50+ Creative Nicknames For Eleanor

Nicknames For Eleanor

The name Eleanor is graceful and fresh at the same time. It paints a picture in your mind of a lady who is a treat for the eyes yet strong-willed in character. The name has a vintage vibe to it but also sounds charming for a baby girl in modern times.

If you are thinking of naming your daughter Eleanor, or know someone by this name and wondering what could be a fun nickname for Eleanor? Think, no more!

We have collated a comprehensive list of 50+ creative nickname ideas for Eleanor, and we are sure you will find your perfect nickname here. You also get a bonus short tip for every name which will tell you more about it. But before we get on to our creative nicknames, allow us to enlighten you a bit about how this beautiful name came about and what it means.


Meaning and Origin of the Name

Eleanor is a Hebrew origin name that can be derived from the semantic elements of “el” which means god and “or” which means light or candle. So, the name Eleanor can be roughly translated to “God is my light” or “God is my Candle”. We know you are as amazed as us at how this name is so serene and philosophical!

It is also believed that Eleanor, is the English version of the French name “Alienor” which means someone who is bright and shines. In general, this name is symbolic of love, light, and all things bright.

So now that you know the beautiful meaning of this enchanting name, let’s get right on to some amazing nicknames that can be given to a girl or a lady named Eleanor.


Popular Nicknames for Eleanor

There can be many possible nicknames for Eleanor, we have handpicked some popular choices for you to choose from. Each of these nicknames is short, classy, and perfect for the Eleanor you happen to know.

  1. Ellie – A fun name that is perhaps the most common nickname for Eleanor.
  2. Lyanna – This name comes with a Victorian vibe and is fit for your princess Eleanor. It also gets bonus points from GOT fans.
  3. Lana – A short and stylish name, taken after the legendary singer Lana Del Ray.
  4. Ariele – Hebrew word for “lion of God”, this name is quite trendy and unique.
  5. Ella – Hebrew for “goddess”, this one is our all-time favorite nickname.
  6. Lizzy – A cute and quirky name that is very popular for women of all ages.
  7. Elena – This name is suave, stylish, and a class apart.
  8. Nora – A name that is short, sweet, and simple all in one.
  9. Alice – A name for your little niece or daughter named Eleanor, who is lost is her wonderland.
  10. Lenny -This one is for all our Lenny Bruce fans out there.
  11. Lia – If you are a fan of short nicknames, this one should be your pick.
  12. Nelly – A classic nickname that is unbeatable for Eleanor.


Cute Nicknames for Eleanor

These names are as cute as a button and will melt your heart in a moment. All aboard the cute names express!

  1. Loon Moon – Rhyming words make for comforting nicknames.
  2. Noddy – An ode to every child’s favorite cartoon Noddy.
  3. ILU – Short for “I love you”, this name is for that special someone in your life.
  4. Centaur – No Nickname list is ever complete without a Harry Potter-related name. If Eleanor a magical being in your life, this name is apt for her.
  5. Ello Mello – We are not getting over the rhyming name syndrome anytime around soon.
  6. Oreo – If they have a sweet tooth, here is a biscuity name for them which they will adore.
  7. Elsa – A Disney princess name for a tiny little Eleanor, who is obsessed with the movie Frozen.
  8. Rainbow – A colorful name for a girl with a colorful personality, who brightens a cloudy day.
  9. Elia – This beautiful name is Hebrew for “God has answered”, give this name to your baby Eleanor who is the answer to all your prayers.
  10. Nia – A Pretty little name, worthy for a diva-like girl.
  11. Niῇa – The Spanish word for baby, suitable for an infant Eleanor or perhaps your little niece.
  12. Nutella – Everybody loves Nutella and that’s why we are loving this name.
  13. Lioness – For someone as fierce as a lioness.


Funny Nicknames for Eleanor

A funny nickname goes on to show the magnitude of affection you hold for your dear friend. These witty nicknames for Eleanor come with an inside joke which will make you laugh.

  1. Loner – Goes well for Eleanor who is an introvert and enjoys her own company more than anyone else’s!
  2. Aloe – If Eleanor is very particular about her skincare routine, this cute quick-witted name is for her.
  3. Limo – For your friend Eleanor, who has the big bucks.
  4. Rhino – A wild animal name for a girl who has a personality just as wild.
  5. Alien – If they are out of this world, so should be their pet name.
  6. Oily – A mildly offensive nickname for someone with oily skin.
  7. Loan – If Eleanor is always looking for things to borrow from you, this hilarious name is for them.
  8. Eel – Weird slimy creatures make for quite unsettling nicknames which are chucklesome.
  9. Lean – Your gym crazy friend Eleanor, who is always in shape can full off this name.
  10. Elephant – An offensive name for a chubby Eleanor.
  11. Urinal – Use this name at your own risk, but you will have to agree that it’s hilarious.
  12. E Bay – If Eleanor is a shopaholic, who shops all day long then this is a perfect pet name to give them.


Unusual Nicknames for Eleanor

If you want a name for Eleanor that is unheard of and is refreshingly unique, then we have some suggestions for you as well. We are champions of silly nicknames!

  1. Role Model – Totally flattering name for someone who inspires you.
  2. Rio – Movie nicknames are just the best, aren’t they?
  3. Linear – This offbeat name is for a girl who is as straight as a line.
  4. Mayor – When she is the mayor of the town that is your heart, she can be addressed by this.
  5. Eileen – Scottish name which translates to “bright and shining one”, a graceful name through and through with the same meaning as Eleanor.
  6. Elianna – The above name was tweaked a bit and we landed up at a whole new name that is just as unique.
  7. Gilmore Girl – This name is taken after a superhit TV series of new-age mother-daughter relationships. There is nothing like too many Pop reference names. Right?
  8. Ecuador – Give this distinctive name of a South American country to your travel buddy Eleanor.
  9. Noor – An Indian origin name, which translates to “divine light”, a pleasing choice no doubt.
  10. Lunar – An offbeat name that roughly translates to “resembling the moon”.


Cool Nicknames for Eleanor

If you are bored with the boing classic pet names and are on the lookout for trendy nicknames for Eleanor, then the names below will catch your eye. The names below are unusual, but they go perfectly for someone named Eleanor.

  1. Laurie – Hugh Laurie fans will swoon over this name.
  2. Elaine – This name is taken after the main character of the highly acclaimed comedy series Seinfeld.
  3. Earl Grey – If Eleanor loves a hot cup of steaming Earl Grey in the mornings, she will love this name as well.
  4. Nelo – This short and cute name is quite unheard of but sounds catchy.
  5. Lira – Monetary unit of Italy, a unique nickname to give someone who is obsessed with money.
  6. Eleanora – This nickname which is actually longer than the original one is made by adding an “A” to the name Eleanor, sounds good though.
  7. Dior – Nothing is cooler than a luxury brand name as a pet name for a girl.
  8. Mordor – These mythical creatures from J. R. R. Tolkien’s fictional world of “The Lord of the Rings”, make for a fun nickname.
  9. Nuria – It is an extremely popular name all over Europe with connotations to the Virgin Mary.
  10. Lorraine – A charming Biblical name with a rich heritage behind it and multiple meanings.



We hope you liked our list of 50+ creative nicknames for Eleanor, we have tried to include every possible name, but we are sure you have some nickname suggestions for us as well. Please do send in your creative nicknames, we will try to include them in our list as well.

Have fun Nicknaming!

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