100+ Nicknames for Dorothy (Cute, Funny and Unique)

Nicknames for Dorothy

Hey, are you hovering over the internet in search of nicknames for Dorothy and still didn’t manage to choose any? Relax a bit and go through this article till the end.

This article will help you to choose nicknames of different categories, variations, and different languages for your dear Dorothy.

Dorothy was a less-used variant of Greek Dorothea and was adopted by English speakers in around the 16th century. The name became a popular name for girls in America during 1904 and 1940. In 1961, the name ranked among the top 100 most popular names of that time.

We have shortlisted at least 100 nicknames to help you to choose some cute, funny, cool, and unique Dorothy nicknames.

We have briefly described the history of the name. Before deciding the perfect name, please read the origin and meaning of the name Dorothy so that you can make the best fitting choice.


Meaning and Origin of Dorothy

Dorothy is mainly a female attributed name that comes from the Greek word ‘Dorothea’ meaning “God’s gift”. ‘Doron’ means ‘gift’ and ‘theos’ means ‘God’. Although a name like ‘Dory’ which is a less commonly used masculine name in English, also was derived from the Greek masculine ‘Dorotheos’.

Not only that, names such as Theodore and Theodora were also evolved from the same Greek name, ‘Dorotheos’, although reversed in order i.e. ‘theos-doron’ meaning “gift of God”.

This name was borne by virgin martyr Saint Dorothea of Caesarea from the 4th century. Please keep all the possibilities in mind while choosing a nickname for your dearest one.

Here are some people who are bearing the same name; Faye Dunaway (was born Dorothy) an actress, Dorothy L Sayers a writer, social activist Dorothy Day, journalist Dorothy Thomson, Dorothy Gish an actress, writer Dorothy Parker, lyricist Dorothy Fields, actress Dorothy McGuire, and lastly Dorothy Wordsworth, sister of 17th-century romantic writer William Wordsworth.

Go through the below categories to pick the one or more that you think will be a perfect fit for your acquaintance:


Cute Nicknames for Dorothy

A sweet lady named Dorothy deserves an equally sweet and cute nickname for her to be gifted.

  1.  Dora – Dora is a fictional character from the 20th-century animation ‘Dora the Explorer’.
  2.  Doron – in Greek Doron means ‘gift’ as mentioned earlier in this article.
  3.  Theora – the idea was taken from the word ‘theos’ which means ‘God’
  4.  Era
  5.  Doll – variously abbreviated form of Dorothy.
  6.  Rothy
  7.  Dot – Dot Allison, was a Scottish singer and songwriter(1969)
  8.  Dotty – Commonly used nickname for Dorothy.
  9.  Dorena – German
  10.  Dory
  11.  Doro
  12.  Oro
  13.  Dodie – it is the middle name of British singer and songwriter, Dorothy Dodie Clark
  14.  Dell
  15.  Dothy
  16.  DD – two-letter names are always cute.
  17.  Doa
  18.  Dodie
  19.  Dodo – commonly used nickname and can be used for both, man and woman.
  20.  Dolly
  21.  Dordie
  22.  Dee – used in Spanish
  23.  Doreen – Scandinavian and German
  24.  Doree
  25.  Dore
  26.  Dotsy
  27.  Thea
  28.  Dorika- Indian
  29.  Dar
  30.  Doe – pronounced as ‘do-ee’
  31.  Dolley
  32.  Dorine
  33.  Dartha
  34.  Dorsie
  35.  Odora – has taken from ‘Theodora’


Funny Nicknames for Dorothy

Funny nicknames are generally used for teasing a friend or partner. Whatever the reason it may be, these names will surely help you in it.

  1.  Dirty Darthy
  2.  Dorky – to tease someone for her old school sense of fashion.
  3.  Door-See
  4.  Thy
  5.  Doris
  6.  Thyo
  7.  Dosha – an Indian dish
  8.  Doro-tea
  9.  Dorsica – taken from the comic named ‘Asterix in Corsica’
  10.  Tea
  11.  Dizzy-Dorsie – if she is sleepy all the time
  12.  Doody-Dodie
  13.  Dorfie
  14.  Dobby – the name of a house-elf, a character from Harry Potter.
  15.  Cheeky-Dory
  16.  Dot-Dot – ‘dot dot Dorothy is always hot’. If she gets angry very easily.


Cool Nicknames for Dorothy

Neither cute nor funny, but you are looking for a cool nickname for Dorothy. Names sound cool if they are short and up to date. Worry not; here we are with the collections of cool nicknames.

  1. Dee-Dee
  2. Ree – using the last part of ‘Dorie/Doree’
  3. Ori – from ‘Dori’
  4. Thee – pronounce it as article ‘the’
  5. Rita – with an Indian touch and was taken from ‘Dorita’
  6. Dorx – cool way calling ‘Dor’
  7. Dory – can be used for male, female both
  8. Artha – was taken from ‘Dartha’
  9. Thea
  10. Dara – rhymes with ‘Dora’
  11. D/Dee
  12. Oro
  13. Theos – masculine
  14. Thoron – masculine
  15. Doe – a lovely nickname
  16. Rathie
  17. Thie
  18. Doth
  19. Lil D
  20. Aru
  21. Arut
  22. Oris – from the nickname ‘doris’


Unique Nicknames for Dorothy

Tired of hearing these common nicknames again and again and in search of something new? A unique nickname for Dorothy is hard to create because it is already a very commonly used name. Still, we have tried our best to create some. Have a look at these.

  1. Dottie
  2. Dittie
  3. Orthie
  4. Thio
  5. Ordie
  6. Derie
  7. Daphne
  8. Dodo
  9. Reen- taken from Doreen
  10. Doron
  11. Errie
  12. Dith
  13. Or
  14. Orthy
  15. Dorth
  16. Pandora – Pandora is a famous mythological character associated with the great Greek artifact ‘Pandora’s box’.
  17. Doras
  18. Dors
  19. Doodie
  20. Orotheus
  21. Theon
  22. Dayee
  23. Darie
  24. Arie
  25. Doar
  26. Dolla – improvised version ‘Doll’
  27. Doth
  28. DRT – initials for Dorothy
  29. Thyor
  30. Dorbie
  31. Droo
  32. Drooth


Dorothy was a very popular nickname for almost a century in America though its popularity decreased over time. We tried our best to aid you to select the best nickname for your loved one be she your girlfriend, wife, sibling, baby girl, a close friend, or just an acquaintance.

If you think these suggestions could be better or we have missed some names that are worth mentioning, please feel free to help us update our list.

Comment down below your choices and we will update those names.

Thank you for reading.


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