120 Awesome Nicknames For Daniel

Nicknames For Daniel

One of the most sought-after names in the United States, ‘Daniel’ never goes out of vogue. It is quite likely that you might have come across multiple men named Daniel in your life. And if any of them are special, or even close to you, then why not give them a lovely nickname?

In this article, we have effectively brought together the best nicknames for Daniel, and also attached a friendly thought about each of them to make things super-easy for you to choose.

But before opening the treasure-trove of nicknames, let’s trace the roots of the name Daniel to find some interesting tales around it.


Meaning and Origin of Daniel

According to the Old Testament of the Bible, the name Daniel means ‘God is my judge’ in Hebrew.

It is known that prophet Daniel of the Old Testament remained faithful to the God of Israel even when he faced persecution and danger for doing so. He was also believed to be a visionary with the power to interpret the dreams of the King.

Some famous personalities who bear this title are Daniel Defoe, the English author, Swiss mathematician Daniel Bernoulli, and American actor Daniel Radcliffe to name a few

Now that we have topped up our trivia around the name, let’s jump into the storehouse of awesome nicknames for Daniel!


Popular Nicknames for Daniel

Peak in and you’ll find the most-loved nicknames for Daniel.

  1. Dan – A staple nickname that almost every Daniel has.
  2. Danny – Another insanely popular nickname for this charming name.
  3. Dane – Whether related to Denmark or not, this name will effortlessly suit Daniel.
  4. Neel – A Latin name that means ‘champion’, this one will certainly make you stand out.
  5. Nelly – An adorable nickname that will definitely make Daniel feel warm.
  6. Duke – If Daniel rules your heart, then Duke is what you call him!
  7. Dazz – A swanky nickname for Daniel who knows how to cheer you up.
  8. Dano – An ‘O’ in the end never fails to add the spirit.
  9. Dee Dee – If Daniel is as annoying as the hyperactive character from ‘Dexter’s Laboratory, then this is the name for him.
  10. DN – Simple and classy, initials can never go wrong.
  11. Denn – A short and crisp nickname that your Daniel would love.


Cute Nicknames for Daniel

Warning: Sweetness overload! Anyway, you’ll love to have a look at these lovely little nicknames for Daniel.

  1. Li’l D – A funky name for your little boy.
  2. Din Din – Doesn’t this have the cutest sound to it?
  3. Danny boy – A playful name for your cute kid called Daniel.
  4. Doodle – The perfect nickname for Daniel if he has doodles all over his books.
  5. Delish – A perky variation of ‘delicious’ for a toddler named Daniel.
  6. Doughnut – Name him after this all-time favorite dessert, and you won’t regret it.
  7. Darlin’ D – A tempting endearment to win over Daniel’s heart.
  8. Dimsum – This warm and mushy delicacy makes for an adorable nickname for Daniel.
  9. My-niel – If being possessive is your style, then go for this creative nickname for your Dan.
  10. Dearo – A common endearment that is an absolute no-brainer.
  11. Dewball – If those shiny little dew balls remind you of your boy Daniel, then this one’s for you.
  12. Nie Nie – A cute and quirky name that you can pick with your eyes shut.
  13. Doe – If your Daniel resembles the delicate and admirable doe, then you must go with this option.
  14. Pie-niel – Add ‘pie’ to shoot up the cuteness quotient of any name.
  15. Doy – Popularly used as an endearment, this is Northern English dialect for ‘a beloved person’
  16. Dewberry – These tiny tasteful berries will make for a great nickname for anyone named with D.
  17. Dodo – For a Daniel who is an old, wise soul.
  18. BAEnny – A cute modification of Danny for your Bae.
  19. D’amour – A patronymic of amour which means love.
  20. Daffodil – For someone who makes you feel as delighted as these bright yellow blooms do.
  21. Dansy – For a Daniel who is fancy in all the ways possible.
  22. Ani – Just picked three letters from the name to create this tiny treat of a name.


Funny Nicknames for Daniel

Have a good laugh while you go through some of the funniest nicknames for Daniel.

  1. Dandroid – This will be a humorous name for Daniel if he is a techie or an android user.
  2. Dannibal – If Dan is a die-hard fan of the show ‘Hannibal’.
  3. Detective Dan – If spying around is Daniel’s thing, then this is the right pick.
  4. Dopey D – For the times when Daniel has trouble staying awake.
  5. Sodan – If Daniel loves soda so much that he has fizzy drinks running in his veins.
  6. Pan-niel – This one’s for the super chef named Daniel.
  7. Shyniel – A punny name for a shy and reserved Dan.
  8. Diarrheal – A chuckle-worthy name for a Daniel with a bad stomach.
  9. Dumdum – Is your Daniel a dimwit? If yes, you found your nickname.
  10. Don – If Daniel is one of those people who love imitating gangsters and goons.
  11. Danny Duck – Choose this name if Daniel is an expert swimmer.
  12. Daffy – For the silly boy that Daniel is.
  13. Diva – Do you know a feminine Daniel? If yes, this is a fitting nickname.
  14. Daniellano – An Italian twist to the name makes it all the more charming.
  15. Dandid – A little wordplay with ‘candid’ for a Daniel who is known for candid photography.
  16. Dan-ill – This one’s for a Daniel who has poor health all around the year.
  17. LAN Dan – For a Daniel who owns a LAN cable and shares high-speed internet.
  18. Dan Vinci – For the extraordinary artist that Daniel is.
  19. Dan-druff – A funny take on Daniel’s dandruff problem.
  20. Dairy-al – If dairy is an inseparable part of Daniel’s meals, then this name fits just right.
  21. Danini – Sounds like panini, and who doesn’t love paninis?
  22. Faniel – For the huge fanboy that Daniel is.
  23. Divi-Dan – A cool reformation of ‘dividend’ for a Daniel who aces the profit-making game at the sharemarket.
  24. Done-ial – For a Daniel who you just can’t take anymore.


Cool Nicknames for Daniel

Here are a few nickname options for the coolest guy around!

  1. Great Dane – Call him after this majestic dog and make Daniel smile.
  2. Dan the Man – We’re sure Daniel will go gaga over this robust name.
  3. Da Boss – Just a confidence booster for your man.
  4. Dapper Dan – Call him dapper and he’ll always be at your service.
  5. Mr. D – If you like an air of mystery around a name, then put this in your cart.
  6. DJ Danny – If Daniel is crazy about music, then DJ is what you call him.
  7. King D – Wish to flatter him? You got what you need.
  8. D-Dawg – Another cool name that sounds like that of a rapper.
  9. Dazzler – For a Daniel who has a personality that shines bright.
  10. Devil D – Because a villainy name is just as attractive.
  11. Dann – The extra ‘N’ definitely adds to the quirkiness.
  12. Danny Deck – If you love Dan’s music collection, then this one joins the race.
  13. Captain D – Classy and appreciative, who wouldn’t like a nickname like this?
  14. Dude – A nickname that never goes out of style.
  15. Danger Dan – There are some people who like to maintain a scary impression. If Dan is one of them, give him this name.
  16. Daintiel – For a sweet, dainty boy called Daniel.
  17. Dandy – a man unduly concerned with looking stylish and fashionable.
  18. Knight – A robust name that any man would die to have.
  19. Dannon – If your Daniel is obsessed with war antiques, then he would like being called something related to cannon.
  20. Dantrum – For a cranky daniel who keeps throwing tantrums.
  21. Radcliffe – If he looks anything like the popular actor, Daniel Radcliffe.
  22. Defoe – For a Daniel who writes and takes after the author, Daniel Defoe.


Unique Nicknames for Daniel

Here is a curation of unusual and impressive nicknames for Daniel.

  1. Divine – An out-of-the-box name for a special person.
  2. D Dazzler – For someone who has a dazzling vibe.
  3. Dynamo – It has a cool sound to it, and that’s all you need!
  4. Graniel – Is your grandpa named Daniel? If yes, you found gold.
  5. Dreamy Dan – Make Daniel’s heart race every time you call by this nickname.
  6. Dundy – ‘Cool, balanced, self-confident’ is what this chirpy name means.
  7. Dove – If Daniel is a lover of peace, then this symbolic bird suits well for a nickname.
  8. Dango – Inspired by a cute Japanese sweet dish, this name is quite amusing.
  9. Dino – A nice little nickname for an archeology buff called Daniel.
  10. Dollar Danny – For someone who never has an empty wallet.
  11. Fav-niel – A loving name to call your favorite human by.
  12. Day-niel – For a Daniel who is the light of your life.
  13. Dan-thrill – If you have had the most thrilling experiences with Daniel.
  14. Daan – Quite an exquisite variant of the name from the Netherlands.
  15. Danyal – The Turkish variant of Daniel that is simply gorgeous.
  16. Danish – This is the Persian variant which means ‘knowledge’ and ‘wisdom’.
  17. DANdelion – If you like flowers, why not give him a pretty flower name?
  18. Dan-seur – This one’s for a ballet dancer that goes by the name Daniel.
  19. Harry Potter – Popping up the Daniel Radcliffe reference again.
  20. Ell – Let’s keep it simple and suave!
  21. Danosaur – For a Daniel who likes to live in the past more than the present.
  22. DanPa – Another quirky suggestion for grandpa’s nickname.
  23. Dally – If Daniel is annoyingly slow at everything he does, go for this one.
  24. Danilo – It’s Spanish. And pretty stylish!


Russian Nicknames for Daniel

Here is a list of Russian Names and Surnames that serve as distinctive nicknames for Daniel.

  1. Daniil – We love the bucolic touch that this name has.
  2. Danya – This one sounds like it’s straight out of a fantasy novel.
  3. Danailov – Doesn’t this give the impression of a Russian rockstar?
  4. Danchev – A Bulgarian name for Daniel to flaunt.
  5. Danielewicz – This beautiful name is from the Polish language
  6. Danielov – It ends with ‘lov(e)’, and that’s reason enough.
  7. Danielewski – Owned by many literary geniuses, this is another Polish title.
  8. Danilevsky – This one simply shouts Russian, and will be great for someone who likes the language.
  9. Danilenko – This Ukrainian name has a perfect peppy note.
  10. Danilaw – This Belarusian name can easily double up as a nickname for a lawyer named Daniel.
  11. Danilowicz – This gorgeous name will certainly make heads turn.
  12. Danilovich – This one is of noble descent and will definitely make Daniel feel royal.
  13. Danilovic – This Serbian name will suit a sporty Daniel.
  14. Danylchenko – Another Ukrainian name worth considering.
  15. Danylyuk – This nickname is pure love from Russia.
  16. Danko – One of the most upbeat nicknames that Daniel can get.
  17. Dankowski – This one sounds like it should be owned by someone both smart and funny.


Conclusion: Nicknames for Daniel

So, this was all about awesome nicknames for Daniel. A nickname is one of the highest forms of affection. So, make sure you choose carefully. Further, if you have more nicknames for Daniel, we’ll love to hear from you.

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