100+ Awesome Nicknames for Dylan

Nicknames for Dylan

When you think of the name Dylan, your mind automatically thinks about a person who is cool, handsome, and charming. The reason for this can be attributed to the numerous attractive celebrities that are named Dylan.

Dylan Sprouse, Dylan Minnette, and Dylan O’Brien, all of these men not only have the same first name but one other thing that they have in common is that they are world-renowned heartthrobs. Not to forget that all these celebrities are super talented and one of the greatest musicians in English music is named Bob Dylan.

Therefore, since the name Dylan has such a reputation behind it, there is an added pressure when nicknaming a person called Dylan. It is a no-brainer that you have got to think of a fitting nickname for such a cool name as Dylan.

Nicknames are a great way to show someone your affection for them without saying it out loud and getting all cheesy. When you nickname someone, they automatically feel like you have given them great honor and your relationship with them gets even stronger.

Are you trying to think of a cool nickname for a Dylan in your life but can’t think of anything?

You need not worry because you are in the right place because here you will find more than 100 nicknames for the name Dylan.

But before we get into that, let’s first analyze the meaning of the name Dylan.


What is the meaning of Dylan?

You will be surprised to know that the name ‘Dylan’ actually originated in a beautiful, coastal country in the United Kingdom, Wales.

It seems that the meaning of the name Dylan is as heroic and charming as the name itself. In the beautiful language of Celtic Welsh, Dylan means “son of the sea”, “son of the ocean”, or “born from the ocean”.

It was Dylan Thomas, the poet who made the popularity of the name soar so high in the modern era. Now, the name has become immensely well-liked in the USA, which is why we have curated a list of nicknames exclusively for the name Dylan.


Cute Nicknames for Dylan

Do you have a Dylan in your life who is very near and dear to your heart and you need a nickname that aptly shows your affection towards them? Look no further, because we have a list here of endearing nicknames that will fit perfectly for the Dylan who you adore:

  1. Dilly Billy – An adorable nickname that perfectly encapsulates your adoration
  2. Dilly Bear – For a Dylan who is as cute as a teddy bear
  3. Dy Dy – A shortened version of the original name that will suit a person of any age
  4. Dilly Dally – Perfect for those who are a little slow at everything they do
  5. Dil Pickels – A cute nickname that is inspired by the cartoon character of the same name in Rugrats and All Grown Up
  6. Dilly – A sweet and feminine nickname for all the girls out there named Dylan
  7. Dinny – Use it for a silly but cute Dylan
  8. Dyla – Shortened version of the original name that will be perfect for girls
  9. Mini-D – For all those short and sweet Dylans out there
  10. Lil Dill – Perfect to use if your Dylan is a rapper, much like Lil Wayne
  11. Dulu – Meaning ‘loveable one’, it will be perfect for someone who is loved by all
  12. Dolly – For a Dylan who is as pretty as a doll
  13. Dully – A name that perfectly describes a dull and brooding Dylan
  14. Danny – Derived from Hebrew which means ‘God is my judge’
  15. Dicky – Reminds of Tom, Dick, and Harry and refers to a person who is strong and brave


Funny Nicknames for Dylan

Sometimes all you need is a funny nickname to forge a deep bond with someone. Moreover, let’s not forget that a funny nickname will definitely produce a cackle out of you whenever you use it.

So, there is no reason why you should not go for an amusing nickname. Below are listed some of the best nicknames for Dylan that are filled with humor and fun:

  1. Dyllz – Rhyming with ‘Bills’; perfect to use for a rich Dylan
  2. Dyldo – A vulgar and hilarious nickname that will leave everyone rolling on the floor with laughter
  3. Big D – Another salacious nickname that will never be not funny
  4. Dylan The Villain – Use it to jokingly remark at the villainous tendencies of your Dylan
  5. Dillionaire – Perfect for a Dylan who is loaded with money
  6. Dexter – Referring to the show called ‘Dexter’ and is perfect for the fans of the show or for someone who could have been a serial killer in another life
  7. McDully – Ideal nickname to use if your Dylan can’t get enough of McDonald’s
  8. Danger – Use it jokingly for someone who brings danger with them wherever they go
  9. Lan lan kun – An amusing nickname for a Dylan who enjoys Chinese or Japanese movies
  10. Lan Lan – A derivation of the name Dylan that sounds really funny when uttered
  11. Dillywilly – Suggestive nicknames like this are perfect to use among close friends
  12. Lildillywilly – Another suggestive nickname that will make everyone around you break into a fit of laughter
  13. Dylancito – Combination of the name Dylan with the famous song title ‘Despacito’
  14. King D – Use it for someone who acts and behaves like a king all the time
  15. Dylon – Replacing the ‘a’ in Dylan with ‘o’ to create a nickname that hilariously rhymes with ‘nylon’; perfect to use for someone with as flexible a personality as a piece of nylon
  16. Meme lord – This can be used to jokingly refer to someone who is the master of creating amazing memes
  17. Dillo – A nickname derived from east Africa that refers to someone who is a slut or prostitute
  18. Dylano – Inspired by the famous magician, Dynamo
  19. Dylaf – A nickname that will be ideal to use for someone who reminds you of ‘Olaf’ from Frozen
  20. Dylahn – An exaggerated and comical pronunciation of the original name Dylan
  21. Dylania – Humorously changing the original name to make its sound feminine
  22. Killer Dylan – Suitable to use for a Dylan who has got ‘killer’ looks


Short Nicknames for Dylan

Sometimes it is better to go on the traditional route for choosing nicknames, which is, using shortened versions of the original name. If you are also looking for nicknames for your Dylan that has only one or two syllables, then we have got you covered.

You can discover some of the most promising short nicknames for Dylan mentioned below:

  1. D – A single-letter nickname to keep it short and sweet
  2. Dee – A short cute, and monosyllabic nickname for Dylan
  3. Dil/Dyl – Derivative of Dylan that means ‘heart’ in the Hindi language
  4. Didi – Millennial term meaning ‘bad bitch’
  5. Dils – A shortened nickname for Dylan that sounds hip and cool
  6. Dylie – Perfect nickname for Mylie Cyrus fans
  7. Deel – Originated from Mongolia, referring to a traditional clothing item
  8. Dan – Referring to a Biblical character who was the fifth son of Jacob with Bilhah
  9. Don – Can be used for someone who is a big fan of shows like Narcos and tries to impersonate criminal gang leaders
  10. Dylo – It means a ‘gift from god’; perfect for a Dylan who is like an ‘angel on earth’
  11. Dale – Slang refers to someone who is a loving, loyal, and kind human being
  12. Ian – Colloquially referring to someone who tends to annoy others and then make them laugh
  13. Dawn – A beautiful nickname for a Dylan who is as beautiful as the first light


Popular Nicknames for Dylan

Popular nicknames are, no doubt, the best nicknames and their popularity speaks for their awesomeness. Here are some nicknames for Dylan that are fashionable and well-liked worldwide.

  1. D-boy – Refers to ‘dope boy’
  2. Dillon – Originated from Irish, meaning “loyal like a lion”
  3. Donny – Derived from the Gaelic ‘Domhall’, which means ‘world mighty’.
  4. D lan – A cooler version of Dylan, popularly used by friends
  5. Daredevil – Inspired by the Marvel comics’ superhero of the same name
  6. Diego – The name is a Spanish variant of the Hebrew name ‘Jacob’ or ‘James’; a perfect nickname for fans of Diego Maradona
  7. Dean – An ideal nickname for fans of Supernatural’s lead character, Dean Winchester
  8. Declan – An anglicized version of the Irish saint name, ‘Declán’
  9. Dane – Use it for someone who owns a Great Dane
  10. Dylan O’ Brien – Ideal nickname for the fans of the show ‘Teen Wolf’
  11. Dyne – Dyne refers to a unit of force and is a perfect nickname for the physics nerds
  12. Dylaanz – A hipster version of the original name that speaks swag in itself
  13. Dalin – Derivation of a Swedish surname, referring to a valley
  14. Daryl – A name that means “open”
  15. Dylan McKay – A name made famous by the popular character on Beverley Hills 90210 played by Luke Perry
  16. Bob Dylan – Name of the illustrious singer-songwriter who has won the Nobel Prize
  17. Sprouse – Ideally suited for people who used to watch Disney Channel’s ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’ growing up
  18. Dilster – Use it for a Dylan who is trusted by everyone as the name implies being trustworthy


Weird Nicknames for Dylan

  1. Dizzer – Suited for someone who is always feeling dizzy
  2. Dizzy – Refers to someone being foolish or silly
  3. DoubleDip Dylan – A nickname referring to a Dylan who tends to “double dip” which means taking double of one’s fair share
  4. Pizza DYLivery – A quirky nickname for a Dylan who is always keen to order pizza
  5. SkyDylan – Inspired by the name of an American director, Sky Dylan-Robbins
  6. Dark Dyl – A nickname for a dark and brooding person
  7. Dylan Ail-Don – Derived from the name of the Welsh Celtic mythological figure
  8. Dylonium Nitrate – Befitting nickname for a Dylan who loves chemistry
  9. Dylamex – A unique nickname inspired by the shipping company, Dynamex
  10. Milan – Inspired by the Italian fashion capital, Milan
  11. Dykota – Appropriate nickname for a Dylan who is from Dakota state in the US
  12. Deezer – Bizarre nickname that reminds one of the freezers
  13. Dilby – A term that is used to replace a noun in a phrase or sentence to make it sound dirtier
  14. Dylan Sprayberry – Inspired by an American actor of the same name
  15. Dylan Dog – Refers to a comic series
  16. Dylan Mayfair – A character in Desperate Housewives, portrayed by Lyndsey Fonseca


Rhyming Nicknames for Dylan

  1. Pickles – Use it for someone who can’t get enough of pickles
  2. Devon – An Irish name, meaning “defender”
  3. Dickle – A suggestive nickname for something dirty
  4. Mylan – Another pronunciation of the Italian city, Milan
  5. Nylon – The name of a clothing material that can be used as a comical nickname
  6. Chillan – For a Dylan who is always chillin’
  7. He-man – A perfect name for the superhero Dylan in your life
  8. Billion – Can be used for a billionaire Dylan
  9. Filler – Use it for someone who is always making small-talk, acting as a filler in conversations
  10. Gillian – A name that means ‘youthful’
  11. Killian – An anglicized version of the Irish name ‘Cillian’
  12. Killer – Ideal nickname for a Dylan who has ‘killer’ instincts
  13. Dixon – Inspired from the character of Daryl Dixon on ‘The Walking Dead’
  14. Skylan – Means scholer and can be used for guys and girls both
  15. Nixon – Perfect nickname for a Dylan who is too political
  16. Mikkel – German name of Michael
  17. Fickle – Appropriate for people who keep changing their loyalties
  18. Sicken – A mean nickname that describes someone who makes people feel disgusted
  19. Dickens – Use it for a Dylan who is a talented writer


Conclusion: Nicknames for Dylan

There you have it – a lot of cute, funny, and unique nicknames for Dylan. Now that you have so many awesome nicknames for Dylan, you can finalize the most suitable nickname for your dear Dylan.

Good Luck!

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