50+ Adorable Nicknames For Delilah

Nicknames For Delilah

Delilah is a popular female name. The sound of it gives an impression of softness, beauty, elegance, and grace. If you recently welcomed a baby Delilah into your family, then this is the perfect time to look for a beautiful nickname that will seamlessly fit your adorable baby girl. In this article, you will find a lot of handpicked nicknames for  Delilah that are perfect for your princess.

Nicknaming can be a confusing task. But your days of worry are over. No need to surf through a thousand websites to get hold of an idea that suits your girl.

We have right here, a carefully curated list to ease your burden. Go through them all before making a decision. But before we get into the list, let’s get to know a little bit more about the meaning and history of this name.


Origin And Meaning Of The Name Delilah

Did you know that Delilah is one of the most sought-after names in the US? In 2018, this name ranked 94th among the 100 most popular names of girls and its popularity keeps increasing every year. But that’s not all.

Like its popularity, this name also has an intriguing story behind it. Derived from Biblical times, Delilah is a Hebrew word for ‘delicate.’

According to the Old Testament, Delilah was the lover of Samson, a powerful Nazarite. One night, after a complex set of events, Delilah betrays him to the Philistines by cutting off his hair, the source of all his power.

Later interpretations of this story have led to associate Delilah with feminine power. Samson was fraught with character flaws and it was she who dared to stop him even though she loved him. There is a lot more to that story.

So, if you want to know more, do check up the detailed history of this name.


What Comes To Mind When You Think Of Delilah?

The answer is probably the song, ‘Hey there Delilah.’ However, in this section, we’ll explore some of the most common personality traits often associated with the name Delilah.

Perhaps the most gorgeous feminine name, Delilahs are known for their personal charm. They are masters of mental ability, courage, and self-command. They speak their mind and do not hesitate to do so even in the face of constraints trying to shut her down.

This classic name sounds both formal and refined. The sophisticated quality of the name makes it more alluring. Currently, among the most popular names, Delilah is especially sought-after in Australia, England and Wales, Netherlands, and the United States.

With that in mind, let us delve into the list of the nicknames we have prepared for you. We have also added little notes after every name to make your journey smoother.

Let’s get going!


Common Nicknames For Delilah

A popular name as Delilah is bound to have tons of over-used nicknames. But that doesn’t mean that these cannot be your choice.

Go through the list to find out which one goes best with the personality of your Delilah.

  1. Del – a common abbreviation of the original name.
  2. Dell – with an old English meaning, this common alternative means ‘a small valley.’
  3. Deli – a common word used in everyday life which is also popularly used as a nickname for Delilah.
  4. Ella – looking for something common but beautiful? This name has it all.
  5. Lilah – have a little fun with the name to get various pet names.
  6. Lyla – an often-used safe choice of nickname for Delilah.
  7. Lily – a nickname that will always remind you of something beautiful.
  8. Della – a common diminutive of the original form.
  9. Dalila – make small spelling tweaks and get a perfect nickname choice.
  10. Lylee – the emphasis is on the ‘lee’ bit of the name.
  11. Delia – also a mythic Celtic goddess, this name means ‘pleasant or of the nobility.’


Cute Nicknames For Delilah

The traditional purpose of nicknames is to be cute. If that doesn’t motivate you enough to choose from among the special list of cute nicknames below, then go through the list on your own.

You will surely come across something you love.

  1. Dede – you can also use the Didi variant which, in an Indian language also means ‘sister.’
  2. Delee – add as many ‘e’s you want and make the nickname sugary sweet.
  3. Lilo – a short and cute alternative for your little Delilah.
  4. Lilah Bear – is your Delilah a fan of your bear hugs? Then this one’s the perfect choice for you.
  5. Lola – otherwise a commonly-used nickname, this one is an all-time favorite.
  6. Daisy – a fresh, energetic, and wholesome name for a lively Delilah.
  7. Dilly-Billy – a combination of funny and endearing.
  8. Dolly – this one is perfect for a doll-like Delilah.
  9. Duchess – an adorable way of addressing those blue-blooded Delilahs.
  10. Elsa – if you’ve watched the movie Frozen, you will definitely love this nickname.
  11. Dewberry – nickname your little girl using the name of your favorite fruit or berry.


Funny Nicknames For Delilah

Funny nicknames are usually for friends looking to pull a prank or joke about a habit or feature. But remember, these nicknames have a way to slide into the offensive realm.

So, choose wisely or simply go with one from the list below.

  1. Hey-there-Delilah – if this song inspired you to go with this name, then never stop reminding them of that.
  2. Lil Dil – this nickname is for the youngest member of the group.
  3. Del taco – you must have heard about this one. What’s interesting? Use it as a nickname.
  4. Deli belly – a hilarious yet adorable way of calling someone who is a foodie.
  5. Dilly-dally – a special nickname for the procrastinating Delilah.
  6. Dully – a funny nickname for being dull during conversations.
  7. Dum-Dum – a nickname that suggests that a person lacks a little wit and sense.
  8. Koala – for the lazy but adorably cute Delilahs in your life.
  9. Elf – a nickname for the tiny, witty, and creative babies named Delilah.
  10. Dodo – a funny-sounding nickname choice for anyone whose name starts with ‘D.’
  11. Dream Girl – for all those pretty and confident Delilahs who are always the center of attraction in a room.


Cool Nicknames For Delilah

Do you know what is the best thing about cool nicknames? They sound more like compliments. So, you are bound to have a little confidence boost every time someone calls you by your nickname.

Below, we have a ready-made list of cool nicknames for you to make your pick.

  1. D – remember that you can never go wrong with initials as nicknames.
  2. Dee – add as many ‘e’s as you increase the coolness quotient of the nickname.
  3. Ly – a compact and smart nickname choice for someone named Delilah.
  4. Ell – if you want to go with short pet names, then here’s another one for you.
  5. Doja Cat – if you find her songs cool, then maybe you can even borrow her name as a nickname.
  6. Mini-D – this one is for all the super-cute and short Delilahs in the group.
  7. Dove – sophisticated is the new cool.
  8. Twyla – want something that rhymes? Here’s a perfect choice of nickname for you.
  9. Alia – a nickname with an Arabic touch that means ‘exalted’ or ‘supreme.’
  10. Dazzle – this one’s for all those Delilahs who are the precious light of your life.
  11. DJ – a cool nickname choice that is commonly used both for boys and girls.
  12. Darlin’ D – you can also go with Lady D as a nickname choice for Delilah.


Unique Nicknames For Delilah

Still, looking for the perfect nickname? Don’t worry, we have saved the best for the last. Unique nicknames are the most creative ones of the lot. These nicknames hold special significance because of their unique meanings.

So, go through the list below and pick a nickname that will take your bond up a notch.

  1. Bella – a beautiful nickname for a beautiful Delilah.
  2. Adele – if you are a fan of her songs, then you will surely love this nickname choice.
  3. Layla – otherwise used as a full-fledged name more common in the East, you can put this to use as a nickname as well.
  4. Diah – an unconventional nickname choice for someone named Delilah.
  5. Diana – want a nickname modeled after one of the most beautiful women in the world?
  6. Leah – an uncommon yet smart name choice for a Delilah.
  7. Liliah – want a creative nickname? Play around with the original one as you wish.
  8. Dahlia – the name of a beautiful flower that can also be used as a nickname for Delilah.
  9. Dyla – reconstruct the name in a completely new fashion.
  10. Lilac – a beautiful purple flower that goes with the personality of Delilah.
  11. Elilah – leave out the ‘D’ and make a unique nickname.
  12. Madeline – an old-fashioned name that also fits well as a nickname choice.
  13. Elliana – a nickname choice with a beautiful meaning.



With that, we have come to the end of our list. But this is not the end. Put on your thinking caps and get creative. If you come up with other wonderful nickname choices, don’t forget to share them with us. Write to us below in the comments how your nickname-finding experience was.

Hope you find the perfect pet name for your beloved Delilah.

Till then, happy nicknaming!

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