60 Awesome Nicknames For Diego

Nicknames For Diego

Is Diego the guy in your life who has a special place in your heart? But do you still call him by his “Proper name”? If yes, then we are here to change that today. Why stick to a boring name for the people who are the most fun to be with?

Find a perfect nickname for them here and use that instead. It will not only show your love and adoration for them but also make the relationship stronger.

We are back with our amazing suggestions of nicknames and the quirky tips and tricks that come along with them. The spotlight today rests on a superhit Spanish name, “Diego.” This name is an unbeatable winner of “The most popular Spanish” name. It is so widely used that you may have come across multiple people with this name in your life.

Today we will help you find some great nicknames for all the people named Diego in your life. So, without wasting any more time, let’s introduce this name to you.


Meaning and Significance of the Name

The name Diego as many of you might already know, has originated from the Spanish language. It is believed that the name “Santiago” was the older version of this name, which means “supplanter.” The Greek meaning of this lovely name is “teacher.”

Concerning the Hebrew translations of this name, it is assumed that it was derived from the medieval names “Didacus,” “Didaco,” and “Diago.” You may also find that the name Jacob derived from the medieval version of “Saint Yago” is the starting point of this name.

Now that we are done with the basics. Let’s hop right on to the section with all the creative nicknames we have in store for you.


Popular Nicknames for Diego

Let’s kickstart our journey of finding perfect nicknames for Diego with some simple and basic nicknames that remain evergreen.

  1. Santiago – If you have a clue for exotic names for your buddy Diego, here is a nice option.
  2. Dudley – We are never getting done with character names from “The Harry Potter.” If Diego is the name of your cousin, then you must use this funny nickname for him.
  3. DG – Smallish nicknames are all the rage right now; hop on the bandwagon with this simplistic name.
  4. Grego – How about this rhyming pet name for your best buddy, Diego?
  5. Jojo – Repeating syllables makes for the most adorable nicknames possible.
  6. Diago – This Hebrew name is one of the ancient versions of this name. You can use this as a great nickname for someone who has strong religious sentiments.
  7. Didacus – This is the root word that inspired the name, Diego.
  8. Maradona – Football fans, here is a name that is especially for you, which a legendary Argentinian player inspires.
  9. Gigi – Any fans of Gigi Hadid here? Here is a nickname for you guys that is a winner.
  10. D Boy – Here is a nickname that will be a perfect way to cheer up your favorite guy, Diego.
  11. Diggy – Here is a cool and laid-back pet name for Diego that we approve of.
  12. Gogo – We bet you cannot find a cheeky and cheesy pet name that is as sweet as this one!


Cute Nicknames for Diego

If you are having trouble in your relationship, giving him an endearing and loving nickname might help.

Here are some lovely nicknames that will save the day!

  1. Doggo – We bet you have already thought of this cool name for someone named Diego. Perfect for a dog lover!
  2. Diggory – Harry Potter fans, does this name ring any bells for you?
  3. Giggly Boo – Although there is no age of having a cutesy pet name, this name is recommended for an infant named Diego.
  4. Lego – If you need a nickname for your son or nephew named Diego, a toddler, consider using this playful name.
  5. Dee Dee – Silly nicknames are the best kind of nicknames, especially when it comes to finding nicknames for kids.
  6. Eggo – Here is a quirky name for Diego that is a lot better than it seems initially. Use it for someone who likes to have eggs for breakfast. (or loves the frozen waffle brand named Eggo)
  7. Jaggery – If Diego is as sweet a guy as jaggery, then this adorable nickname should be your pick.
  8. Giddy Goo – Do you need a loving and endearing name to call a baby named Diego? We found you the cutest name ever, have a look!
  9. Darling – Play it safe and use this romantic name for your spouse, which is bound to melt their heart.
  10. Doodles – Here is a perfect way to lovingly address a Diego who is an artist or just into creative stuff.
  11. No, go – We suggest this witty pet name for Diego, who is a hopeless guy with a pessimistic attitude in life.
  12. Marigold – Here is a lovely and flowery nickname for Diego that ticks all the right boxes for a lovely guy.
  13. Gold Mine – If Diego is the name of your spouse or boyfriend, then you might want to use this extra cheesy and lovey-dovey nickname for him.


Funny Nicknames for Diego

Tickle your funny bones with these hilarious pet names for Diego that are too awesome to miss out on. Have a look!

  1. Doggy – Giving out demeaning nicknames is why we have best friends in our life.
  2. Dig Dug – This was a very popular videogame some years back; use this to send your guy Diego down the memory lane into god old days.
  3. Daddy – How about this quiet literal name for a Diego who preaches you all the time?
  4. Globe – Wouldn’t it be amazing to use this name for a guy named Diego, a globetrotter, and happens to be a bit chubby.
  5. Silly Doe – Here is a nice and cozy name for a guy you just met and are hitting it off with.
  6. Gorilla – Make fun of a hairy guy named Diego with this pet name from the animal kingdom.
  7. Dongle – Joking around with friends will get 100x times better when you use this hilarious nickname.
  8. Dingo – We don’t know why but this name has a certain ring to make it funny.
  9. Dodo – Dodo was a lazy and fat bird that is now extinct. Give this name to a guy who lazes around like a Dodo bird and is absent from all get-togethers.
  10. Dodgeball – Here is a name that can playfully take a dig at a slightly overweight guy who has the name Diego.
  11. GoldDigger – If you are comfortable with slightly offensive nicknames, this one might catch your eye.
  12. Potato – Here is another common nickname that works best for fat and lazy guy who loves to chill all day long.
  13. GoDaddy – This is the name of a company that registers domains and builds websites. You can probably use it for a techie guy named Diego.


Creative Nicknames for Diego

If your buddy Diego has a remarkable personality and a charming aura, what he needs is not a normal nickname but a special name.

We suggest you these suave nicknames that would suit him well.

  1. Dazzler – If you guy Diego is a man who is handsome, charming, and good with the ladies, then we have found you the perfect nickname for him.
  2. D Dawg – Millenials would go crazy over this hip and happening nickname that is anything but boring.
  3. D&G – This name after brand Dolce and Gabbana is tailormade for a shopaholic man who likes all fancy things.
  4. Swagger – Need we sell this nickname that is the “holy grail” when it comes to cool nicknames?
  5. Moves Like Dagger – This superhit song by Maroon 5 is a people pleaser nickname that any guy would love having. If your buddy Diego is in a band or sings, then there is no better nickname for him than this one.
  6. Google – Use this witty pet name for someone who has answers to all your questions.
  7. Dragon Ball Z – This Japanese animated series has a different fanbase; if your friend Diego is also a fan, look no more for a nickname and finalize this one. He would love it!
  8. Dungarees – Is your guy Diego very particular when it comes to style and clothing? If yes, then you might want to opt for this quirky nickname.
  9. Oh my God – Here is another outlandish idea of a pet name for Diego. (Tip- Try saying this as Janice would in the TV series FRIENDS to make it even more fun)
  10. Draco – We never get tired of character nicknames from Harry Potter. If the Diego you are looking to nickname is a spoiled brat or a guy with lighter hair, then you may have hit the jackpot of nicknames.


Unique Nicknames for Diego

Welcome to the last section of pet names for Diego; this is where things get interesting. We have curated some never heard before nicknames for you that will just blow your mind away.

See for yourself!

  1. Khal Drogo – We are swooning over this hip and happening character nickname that come from “Game of Thrones.”
  2. Dago – Use this simplistic and short name for a Diego who is special to you.
  3. TobagoTobago is a small island in the Caribbean; this would be a perfect name for a Diego who likes to travel to far-off places.
  4. Dingo – If you want to experiment with nicknames a bit, you can consider using this offbeat name for your guy, Diego.
  5. Go Diego – This is the type of cheerful nickname which might come in handy for you if your Diego is a sporty guy.
  6. Deguito – How about this exotic pet name that will set you apart from the crowd of basic nicknames?
  7. Ghetto – Here is a grim nickname that is unheard of in the world of nicknames.
  8. Gazebo – You can use this offbeat name for a student in architecture or civil engineering.
  9. GDP – If Diego is an economic student or a finance guy, then this eccentric nickname would suit him well.
  10. Gilly-weed – This offbeat name is reserved for people who are die-hard fans of the Harry Potter series.
  11. Giddy Up – What is better than a pop song by Austin McBroom as a pet name for a teenaged guy?
  12. Galileo – Naming your geeky buddy named Deigo after an acclaimed astronomer, physicist, and mathematician is a good idea.


We are done and dusted here!

Now is the time when we sign off, and you begin running the horses of your imagination and get back to us with some nicknames for Diego you came up with. We eagerly wait for all your lovely suggestions.

Stay Tuned as we will be back with some equally good nicknames options for more of your friends and family. Until then,

Happy Nicknaming!

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