60+ Beautiful Nicknames For Cynthia

Nicknames For Cynthia

Cynthia is one of the most attractive names for females and has been a popular staple among people who are seeking a blend of both; sassy and classy. What’s interesting to know about this title is that it was so generously used during the 20th century that it later plunged into an era of genial neglect. However, it is now back in action and pretty much in trend!

Whether you have a friend, partner, or a close relative, you would know that finding the ideal nickname for your loved one can be a tough grind, especially when there is an ocean of options to choose from.

Therefore, in today’s article, we have brainstormed over 60 impeccable nicknames for you and categorically listed them so that you pick the best one that suits your interests. Additionally, each nickname comes with our friendly word of advice to help you make the right choice.

But before heading straight to our list of pet names for a girl named Cynthia, let us first scroll through the meaning of this name and where it hails from.


Meaning And Origin Of The Name Cynthia

Cynthia is a name for females and bears a Greek origin. Typically, this name translates into “woman or moon goddess from Kynthos.” According to classical mythology, this attractive name is an epithet for Diana or Artemis.

During the middle years of the 10th century, the use of this name bloomed exponentially, and the most commonly associated nickname with Cynthia was “Cindy,” which stands true even in the present day.

This name is a perennial favorite of various poets of the Elizabethan age and was first recorded in the English-speaking landscape somewhere around the Classical age that began from the late 16th century. In fact, various authors and poets used this name to address Queen Elizabeth I and collated her with a moon goddess.

Another notable piece of information about this name is that even Ben Jonson’s allegorical drama, Cynthia’s Revels features this name as the protagonist.

It has also popped up in a plethora of movies ever since, some of which are Secrets & Lies, Mongolia, First Wives Club, and more. Some of the most renowned namesakes are Cynthia Nixon, Cynthia Gregory, and Cynthia Ozick.

Now that we are a little familiar with this name, let us dive right into the pool of nicknames for Cynthia that we have assembled for you!


Cute Nicknames For Cynthia

If the special girl in your life is a total cutie who astounds the crowd wherever she goes, then she probably deserves a nickname that mirrors her persona.

Here are some of the cutest nickname options for Cynthia to get you started:

  1. Cini – One of the cutest nicknames for Cynthia.
  2. Mini – Pick this nickname for a young girl who is obsessed with Minnie mouse.
  3. Cece – An adorable nickname for someone named Cynthia. This one belongs to the Latin origin.
  4. Cyn – A short and sweet pet name that is derived by using the first three letters of the original name.
  5. Cynth – This nickname is a Greek derivative of the name Cynthia.
  6. Missy – Another cute nickname that sounds exactly like “Miss C,” when pronounced.
  7. Cynthi – Use this nickname for someone with a pleasant and gentle personality.
  8. Cynne – This nickname is a perfect combination of sweet and stylish.
  9. Cee – A nickname for Cynthia that is pronounced the same way as its initial letter C.
  10. Cupcake – Pick this nickname for a girl you love ever so dearly.
  11. Chocolate – After all, who doesn’t love chocolates?
  12. Cuddles – A nickname that you can gift to someone you love snuggling with!
  13. Cherry Pie – This heartwarming nickname would instantly bring a smile to your beloved’s face.
  14. Canape – There is something unexplainably adorable about food nicknames.
  15. Cin – A short and lovable nickname that perfectly suits ladies of all ages.
  16. Cutie Boo – A conventional, but an eccentric nickname that you can use for your boo!
  17. Chickpea – Use this cute nickname for a girl named Cynthia who bears a petite figure.
  18. Cynn – A feisty nickname for a spunky girl bearing the name Cynthia.


Funny Nicknames For Cynthia

Choosing a whimsical nickname for someone you love is one of the best ways to induce giggles of laughter and let that person know how much you enjoy her company.

Moreover, if the girl named Cynthia in your life is blessed with good humor, then she’s sure to love a comical nickname coming her way!

Here are some of the best funny pet names for Cynthia that we think you’ll like. Have a look:

  1. Chum Chum – A funny nickname that you can use for your partner in crime.
  2. Cactus – A slangy nickname for someone who is so unattractive that gazing at her feels like pricking your eyeballs!
  3. Cheeser – Use this nickname for a girl who doesn’t maintain proper hygiene standards.
  4. Chicken Head – A fitting pet name for someone who acts dumb all the time.
  5. Chimpoo – This nickname is quite an offensive phrase for a girl who acts bitchy.
  6. Chubb – Pick this nickname for someone who is a chubby girl.
  7. Chugly – A combination of cute but ugly. Use this one at your risk!
  8. Cynthi Candy – Pick this nickname for a girl who impresses everyone with her sweet and savory personality!
  9. Cynic – Use this nickname for a girl who always acts like a cynical person.
  10. Cocktail – A comical nickname that you can use for a cocktail fanatic.
  11. Clicker – Pick this pet name for a girl who is an absolute control freak.
  12. Clingy – A nickname for a girl whom you just cannot seem to get rid of!
  13. Cloudnine – A funny-sounding nickname that is meant for a hyperactive girl named Cynthia.
  14. Clown-shoe – Use this nickname for someone who loves being the laughing stock.
  15. Clumatic – Pick this nickname for a clumsy girl who acts like a lunatic.


Popular Nicknames For Cynthia

There’s no denying the fact that nicknames are an essential part of one’s personality. And, the upside of picking a popular one is that it will help make any name more accessible and friendly.

If you are game for a well-known pet name for the girl name Cynthia in your life, then look no further than this list:

  1. Cindy – Probably the most popular and adorable nickname for someone named Cynthia.
  2. Cindee – A similar nickname that is spelled differently.
  3. Cindi – Another quirky variant of the aforementioned nicknames for someone named Cynthia.
  4. Cindie – This nickname has a princessy ring to it, hasn’t it?
  5. Cinnie – Another magnificent nickname that would look adorable on a young girl named Cynthia.
  6. Cyndee – A fashionable nickname that belongs to Greek origin and translates into “from Mount Kynthos.”
  7. Thea – This exquisite nickname is derived by tweaking the last four letters of the name Cynthia.
  8. Thee – quirky nickname is pronounced as “Dee.”
  9. Lucy – From Cynda to Lucinda, and straight to Lucy!
  10. Cinti – Another exotic derivative of the name Cynthia.
  11. Cia – A short and stupendous nickname for Cynthia, and our absolute favorite!
  12. CinCin – Repetitive nicknames are always a good idea!


Unique Nicknames For Cynthia

The best way to stand out from the crowd is to pick a unique nickname that does all the talking. If the girl named Cynthia in your life is special and deserves a similar nickname that’s equally spectacular, then have a look at some of the options that we have listed below for you:

  1. Cincinnati – Pick this nickname for a girl who belongs to Cincinnati.
  2. Cycy – A unique and quite an uncommon nickname for someone named Cynthia.
  3. Siah – An exquisite nickname that belongs to Irish origin and translates into “Black.”
  4. Cyy – Yet another exceptional pet name for Cynthia that would effortlessly make a remarkable statement.
  5. CeeCee – Pick this nickname for a woman of substance who always acts like a diva.
  6. Celeste – Similar to that of “Moon goddess.” Use this nickname for a beautiful girl bearing the name Cynthia.
  7. Cyntz – A spunky pet name that would suit a girl with a tomboyish nature.
  8. Sia – This nickname is culled from the popular Australian singer and musician, Sia.
  9. Ayla – This is a unique, Turkish nickname that translates into “moonlight.”
  10. Nyc – An endearment for Cynthia that’s culled by reversing the first three letters of the original name.
  11. Thia – This nickname is formed by using the last four letters of the original name.
  12. Cinderella – A beautiful nickname for a girl who is the princess of your life.
  13. Sinda – This name belongs to an African origin and translates into “Gift of God.”
  14. Cyndra – Another Greek derivative of the name Cynthia.
  15. Selena – A gorgeous-sounding Spanish nickname for Cynthia, that translates into “moon.”
  16. Sydney – This nickname somewhat resembles Cynthia, and can be used for an Australian.


Conclusion: Nicknames For Cynthia

So, this was all about over 60 beautiful nicknames for someone named Cynthia. A thoughtful and well-researched nickname can almost fit a person like second-skin, so much that the people around start identifying them with that title.

Ultimately, it is all about enjoying the nicknaming process and putting your heart into giving a suitable endearment to the special person in your life!

We hope that our list has helped you set your heart at the one, or at least fuelled you to curate a nickname of your own!

Lastly, if you have another great idea in mind that’s worth adding to our list, then be dear and let us know.

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