90+ Cute and Funny Nicknames for Emma

80 Cute and Funny Nicknames for Emma

Are you looking for some cool, beautiful, and unique nicknames for Emma? If yes, you’ve come to the right place as we have shortlisted 80 most popular nicknames for Emma. Before we jump on to the list let’s first know more about this beautiful name.

The name Emma is highly popular at this point in time. If you are named Emma or know someone who has that name then consider yourself lucky because the name represents “whole” and “completed”.

People with this beautiful name tend to be intelligent, optimistic, and energetic so hold on to them tight because Emmas are truly amazing.

But from where does the name Emma originally come from? Emma was initially short for Germanic names that began with “Ermen” meaning “whole” and “completed“. It has origins in Old France and Old Germany.

The name Emma was first introduced in England by Emma Normandy who was born in c.984. Emma was the daughter of Richard I. the Duke of Normandy. Emma Normandy became the Queen of England. Denmark, and Norway.

The name Emma gained popularity after that most remarkable and beautiful poem named “Henry and Emma” written by Mathew Prior was published in 1709. The very well-known and respected author Jane Austin also gave life to one of her characters with the name Emma Woodhouse in her extraordinary novel “Emma“.

Emma has become extremely popular in countries such as England. the United States. Australia. Canada. France. Germany. Spain. and many others.

Emma is also used as a shortened version for names like Emily. Emmaline. Emilia. and Emmalyn.

Emmas are special. and when we have someone special in our life. we need to pamper them and let them know how special they truly are. and what better than cute nicknames to make them feel even more special?

If you are unsure about which nickname to choose for an Emma in your life, then don’t worry because we prepared a full list of 80 cute nicknames including their meanings making it easier for you to choose the right one!

Cute Nicknames for Emma

  1. Emma Bear – Super friendly and cuddly.
  2. Emalicious – Cute and Delicious.
  3. Emmybug – Cute and sweet. The bug actually has a cute meaning as a nickname.
  4. Emberley – For Emma’s with beautiful Amber eyes.
  5. Momma – If Emma in your life acts as a sweet mommy.
  6. Em-Gem – Cute and precious.
  7. Emacakes – Adorable and Yummy.
  8. Emmabelle – Cute and beautiful because the meaning of belle is beautiful.
  9. Emma Shmemma – Cute and playful.
  10. Emulette – If your Emma brings you good luck.

Cool Nicknames for Emma

  1. Emy Emu – Silly yet very adorable.
  2. Ema-Rald – A blend between Emma and Esmeralda (a gemstone).
  3. Emmaliya – Merge between Emma and Aliya which means “heavenly.”
  4. Emy-Love – For a cute Emma that you love.
  5. Em – Short but really cute.
  6. Ima – An interesting twist for Emma.
  7. Emy – Adorably simple.
  8. Mae – Pronounced as the month May if your Emma was born in that month.
  9. Ema – A pet name that resembles the name the most.
  10. Emie – This nickname has a meaning in German and it means “whole.”
  11. Zzzemma
  12. Gamma
  13. Immy


Funny Nicknames for Emma

  1. Amma – Emma with a cool twist.
  2. Irma – Another German nickname that means “universal.”
  3. Emme – This nickname resembles strength for strong Emmas.
  4. Emer – This is a tomboy nickname with an Irish origin.
  5. Emmy – An ever cuter way to call your Emma.
  6. Em-Em – If your Emma is a sweetheart then this nickname is perfect.
  7. Emsy – For very cool and fashionable Emmas.
  8. Emms – Very casual and cute.
  9. Emmi – A feminine meaning of “whole”, perfect for girly Emmas.
  10. Mema – For the cutest of all Emmas.
  11. Emmafy
  12. Mister-Emma
  13. Emmagame
  14. Emmaman

Creative Nicknames for Emma

  1. Mma – This nickname has African-rooted origins and is so sweet and cute.
  2. Emmaphrodite – For a gorgeous Emma, this nickname is a blend of the name Emma and Aphrodite (Godness of beauty).
  3. Emmie Stinckie – A funny yet annoying way to call your Emma (even for the ones who shower most days).
  4. Ahh-mma – This is perfect for a very loud Emma.
  5. Emma-Dilemma – For the Emmas who have a hard time in making decisions.
  6. Emmy Lamey – For the silliest Emmas.
  7. Ema-Emo – For the Emmas who like the Emo style.
  8. Em&M – For a tough Emma yet sweet just like an M8M’s.
  9. Emoji-Emma – If your Emma has multiple cute faces (mostly cute).
  10. Emmax – For an extra maximum cool Emmas.
  11. EmmaCunniff
  12. Emmagram
  13. EmmaPet


Unique Nicknames for Emma

  1. Emayonnaise – Soh hearted like a mayonnaise type of Emmas.
  2. Emushka – Emma mixed with babushka (butterfly in Russian), for the freely beautiful Emmas.
  3. Emmany – When you can’t have enough of your Emma.
  4. E-meal-a – For the Emmas who love food.
  5. Emmys – For a superstar Emma that loves the Emmys.
  6. Emmorrhoids – An unpleasant blend of Emma with Hemorrhoids (a very unpleasant medical condition) for the mean and unpleasant Emmas (you might use this nickname at your own risk).
  7. Emmah – This is a cute option for a usemame or a nickname online.
  8. Enigmma – For the mysterious Emmas.
  9. Emita – A cute nickname with a Spanish twist.
  10. Emmette or Emmet – An old nickname that derived from Old French and German origins of an alternate of the name Emma.
  11. Emanem – For the Emmas who like Eminem songs and/or style.
  12. Emmers – This nickname has German origins.
  13. Emmagency – For the steamy Emmas that are too hot to handle.
  14. Emmeline – For a very posh Emma. this nickname origins ladies from France.
  15. Emmariah – A blend of Emma and Mariah. that means “The Lord is my teacher“, for the very wise Emmas.
  16. Emmagination – For the creatives and full of imagination types of Emmas. a merge from Emma and Imagination.
  17. Em-press – For a very Royal and Impressive Emma.
  18. Emmie – An unisex option with a “whole meaning.
  19. Emmelyn – Another German nickname origin that also means “whole.
  20. Emmina – For very honorable and respected Emmas. this nickname has Arabic/Turkish origins.
  21. Miss Emmazing – If your Emma is really amazing. then this the perfect nickname.
  22. Ermintrude – A beautiful nickname with a very special meaning, which is “whole strength” or “wholly beloved”
  23. Emmallion – For a tough and super strong Emma with a free spirit as a stallion (horse).
  24. Emma-Lee – A blend of German and Latin nicknames that mean “whole” or “universal” for a very down to earth Emma.
  25. Emmaleigh – A more feminine variation of the nickname Emma-Lee.
  26. Emmersun – For the Emma that is the sun in your life.
  27. Emerence – This nickname has French origins and means “Worthy of Merit” for an exceptional Emma.
  28. Lady Emergetic – For a full of strength and energy Emma.
  29. Enama – A very original and cool way to call your Emma.

Ready for the super cute ones??

  1. Em Fuzzy Bear – For an Emma that is fuzzy and sweet as a teddy bear.
  2. Emma- Boo – For a sweet friend that you love dearly.
  3. Em Care-Bear – For the sweet Emmas that love all their friends.
  4. Jelly-Ems – If your Emma is jealous.
  5. Em-J – For the Emmas that have Jane as the second name.
  6. Emmy-lou – A very sweet and quirky nickname.
  7. Emalinda – For a beautiful Emma. a blend with Emma and beautiful “Linde” in Portuguese.
  8. SugarEms – For the extra sweet Emmas.
  9. Wemmy – For cute baby Emmas.
  10. Emma-Wemma – A longer version of Wemmy.
  11. Mems – Super simple. yet cute.
  12. Emu – Naming her after a famous Emu the Australian bird.


These are the cute, funny, unique, and creative nicknames for Emma. I hope this is helpful to you in finding a perfect nickname for your dear Emma. Please let me know which one you think is best.


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