50+ Charming Nicknames For Danielle

Nicknames For Danielle

Want to nickname a person to their heart? Yes, we can tell you it’s a thing indeed! Like any other love ritual we humans have established, hugs and handshakes and kisses, a pet name is an intimacy ritual that can do as much and say much about your relationship.

It’s the perfect way to set apart a person and make a memorable connection. Yes, we are all at the core narcissists and love to be distinguished!

So what are you waiting for? Get going and pick the perfect nickname for the Danielle in your life. We have lovingly curated for you here more than 50 nicknames for the special Danielle. All flavors and dynamics considered! And don’t worry we have included small descriptors along each to help you make the best of the choices.

Let’s quickly though, get a better insight into the meaning and origins of the name Danielle. It’ll help you appreciate them better too.


Origin and Meaning of the name Danielle

The stylish and feminine Danielle has biblical roots and derives from the Hebrew word daniy`el. It has quite a poetic meaning— ‘God is my judge’. Danielle is seen as the feminine and French form of the name Daniel – mentioned in the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament, in the Book of Daniel.

In fact, there is a mythic and spiritual sense attached to the name. Daniel is said to have won the favor of the Babylonian King by correctly interpreting his dreams. However, later Daniel is imprisoned and thrown in the lion’s den, where he but miraculously survives the night, as an angel of god keeps the lion’s mouth shut and saves him from imminent death.

Daniela is the other feminine version more popular in the Italian, Spanish, Balkan and Slavic nations, as well as among Americans. Though the European Danielle has risen in popularity since the ’80s and ’90s and is still a fond choice.

That was your peek into the origins of the name and now you are set to make your pick of the best nickname for your Danielle.


Common Nicknames for Danielle

Wondering about the most popular choices for Danielle, here you have the most preferred picks for Danielle people opt for.

  1. Dani – The obvious abbreviation is cute and homey.
  2. Daniela – The other most popular female version for Daniel. It’s classic and the open ‘la’ sound makes it more affectionate.
  3. Dann – Another obvious truncation not lacking in the cool factor and still ambiguous on the gender and hence appropriate for either.
  4. Dans –A carry-over of the very popular Dan, Dans adds more the cool factor and is apt for a friend.
  5. Den –Short and sweet, Den is on the cool end and affectionate. Great for a little one as for a partner.
  6. Elle – Taking on the French end, Elle also carries over the classy vibe.
  7. Dee – This is a versatile one, as good for a friend as for an Aunt Dee, as for a Ms. Dee.


Cute Nicknames for Danielle

Make the sweetest ritual in setting up an address that is fond and cute and see the relationship flower in proportion to the sweetness you add.

Here are the best pet names for Danielle to add that sweetness.

  1. Danelle – (than-Elle) This quietly lifts off a single syllable from the equation to the effect of making it softer with the beginning ‘th’ sound, though more gender-ambiguous than Danielle. It’ll help Danielle explore more robust side to her while keeping the classy angle.
  2. Danya – A Russian version, Danya also sounds more grounded and cute. It’s again a gender-fluid name while being soft and sweet in its sound.
  3. Daneil – (da-neel) A slight twist in the last end of the sound makes this more fluid and cute. It’s a perfect homey name.
  4. Ellie – This can accommodate your cutest kid as your niece and a girlfriend. It’s altogether ultra sweet sounding.
  5. Neil – Short, sweet it also is lit with a softness. It keeps the elegance of Danielle while making it more personal.
  6. Nell – Taking from the last ringing ‘bell’ sound of the name, Nell is a light, cute name; one to allow Danielle to explore a more free-spirited self.
  7. Dannyboo – It’s a more casual and hip, but no less affectionate nickname.
  8. Nelly – Stretching the ‘elle’ and sweetening it up with a ‘elly’ we come to the nickname Nelly, a lot more causal and cuter counter-part to Danielle.
  9. Netty – Netty is prim and proper – a very homey and sedate counter to the ringing ‘elle’ sound in Danielle.
  10. Dizzle – The very current multiple sense usage of ‘Dizzle’ is a casual address. Great for an acquaintance or a friend you are getting to know.


Funny Nicknames for Danielle

One of the best ways –they say- of opening up a person is to get them to laugh or well to get the laughter going.

Here are a bunch of nicknames for Danielle, best for a tease and a laugh – often great ice breakers!

  1. D –Dog – A most casual rough pet name among male friends.
  2. Danny who – A comic turn to ‘dani –elle’. It’s teasing but witty, sure to get attention.
  3. Dandy man – Well if Danielle is a boy and a great dresser perhaps the charge of the ‘dandy’ would fit as a fun tease.
  4. Ms. Steele – Well one of the most popular of the Danielle’s out there—Daniel Steele! If your Danielle too showcases brilliant writing skills Lil Ms. Steele is apt.
  5. D-nice – (D- neice) Mimicking the French end of Dani‘elle’ the stretched D-nice (neice) can be fun but rather apt and a potential long-term name.
  6. Dan the man – An obvious one for the boy named Danielle. Dan makes it casual and ‘the man’ adds the spice.
  7. Danny Annie – The sing-song phrase can make it affectionate as well as teasing.
  8. Danko – Taking the Dan here to the Shakespearean times Danko sounds dated like a ‘Banquo’ and is funny for that period reference.
  9. Arabelle – Invoking the fairyland here, if Danielle is more in her head, then ‘Arabelle’ fits.
  10. Nelida – This one is a Spanish name that actually relates to Daniel. It also is a near rearrangement of the letters (at least of the same sounding Daniel). It actually sounds like a soothing name though different in its register.


Cool Nicknames for Danielle

If you want the best sounding nicknames with a more current and hip factor. Well, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Daenerys – If Danielle is a real spirited one, well then Daenerys Stomborn of the Game of Thrones is the best invocation to be building that character.
  2. Danielson – Formalising Danielle or Daniel into Danielson – it can be used funnily, or with humor but to give respect. It’s a fun take.
  3. Dang – Well if you think Danielle is ‘dang! Hot! or Sharp!. The exclamation as the pet name serves as a reminder of her show-stopping qualities.
  4. Dams – Similar to Dang, Dams (Damns) is just a tiny bit more sedate. If you admire Danielle, ‘Dams’ works; especially among friends. It can be cute as well.
  5. Dazzle – Well clearly if you think Danielle dazzles. Would be perfect to build up the confidence of your little one.
  6. Denise – You can pronounce it in a more stocky way (like Dennis the Menace) or the stretched and more elegant ‘Deniece’ way.
  7. Danushka – Well if you would like a Russian-sounding name for her, it’s also a popular one in the Czech nation.
  8. Dranka – Of Slovakian or Serbian origin sounding a little like ‘Drunk –a’ person, Dranka is fun for sure.
  9. Dane – It can be a short sweet-sounding nickname, conveying much affection too.
  10. Dan O – changing up the ‘L’ sound of the name to the letter ‘O’, it is rather witty and funny. A nice passing nickname for one.


Classy Nicknames for Danielle

If you lay value in the time-tested smooth ways, here are the best picks of the classy names you would love.

  1. Dana – A little old for the more upbeat Danielle, Dana but has the more earthy vibe too.
  2. Nielle – Keeping the flowing ‘elle’ sound of Danielle, Nielle sounds great, more personalized, and affectionate.
  3. Anne – With the prominent ‘an’ in the beginning ‘Dan’, Anne is a time-tested one, not lacking in grace.
  4. Anny – Stripping off the D of Danny, Anny makes for a really cute one. Classic and cute.
  5. Madanielle – Well this can be used in a teasing way [Mad –Danielle] as in a dignified way, shifting it closer to Magdalene.
  6. Arielle – Invoking the more creative and fairytale-ish world here Arielle also sounds angelic and keeps the beauty of Danielle.
  7. Daniella – Going for the other female variant for Daniel, the emphasis here can make it sweet.
  8. Doniel – Though it’s a bit twisting of the original name it seems, Doniel actually has a great sound itself – very European too.
  9. Donyelle – A mix of Danielle and ‘Don’t yell’ Donyelle is again an interesting sounding one, conducive to affection.
  10. Nile – The water reference makes it one of the more calm ones.


Unique Nicknames for Danielle

If you want your relationship to stand out, a quirky twist can always be of help.

Here are the best of the less obvious, unique pet names (some cerebral, some funny) that would make you and your bond stand out.

  1. Danica –Choosing an alternative end to ‘elle’, makes it different and interesting. Also recalls Monica of friends.
  2. Danette – A curt but elegant sounding one.
  3. Dania – It has more internationalist appeal, more on the Arabic end.
  4. Alex – Picking on the mid sound, this generic and gender-ambiguous one has its appeal too.
  5. Danelley – (Dan –a- lee) It’s only a slight obtuse take, is fun-sounding, and will likely propel the playfulness.
  6. Danarchy – If you feel Danielle is a little anarchical chaos-causing machine in her energy.
  7. Dandroid – Well if Danielle is a little robotic you feel, the android OS gives us ‘Dandroid’.
  8. Dannible – The bell sound makes it more rustic and well funny-sounding in a cool way.



Phew! Well, that’s our list of the best nicknames to anoint Danielle with and carry over that connection into just the direction you like. Hope you’ve enjoyed, and also found the one for you.

Do let us know in the comments section if we happened to have missed any of your favorites!

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