50 Wonderful Nicknames For Damian

Nicknames For Damian

Do you have a guy named Damian in your life but struggling to find a perfect pet name for him? If yes, then this blog post will solve your problem today.

A nickname is not just a nickname, it is a marker of your bond with a person, and if it goes wrong, there is no going back. So, if you have a Damian in your life, you might want to read on ahead and find some exciting nickname suggestions from us before you finalize what you will use. We promise not to let you down and give you the best possible pet names for Damian.

Damian is a perfect name for your little baby boy, who is very dear to your heart. Some unique selling points for this name are that it is easy to say, spell, and even sing-song quality. Damian is a typical boy next door name which has an authentic flavor and boyish charm.

If you like this name and hope to use it someday, then read on ahead as we tell you more about it. Perhaps, by the end of today’s blog, you will be convinced to use this name for your baby boy and have also found numerous nicknames that go with it.


Meaning and Origin of the Name

Damian is primarily a male name that finds its roots in the Greek language. It means “to overpower or subdue.” There are many variations of this name, like Damien, Damon, or Damianos, which are trendy names across Ireland and England.

Actor Damian Lewis and basketballer Damian Lillard are two celebrities who find a special mention here; for their success in their respected fields, which has undoubtedly contributed to the rising popularity of this name.

Well, now that we know a little about this name, let’s show you what we came up with this time in terms of nicknames for this name.


Popular Nicknames for Damian

We start simple, listing out all popular pet names for Damian that you might already know about. If you want to keep things simple, pick a name from the list below.

  1. Damien – This name is very similar to Damien; hence you can use this as a perfect pet name.
  2. Damy/Damie – We love short names which catch the vibe of the original name well.
  3. Damon – Another name you can use for a guy named Damian, reasonably close to the name.
  4. Dan – If you are on the lookout for a short name, this one might be it.
  5. Duncan – Literature geeks might recognize this name from Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth.”
  6. Maddy – We love the comforting vibe of this sweet name.
  7. Dior – Here is a luxurious nickname for a guy who likes premium things for himself.
  8. Dante – This Italian poet is well known for his historic creations like “Inferno” and “Divine Comedy.”
  9. Diana – A royal name etched in history, you can use this name for a guy who admired Diana, Former Princess of Wales.
  10. Adrian – There are no rules when it comes to nicknames; that is what keeps them fun.


Cute Nicknames for Damian

A cute name like Damian can be made 100 times more appealing when an equally endearing nickname accompanies it. So here are some pet names for Damian that will make you go Awwwww!

  1. Dum Dum – Looking for a pet name for an infant Damian? Here is something for you.
  2. Doomzy – Here is how you call your special friend Damian, who is doomed to get you in trouble.
  3. MyMain/ My Man – Isn’t this the most endearing nickname for your special guy, Damian?
  4. Dino – Do you want a nickname for a little boy, Damian, obsessed with Dinosaurs and loves the Jurassic Park series? Well, why not give him this super cool nickname.
  5. Mandy – This is a super cute and short nickname option for Damian.
  6. Dandie – A charming breed of dog goes by this name; use it for a dog lover.
  7. My Doll – Usually used for a woman, you can use this name for a guy. No gender norms in nicknames for us!
  8. Nintendo – If your buddy Damian is very playful, why not give this gaming-inspired name to him.
  9. Demi – No one is as cute as Demi Moore; hence this name finds a mention here.
  10. Oh Damn! – What a swagger name to use for a Damian, Oh Damn! ( You can also use it for the guy you have been crushing on)


Funny Nicknames for Damian

Are you bored with all names nice and instead want a naughty pet name for your Damian? If yes, then this section of hilarious nicknames is dedicated to you. Have fun!

  1. Demon – Is your Damian an evil and cunning guy? If yes, then this name goes well for him.
  2. Doomed – Here is a name that will lighten the mood when you use it for your friend, Damian.
  3. Dominoes – This name is here because we love Pizza, and we love Dominoes! We bet you and your Damian do too.
  4. Onion – Won’t this be an apt name for a Damian who makes you cry? 😉
  5. Moody – Calling out a sweet guy a moment and a salty the very next moment type of guy, with this name.
  6. Alien – A name out of this world for your Damian, who is exactly like that. You can also give this name to Damian to tease him for the weird ways that he has.
  7. Damsel – Here is how you can call a Damian who acts like a “Damsel in Distress” or is unbelievably womanly.
  8. Maniac – This is a perfect nickname for a guy named Damian, who is crazy.
  9. Dementia – Don’t forget to use this nickname for Damian, who forgets everything.
  10. Man Maid/ Man-Made – A little wordplay is crucial to get things rolling for nicknames.


Cool Nicknames for Damian

When it comes to pet names for young boys named Damian, it’s best to stay in touch with what’s buzzing and somehow infuse them in pet names. It seems like quite a task!

Worry not, we have already done that for you, Have a look!

  1. Darcy – This name is from the classic novel “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen.
  2. D Dawg – Nicknames for youngsters and college-going kids? Sorted!
  3. Denim – Give this name to a guy who looks sexy in those tight denim jeans.
  4. Model – Flaterring nickname for a Damian, who has a solid physique and looks smashing.
  5. DM me! – This urban slang means “ Direct Message,” use this fun name for a guy hooked on Instagram all day long.
  6. Dominic – Another similar-sounding name that is very well used around Europe.
  7. Dalian – We slightly tweaked the original name and got this chirpier version, which we like too!
  8. Nomad – Traditionally, Nomads kept moving and did not stay in one place for long. It would be amusing to give this name to Damian, who has strong commitment issues.
  9. Mound – A stack of dirt is called a Mound; use this name for a sluggish guy who never takes a bath and smells awful.
  10. Dim Light – Best friends are meant to give insulting nicknames to each other, just like this one here!


Unique Nicknames for Damian

Our last section has collated some truly exceptional pet name suggestions for Damian that you never imagine were possible. Prepare to be blown away!

  1. Demonic – We recommend using this name for a guy who has a wicked laugh or who scares you for any reason.
  2. Median – A mathematical name might suit a geeky guy, Damian.
  3. Idiom – If Damian writes or is interested in languages, then you can use this witty name for him.
  4. Dean – A boyish name that remains very popular for men whose names start with the letter D.
  5. Onida – The meaning of this name is “long-awaited,” you can use this enchanting name for your baby boy whom you have waited for a long time.
  6. Mesopotamian – An indeed never heard before nickname for a guy interested in history or culture and has the name Damian.
  7. Mini – This simple and small nickname is for your buddy Damian, who is a little guy.
  8. Meoww – Is your Damian a cat person or has a catty girlfriend? Well then, consider this out-of-the-box nickname for him.
  9. Demo – We envision you using this quirky name for a guy who happens to be into sales, especially door-to-door selling.
  10. Downtown – Here is a funky name for a guy who lives in or around the city’s center space called Downtown.



Here we are at the end of 50+ wonderful nicknames for Damian. We have exhausted ourselves giving you every possible alternative pet name for a guy named Damian, but we may have missed something. If you think you have a name that will be a good fit in our list of nicknames for Damian, then we eagerly want to hear all about it.

Please share your suggestions with us, and let’s keep this “Nicknaming Express” rolling ahead.

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