100+ Awesome Nicknames for David

Nicknames for David

Whether we look at the biblical story of David and Goliath, or the well-known football player, David Beckham, the name David oozes braveness, chivalry, and strength of mind and body. An evergreen name, it has a certain solemnity and opulence in its sound. However, the awesome nicknames for this name can be really breezy and blithe.

If you are breaking your head over picking up an ideal nickname for someone special named David, then allow us to take over now. Our curation of nicknames which include popular, cute, funny, cool, and unique nicknames for David is at your aid. Have a look at the list and don’t forget to read what we think about each name.

But before getting to the list, let’s understand where the roots of this name lie.


Meaning and Origin of the Name David

The name David comes from the Hebrew first name David, meaning ‘beloved’. This name is popular among Jews, who name their children in honor of the Biblical king with this name. He is considered to be the greatest of all the early kings in ancient Israel. According to the New Testament, Jesus was descended from this king.

The name has been immensely popular among English and Scottish societies since the middle ages. And as far as the United States is concerned, it was the 18th most popular name here in 2015. Famous personalities who go by this name include empiricist philosopher David Hume, explorer David Livingstone, musician David Bowie, and football player David Beckham.

Now that we have caught up on the trivia around the name, let’s dive into the lists of nicknames!


Popular Nicknames for David

What’s popular is loved by all. Here is a compilation of the most popular and upbeat nicknames for David. Have a look and pick your favorite!

  1. Dave – Almost every David gets called by this super-popular name.
  2. DV – A cool abbreviation preferred by many bearers of the name.
  3. Avi – A popular name among Hindus and Hebrews.
  4. Davian – A swanky name that everyone likes.
  5. Davon – A Hebrew variant that also means ‘beloved’.
  6. Dove – Perfect name for a lover of peace.
  7. Daf – A short and smart nickname for David.
  8. Beckham – Who wouldn’t like to be called by the famous footballer’s name?
  9. D – Initials always rule!
  10. King David – An esteemed biblical figure to add a royal touch.
  11. Davidenner – For the young boy scout’s leader that he is.
  12. Davido – A fancy twist to the name.
  13. Dollar Dave – Suitable for a David whose pockets are always full.
  14. Davis – Spice it up with an ‘S’ in place of a ‘D’.
  15. Davidson – A fine nickname preferred by many.


Cute Nicknames for David

Here are a few cute nicknames for David coming straight from the heart!

  1. Davie – The cutest name for a toddler called David.
  2. Fav Dav – For someone who is simply your favorite.
  3. Bae-vid – For the David who comes before anyone else.
  4. Baby D – For the adorable newborn.
  5. Becks – A cute nickname for football fans.
  6. Dreamy – For a little munchkin who is no less than a dream.
  7. Kiddo – An all-time favorite.
  8. Bud-D – An endearment for all your buddies whose names begin with D.
  9. Daffy – For a David who is an adorable goof.
  10. Dollipop – For someone as sweet as candy.
  11. Dreamboy – For someone as enchanting as your dreams.
  12. Darlin’ D – Use this nickname for anybody you love!
  13. D’amour – Patronymic of amour which means love.
  14. Daisy – For a person who makes you happy just like a daisy.
  15. Doughnut – A sugar-dipped nickname for your loved ones.
  16. Li’l D – Perfect for a little boy named David.
  17. Duffy – An adorable name for anyone called David.
  18. Dee – A cute endearment for Davids of all ages.
  19. Dumpling – For a lovely baby whom you can’t stop looking at.
  20. Double Chocolate – Because you just can’t express how sweet he is.
  21. Dewberry – For a young David who is as full of life as fresh berries


Funny Nicknames for David

The most memorable nicknames are the ones that give us something to laugh about. So, we have some funny nicknames for David in store!

  1. DVD – For David who has the most amazing collection of DVDs.
  2. Dive-id – How does this sound for a swimmer or a diving enthusiast?
  3. Diva – For a friend who loves to dress up.
  4. Doofy – a person who is foolish or clumsy
  5. Dopey Dave – An ideal name for a sleepy head.
  6. Shave-id – For a beardo David who needs to shave!
  7. Dry-vid – For someone named David who has exceptionally dry skin.
  8. Dummy Davy – A funny one for an absent-minded David.
  9. Dazy D – Call a lazy David by this name.
  10. Save Dave – For someone who keeps getting into problems.
  11. Dave-hid – A great pick for a mysterious man; a David who seems to be hiding something.
  12. Dav-mid – Best for someone named David who happens to be a middle child.
  13. Acid – It rhymes with David and is a humorous choice for a chemistry enthusiast.
  14. Davideck – For David who is a crazy music lover.
  15. Da-wig – A good-humored nickname for a middle-aged David who is losing his hair.
  16. Da-witch – For someone who is not so dear and is always plotting against you.
  17. Denim Dave – Use this for a David who wears nothing but denim.
  18. Drooly D – If your David is someone who can’t resist food, this one is the fitting nickname.
  19. Dicy Dave – Call him by this name if he is ultra indecisive.
  20. Da-vil – For a devilish David who keeps irritating you.


Cool Nicknames for David

Cool and trendy nicknames for David are up for grabs! Go through the list and make your choice.

  1. Dapper D – A rapper-like name for your coolest friend.
  2. Mr. D – A simple yet sassy one for David.
  3. Dev – An auspicious name among Hindus, this one is pretty cool.
  4. Dawg – This retains the swag like no other name.
  5. D-Dope – Another cool one for a popular David.
  6. Beckham – If he is good at football, this is the nickname you need.
  7. Rave-id – For a David who is the life of every party.
  8. Dynamo – One of our favorites, this one is really out of the box.
  9. Davo – An ‘O’ at the end makes every name cooler.
  10. Avid – A suitable pick for a zealous person.
  11. Darter Dave – For a David with super swift legs.
  12. Dare David – If he is extraordinarily daring and fearless.
  13. Dude – An everyday nickname that’ll never go out of style
  14. Dazz – A really cool name for someone who never fails to dazzle up your mood.
  15. DJ Dave – David will probably want to be called by this name if he is a pro music mixer.
  16. Davidancer – As the name suggests, it’s for someone who loves to dance.
  17. Duke – For a David who rules your heart.
  18. Don – It sounds cool, and that’s all the reason you need to use it!
  19. Dasher – A dashing friend deserves to be called what he is.


Unique Nicknames for David

We don’t have a place for boring nicknames here. So, we curated, and created the most unique ones! Have a look!

  1. Day – Such a beautiful name to call someone with!
  2. Da Vinci – For the artist that you love.
  3. Davon – An youthful variant of the name David.
  4. Brave Dave – Make David happy with a nickname that compliments!
  5. Wave Dave – For a David who loves the beach.
  6. Grave Dave – If David always carries a serious look on his face.
  7. Placid – A wonderful rhyme for a quiet David.
  8. Dav-aid – A great nickname for the big-hearted David who is super helpful.
  9. Da-wit – A witty name for a witty man.
  10. Cupid – Another rhyme for David which will work perfectly if he is a matchmaker.
  11. Dad-D – If your father is called David, there’s no better option than this!
  12. Dewy – A nice spin to the name that will make the bearer smile.
  13. Davin – The charming French variant of David.
  14. Dai – A unique name that is both cute and funky at once
  15. Copperfield – Reminding of the classic novel, David will love this if he’s a reader.
  16. Dex – A crisp and modern spin to David.
  17. Diamond – This is for someone you will treasure for life.
  18. Dawn – An uber warm nickname to give to a loved one.
  19. Dawood – A beautiful Arabic variant of the name.
  20. Gayvid – Pick this for David who is known for being happy and cheerful.
  21. David Dolittle- For a David who is fond of animals.
  22. Dravid – Name of a famous Indian cricketer, this one will appeal to a cricket lover.
  23. Davidoc – Nothing suits better if he is a doctor.
  24. Daveth – Reviving some old English charm with this one.
  25. Daven – Another Hebrew variant of the name which holds the same meaning.
  26. Navid – A Persian name that rhymes with David and means ‘best wishes’.


Conclusion: Nicknames For David

So, that was our comprehensive list of the most delightful nicknames for David that will certainly help you find the one that strikes a chord with you or inspire you to create one that matches your loved one’s personality. While nicknaming, the process is itself so enjoyable that it makes the name even more special.

Finally, if you have any other nicknames that you think should be included in this list, then please don’t forget to let us know!

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