50+ Adorable Nicknames For Evelyn

Nicknames For Evelyn

The name Evelyn might be an oldie, but it is indeed a goodie! In fact, according to the Social Security Administration data of 2018, it stands at number 10 among the most popular female names across the United States.

Choosing the right nickname for the special woman named Evelyn in your life can be quite tricky, considering there is a pool of ideas to baffle you. This is why today’s article is all about some of the most adorable nicknames for someone bearing this name. Additionally, each option comes with our friendly description so that you pick the best one out of the lost!

But before getting started, let us first explore the meaning of the name Evelyn, and where it hails from.


Meaning And Origin Of Evelyn

Formerly a brilliant masculine name, Evelyn is now a predominantly title for females that translates into “water,” “island,” or “desired,” and belongs to an English origin. This name is derived from Aveline, a French name for girls, which is further culled from an unidentified Germanic root.

Many decades back, Evelyn was brought into light in England by the Normans. After its inauguration as a male title, it stretched into the legions of surnames.

What’s interesting to know about this name is its increasing popularity, which has been at the peak since 2017, according to Google’s search data analysis. Despite the fact that it was withdrawn from use some years back, this feminine name has made a massive comeback and now outshines its former heights!

Some of the most famous personalities like the artist Evelyn de Morgan and actress Evelyn Keyes are its namesakes, and hugely responsible for the recent rise in the name Evelyn’s popularity. Other popular celebrities include the male writer Evelyn Waugh, and Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, who is a famous British financier.

Now that we are familiar with this name, let us explore over 50 adorable nicknames for Evelyn!


Popular Nicknames For Evelyn

If the girl named Evelyn in your life is a popular diva who makes heads turn, then it is best that you find her an equally popular nickname!

Listed below are some of the most sought-after endearments for your lady love, so look no further than this list:

  1. Eve – This is a popular nickname for Evelyn that is formed by the first three letters of the original name.
  2. Lyn – Another awesome option if you are a fan of short nicknames.
  3. Evie – Pick this nickname for a very generous and loving girl named Evelyn.
  4. Lin – Yet another short nickname that is derived by tweaking the last three letters of the name Evelyn.
  5. Lana – This nickname bears a Hawaiian origin and translates into “calm as still waters.”
  6. Eila – One of the most popular pet names for Evelyn, with an exotic ring to it!
  7. Ev – The most commonly-used moniker for a young girl with this name.
  8. Evvy – This is a Latin nickname that translates into “animal,” or “life.”
  9. Evvie – Another fabulous nickname for Evelyn meaning “life.”
  10. Vel – A stunning endearment that is formed by using the middle letters from the name Evelyn.
  11. Elyn – This is a beautiful girls’ nickname of Greek origin that translates into “sunrays.”
  12. Ellen – This is an Ellen DeGeneres-inspired nickname for a woman who makes you laugh like no other!
  13. Nyl – A gorgeous Turkish endearment for Evelyn that translates into “wonder.” It is formed by reversing the last three letters in the original name.


Cute Nicknames For Evelyn

A sweet nickname does a great job at making someone smile from ear to ear! It lightens the air and is certainly a great way of telling the special lady in your life how much she means to you.

So, if you are all set for some cuteness, then scroll through some of the most adorable nicknames for someone named Evelyn:

  1. Eveah – We love this nickname for its elegance and feminine tonality.
  2. Evel – This super sweet nickname for Evelyn is pronounced as “Aevel.”
  3. Ella – We love this one for the princessy vibe to it!
  4. Enchilada – A delightful, food-inspired nickname for a woman who is a big-time foodie!
  5. Elsie – A cute and funny nickname for a woman who never stops talking.
  6. Lily – Seems like a stretch, but it is one of the most beautiful nicknames for Evelyn.
  7. Vinnie – A playful and lighthearted nickname for someone bearing this name.
  8. Evy – A short and cute nickname for a young girl named Evelyn.
  9. Ivy – This is a Latin nickname for Evelyn that translates into “vine.”
  10. Lynnie – A classic derivative of the name Evelyn that suits both, little ones and older women alike!
  11. Evie Jr. – We would use this nickname for a notorious toddler!
  12. Elly – This nickname screams a peppy and cheerful vibe!
  13. Eva – Pick this majestic nickname for a woman named Evelyn who is full of life.
  14. Livvie – Use this lively nickname for someone who is the life of any party.
  15. Emerald – A precious stone-inspired nickname for the most precious woman in your life.
  16. Everything – Use an Evelyn-like pet name for a woman who means everything to you!
  17. Evelina – This is a lovely nickname for Evelyn which is also a derivative of this name.


Funny Nicknames For Evelyn

Is your loved one blessed with a great sense of humor? Or, do you love getting at one another with truckloads of jokes and puns? If either of the two is true, then you must choose a funny nickname that pulls her out of the blues!

So, check out some of the most whimsical pet names for someone named Evelyn, which we are sure you will love:

  1. Evilyn – A punny nickname to use for an Evelyn with devilish instincts!
  2. Effie – Pick this nickname for a girl named Evelyn who is fun to hang around with.
  3. Eggy – Use this food-inspired nickname for a woman who has an egg-like face.
  4. Eggplant – Apparently, food names always appear somewhat funny to us!
  5. Evi Pooh – This moniker is culled from Winnie Pooh’s name. Use it for a chubby-looking girl named Evelyn.
  6. EWine – Pick this punny pet name for someone who is always up for a glass of wine!
  7. Tesla – Choose this EV (Electric Vehicle) inspired nickname for someone who is an automobile fanatic!
  8. Evethin – A nickname that rhymes with Everlyn, and ideal for a skinny-looking girl.
  9. EveWin – A funny and inspirational nickname for an eternal champion named Evelyn.


Unique Nicknames For Evelyn

Unique nicknames are synonymous with parking spots because the best ones are always taken! However, now you can put all your worries to rest because below, we have handpicked some of the most extraordinary monikers that match the unique personality of your beloved. Take a look:

  1. Vel – This nickname is ideal for a compassionate woman named Evelyn.
  2. Evey – Quite an unheard-of nickname that ardently admire for a special lady.
  3. Evelien – A pet name for Evelyn that is formulated with just the right amount of sass and ingenuity!
  4. Evelina – Because there is an unexplored Italian side to every girl!
  5. Evelyne – This nickname seems like it would be an excellent fit for an intelligent woman bearing the name Evelyn.
  6. Velyn – Just ditch the E and you are good to go!
  7. Ewaline – A nickname for a mature lady that belongs to an English origin.
  8. Evalyn – A bewitching endearment for a graceful lady.


Cool Nicknames For Evelyn

Trying to come up with a cool pet name for Evelyn but cannot seem to get your thinking caps on? Worry not, because we have got you covered with some of the trendiest nicknames for someone named Evelyn!

  1. E – A savvy nickname that’s cool enough to make a powerful statement.
  2. Evv – A magnificent nickname of Welsh origin that translates into “God is gracious,” “youth,” or “born of yew.”
  3. Erv – A Gaelic pet name meaning “verdant hill,” or “high cliff.”
  4. Evie – Use this nickname for a woman named Evelyn who enchants everyone with her magic!
  5. EvQueen – For a woman who deserves to be treated like royalty!
  6. Nyleve – This nickname is curated by reversing all the letters of the original name Evelyn.
  7. Irwin – An Old English title that is a combination of words for “friend,” and “boar.”
  8. Nyle – A pet name of Celtic origin that translates into “passionate,” or “champion,” and drawn by reversing the last four letters of the name Evelyn.
  9. Evs – Just one word for this ultra-cool nickname right here—supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
  10. Ewin – This is a nickname of Greek origin that translates into “Born from the yew tree.”


Conclusion: Nicknames For Evelyn

So, this was all about over 50 adorable nicknames for a woman named Evelyn. The closer you are to your loved one, the better the endearment you must look for them. But, successfully finding an exceptional nickname is as infrequent as spotting a four-leaved clover on the ground, until you are armed with the right set of options!

We hope that our article has helped you find the one that fits your dearest like a glove or at least fuelled you to come up with one of your own. If you have another awesome nickname in mind, then be a dear and make sure to share it with us!

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