80+ Creative Nicknames for Cousins

Nicknames for Cousins

Be it a Christmas, family dinners or weddings, the best thing about them is the fun time with cousins. Cousins are the best friends we get as soon as we are born. They are the ones that have been with us through the ups and downs of life, strong like a wall.

The countless memories you have with them are hard to capture in a pet name, but today we will try and find you a nickname that expresses your beautiful bond with your cousin.

When it comes to finding a cool nickname for your cousin, the sky is the limit. You can use inside knowledge of their childhood traits and preferences and mock them for just about anything. After all, ranging from their first crush to their embarrassing habits, you know it all.

If you have a whole army of cousins with unique characteristics and personality traits, worry not; we have something unique for them all.

We present to you our list of creative nicknames for cousins along with pro tips from us; we bet you will find something that suits each of your cousins. Enjoy!

Cute Nicknames for Cousin

If you have a weakness for nicknames that are cheeky and cheesy, this section of nicknames is your haven. Have a look and find out what we are talking about.

  1. Blood Bestie – We know you love this nickname tailormade for cousins as much as we do.
  2. Cuzzy – Isn’t this the sort of name that has a soothing and warm vibe to itself? You can use it for a cousin who is a baby as well.
  3. Springles – We love the calm and breezy tone of this name that is loved by all.
  4. Baby Bean – Are you looking for a nice and pretty name for your little cousin, baby brother, or sister who is an infant? Here is a name that we recommend.
  5. Cherry – This is probably one of the sweetest nicknames you will find for your near and dear ones. The best thing about it is that you can use it for your infant cousin.
  6. Mini-Me – Is your baby cousin a sitting image of you in your younger days? If yes, you just got yourself the best possible pet name for them.
  7. Goofy – How about this pet name that works on anyone with a lively and fun personality?
  8. Sunshine – Isn’t this the pet name that can light up the day of your cousin when she hears it?
  9. Darling – Why complicate things when simple works just as well?
  10. Coconut – What do you name your cousin who is tender on the inside but hard on the outside? This is what!
  11. Joystick – If your cousin is a joyful being with a love for gaming, this nickname is practically calling out for him.
  12. Shin Chan – Cartoonish characters as nicknames is one trend that we can never let go of.
  13. My Muffin – If your baby cousin is so cute, you just want to eat them up.
  14. Nemo – For a cousin, you will find from a sea and never give up on.
  15. My Twin – If your cousin looks and acts like you, book this pet name for him that fits the situation well.
  16. Goofball – All this cuteness is too much to handle!


Nicknames for Cousin Sister

Cousin sisters are one of the best things about family; they spoil you for good and save you from trouble. Express your deep adoration towards them with a loving nickname.

Here are some ideas to help you.

  1. Siso – Do you need a fuss-free short and simple pet name for your sister? Here you go!
  2. My Saviour – Cousin sisters are saviors from the wrath of our parents throughout childhood. What better than this appreciative name to express your love for them/
  3. My Doll – Smoother your little sister with love with this cutesy nickname that she will love.
  4. Peaches – Here is a fruity and refreshing nickname for your cousin who has a lively personality.
  5. Nightingale – If your little baby sis has the sweetest voice, then we recommend this name for her.
  6. Honey – A pet name for a woman as sweet as honey.
  7. Lilly – Flowery nicknames for your sisters are a great idea. You can also modify it to name her after a flower that she is fond of.
  8. Enigma – A mysterious nickname for a sister who is just as mysterious.
  9. Tweety – Here is another cheery name you can use for your sister.
  10. Favorite Gal – If your sister is your best friend, then she gets to have the most adorable nickname of them all.
  11. Sweet Pea – We will spoil you for choice with tonnes of beautiful nicknames.
  12. My Angel – Make your sister feel special with this elegant name that remains a popular choice for many.


Nicknames for Cousin Brother

If you are looking for a nice and cool nickname for your cousin brother, whom you absolutely adore, here is where you will find what you seek.

  1. Brodo – We love the cool and relaxed vibe of this pet name for your cousin brother.
  2. Muscle Man – Is your cousin into gyming and bodybuilding or generally a well-built guy? If yes, here is a name that might work for them.
  3. Peanut – A winsome name for your favorite little boy!
  4. Ludo – It’s a great idea to name your brother after a game that you used to play a lot as kids. A nickname to take you back to the good old days.
  5. Iron Man – If a macho and masculine pet name is your requirement, then we have something for you as well.
  6. Bruh – Here is a cool name that GenZ would approve of.
  7. Little Chef – This title should go to a guy with a talent for whipping up delicacies for everyone.
  8. Junior – Keep things simple with this classic pet name that works best for the youngest one in the family.
  9. Mumma’s Boy – Use this title to tease your cousin, who was a complete momma’s boy when he was a child.
  10. Mario – Do you remember the good days of playing video games with your brother?
  11. Chocolate Boy – Need we say more about this classic pet name that never gets old?
  12. Einstein – A geeky cousin who always has a book deserves this pet name.
  13. Tantrum King – A self-explanatory name that you already know whom to use on.


Funny Nicknames for Cousin

Cousins are the closest you can have to a best friend for life, right from childhood until adulthood. Hence, a funny nickname for them is what works best. It expresses your fun relationship and also your bond very well.

Here are some hilarious nicknames that you can use for your cousins.

  1. Cellmate – Here is a hilarious dig at the concept of cousins as your partner is everything troublesome during childhood.
  2. Big Bum – Cousins have the right to use slightly offensive nicknames. Aren’t they?
  3. Shortie – It is a very popular nickname that you can use for a brother or sister who is younger than you.
  4. Forest Gump – If you know it, you know it.
  5. Pigtails – If you can recollect your cousin having pigtails during her younger days, this name will come in handy to tease her about it now that she is all grown up.
  6. Doraemon – If your cousin is a little plum, then this amusing nickname would fit him. (get it?)
  7. Oddball – Here is a perfect name for your cousin who is distinct from everyone else in the family.
  8. Cookie Monster – Who was your cousin who had an insatiable appetite?
  9. Grumpy – It’s hilarious to use these simplistic names for your cousins as a reminder of what they used to be like when they were young.
  10. Loner – Needless to say, this one is for someone who likes his own company more than anything else.
  11. Poop Master – This chucklesome name is all you need to make everyone laugh at a family gathering.
  12. Chicken – This one is dedicated to a cousin who is mortally afraid of anything fun.


Creative Nicknames for Cousin

  1. Partner in Crime – What better than this lovely title for your cousin who has lived the best days of your life with you?
  2. Donut – If your cousin has a soft spot for desserts and is round like a donut, then this nickname is calling out to them.
  3. Munchkin – Here is a sweet and simple pet name for your younger cousin.
  4. Jello Mello – Do you like this rhyming and endearing pat name that we came up with?
  5. Teddy Bear – If your little cousin is cute as a teddy bear and also obsessed with his toys, he can be a perfect muse for this name.
  6. Yoda – Use this pet name for a cousin who is wise beyond their age.
  7. Marshmallow – This pet name is perfect for a baby cousin who is very soft and cuddly and also works for a cousin who likes “Marshmallow,” the pop star.
  8. Muggle – Tease your cousin who is ignorant of cool stuff like Harry Potter and kind of a buzzkill.
  9. Jerry – Here is a pet name for someone you had a love-hate relationship with growing up and have been inseparable since you were babies.
  10. D Dawg – Customize this millennial nickname with the first letter of your cousin’s name, and you have a hippie name ready.
  11. Snickerdoodle – Some nicknames are so sweet to hear that they become our favorite instantly. Here is one such darling pet name.


Mean Nicknames for Cousin

  1. Humpty Dumpty – Cousins have known us since we were cute and cuddly kids; hence they have a right to name us over anything at all.
  2. Cry Baby – Was your cousin a bib cry baby during childhood? If yes, then this name is great to tease him about it and have a laugh.
  3. Nose Digger – Any embarrassing habit of your childhood can be a great nickname idea for naming your cousins.
  4. Flying Machine – Here is a name for someone disconnected from reality and lost in their world.
  5. Cringe Fest – Use this rude pet name at your own risk!
  6. Dumb and Dumber – The ruder the nickname, the closer the bond. This principle holds true when it comes to the people close to your heart.
  7. Duckface – We Don’t know what this means, but it sounds like something a mean cousin might use.
  8. Whiner – Is your cousin always whining about something or the other? You know what, you can name them now!
  9. Rebel – If your cousin has frequent riffs with adults, he is probably the one who would suit this name.
  10. Egghead – The meaner the nickname, the closer the bond!
  11. Menace – Here is something for that naughty cousin who can turn the whole house upside down.
  12. Barbarian – Are you looking for a pet name for a cousin who has a flared-up temper? If yes, perhaps this can be your choice.


Spanish Nicknames for Cousin

If you are keen on experimenting with nicknames, why not use a Spanish name for your cousin. Sounds fun?

Here are some pet names that you might not have commonly heard of.

  1. Mi Amo – This endearing nickname is something that will bring a smile to your cousin’s face for sure.
  2. Favorito – Hype up your favorite cousin with this peppy pet name that we approve of.
  3. Chico/Chica – If you are someone who likes to keep things simple, here is a plain nickname for your lovely cousin.
  4. Conejito – Did you know that Conejito means a bunny in Spanish?
  5. Idiota – As you can probably guess, this word translates to an “idiot.” A name that we know you are dying to use on your cousins.
  6. Despacito – If your cousin is a Beiber fan, they will like this nickname after one of his songs.
  7. Senorita – Senorita is a lady in Spanish; if you would like a plain nickname, this should be your pick.
  8. Churros – Here is a dessert nickname for your cousin with a sweet tooth as big as a mountain.

As is rightly said, “A cousin is a little bit of childhood that is never lost.”

We hope by now you have found a nickname that is as beautiful as your bond with your cousin. If you have some fun names that you use for your cousins, then we are dying to hear them out. Please do write us with helpful suggestions and recommendations.

Happy Nicknaming!

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