib
  10. Gil
  11. Gee
  12. Brill
  13. Gav
  14. GBL – by using initials
  15. Zibri
  16. Zil
  17. Gabr – Arabic variant of Gabor.
  18. Brillo – pronounced as ‘brai-lo’.
  19. Rilo – pronounced as ‘ree-lo’.
  20. Rielo – pronounced as ‘rae-lo’.
  21. Glee
  22. Gri
  23. Ariel
  24. Ill – the idea of this is taken from ‘El’ which means God.
  25. Gail – by omitting ‘bre’ from Gabriel.
  26. Gray


Spanish Nicknames for Gabriel:

Spanish names are generally long and difficult to pronounce. Hence, finding nicknames that have Spanish touch may sound a little hard a task. That’s why we are here to make the process effortless for you.

  1. Ele – masculine.
  2. Riela – feminine.
  3. Gabo – masculine nickname.
  4. Gaby or Gabi – masculine or feminine nickname.
  5. Gabre
  6. Rila – “Riela” with a Spanish touch.
  7. Gela

Among the above nicknames, Gaby/Gabi is the most used Spanish version of Gabriel.


Popular Nicknames for Gabriel:

Nicknames used by a celebrity or famous person will be the perfect option if you are looking for popular nicknames for Gabriel. Have a look at some popular nicknames used by some famous personalities. And also, do consider our collection of nicknames for Gabriel that we have selected from a few fictional characters.

  1. Fluffy – the nickname of Gabriel Jesús Iglesias, Mexican-American comedian and actor.
  2. Gabito – the nickname of Gabriel Garcia Márquez, Colombian Nobel Prize Laureate, and journalist.
  3. Gabriel Contino – the nickname of a Brazilian singer, Gabriel O Pensador.
  4. Gabriol – the nickname of the famous Brazilian footballer, Gabriel Barbosa.
  5. Gabanti – the nickname of an Uruguayan-American musician, Gabriel Saporta.
  6. Loki – Gabriel, a fictional character of TV series, Supernatural.
  7. Reaper – A character from a video game, Overwatch.
  8. Vulcan – also known as Gabriel Summers, a Marvel comics villain.
  9. Gabe Jones – again a fictional character from Marvel comics.
  10. GSL – the nickname of Gabriel Lewis, a character of the Television show, The Office.
  11. Swann – the nickname of an American actor, Gabriel Macht.
  12. Velocidad – the nickname of Gabriel Cohuelo, a marvel universe mutant.


We hope we were able to give you a handful of nicknames of different categories and from different languages. Did we miss better nicknames for someone who is Gabriel? Feel free to help us to update our list by commenting below and also upload your suggestions here.


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