60+ Popular Nicknames For Connor

Nicknames For Connor

Connor is a powerful masculine name, which has Irish origins. This name is symbolic of passion and desire. Connor is a guy who is quiet and shy at first, but when you get to know them you can find a whole lot of undiscovered qualities and mysteries in them which make them who they are. Connor is a friend you can rely on but also a buddy you have the best of times with.

We have curated a comprehensive list of 60+ popular nicknames for you, that can be used for someone named Connor. What’s better is that each of these fun nicknames comes with an equally fun side note.

No matter which type of nickname you are looking for, you are sure to find something you like here. But before we give out some amazing nicknames, let’s tell you a bit about the history and origin of this name.


Origin of the Name

The name Connor has Irish connotations and is presumably derived from the Irish root word “Conchobhar”, which can be translated to “lover of hounds” or “lover of wolves”. Additionally, in the Greek language, Connor means desire.

This name has many mythical connections to the Irish folktales and is a popular name for a baby boy throughout the world.

Now that you know the story behind the origin of this name, let’s read on and find out what possible nicknames you can give to somebody named Connor.


Popular Nicknames for Connor

There is a whole wide world of possible nicknames for Connor, we have handpicked some popular choices from them and collected them here just for you. We are sure you will like each of these names and have a hard time picking just one from them.

  1. Connery – A name taken after the legendary James Bond actor, Sean Connery.
  2. Connie – An endearing short name for someone named Connor.
  3. Kony – This one is an alternate way of spelling the above nickname.
  4. Orion – A name of a constellation, that is literally right out of the stars.
  5. Konnor – An alternative way of spelling Connor.
  6. Noon – For someone who is not a morning person, always sleeps in till noon.
  7. Conroy – Another Irish origin name that is strikingly like Connor.
  8. Conners – We just added an additional “S” and derived at this endearing name.
  9. Carrey – Jim Carrey fans out there, this one might appeal to you.
  10. Cashmere – If they love all things fine, they might like this name.
  11. Nora – A feminine nickname that follows the name Connor well.
  12. Ronco – We played the jumble letters game to get to this name here.
  13. Ron – If Connor is your best buddy like Ron was to Harry Potter, then this name is for them.
  14. Neer – It means water in Hindi and makes for a unique nickname for Connor.
  15. Kenny – Another classic, breezy, and short name which is a safe option.


Cute Nickname for Connor

Endearing nicknames are a way to make someone dear to you feel loved and appreciated in the most special way. The names below are unbelievably cute and will aptly convey to the Connor in your life how much you adore them.

  1. Connie Boo – An endearing name for someone special like your son or spouse named Connor.
  2. Nano – For a little baby boy Connor, who is adorably tiny.
  3. Iron Man – Superhero nicknames are always a hit with kids. (Even grownups Connor will dig this name)
  4. Coco Butter – This special and sweet name is for special little guy Connor.
  5. Ryan – A suave and stylish name, which is an offbeat but good choice.
  6. Kangaroo – Animal nicknames never seem to get outdated.
  7. Crown – This flattering pet name is especially for a guy who deserves all the hype.
  8. Corncakes – Nothing can be sweeter than a name that has the word cake in it.
  9. Cupcake – No, we cannot get enough of dessert-infused nicknames!
  10. Ronnie – A classic pet name, which is always trendy.


Funny Nickname for Connor

If the Connor in your life has a fun and comical personality, then we have a right fit of nickname for them as well. These nicknames are witty, quirky, and tailormade for someone who brightens your day with their funny jokes and anecdotes.

  1. Chandler – Can we interest you in a sarcastic comment?
  2. Chan-Chan Man – Taking the bandwagon of FRIENDS-inspired nicknames ahead.
  3. Knorr – If they like Asian food, you can give them this Chinese food brand name.
  4. Cork – A Connor who is a fan of fine wines, is the one for this name.
  5. Console – If you are looking to nickname your gaming buddy Connor, this should be your pick.
  6. Quinoa – If Connor is always eating healthy, might as well call them after a healthy food.
  7. Rock On – For a Connor who always has party boots on.
  8. Crack-head – A hilarious nickname to give someone, who is just a tad bit crazy.
  9. Otter – What is better than a nickname taken after a cute and furry little animal.
  10. Chicken Curry – For your foodie friend Connor out there.
  11. Copper – Big Bang Theory fans will love this name, taken after the historic character of Sheldon Cooper.
  12. Canoe – If Connor is always ready to travel, you can give this name to him.


Flirty Nicknames for Connor

Tired of giving old and boring nicknames to your boyfriend/spouse? Don’t worry, we have you covered. We have some refreshingly new nicknames for Connor that come with that extra flirtatious pinch of flavor. Wink-Wink!

  1. Coni kissy – A gentle note for your guy, which says that you love to steal a kiss from him.
  2. Con Crazy – If you are crazy for them, this name can let them know.
  3. Corazón – Spanish for “heart”, a name which is so perfect for that special someone.
  4. O Connor – A flirty way of addressing your beloved Connor. (Say it like Oh Connor!)
  5. Eye Candy – A compliment and a cute nickname, two in one.
  6. Mc Creamy – Do we need to sell this one to you?
  7. Corny – For a Connor who is always using corny pick-up lines to impress you.
  8. Hot Curry – Fun way to let them know that you find them hot and sexy.
  9. Mi Amor – Spanish for “my love”, a loving name that rhymes with Connor. Win-Win!


Stupid Nicknames for Connor

Our nicknaming express has arrived at the “makes no sense” junction, names ahead are utterly stupid and will make absolutely no sense. Pick them for confusing, irritating, and annoying people named Connor.

  1. Cone – A stupid name that will make people wonder what it means.
  2. Kimono – A Japanese robe that makes for a nickname that is utterly confusing.
  3. Coral – If Connor is into Scuba Diving, he might be into this name.
  4. Narcos – If Connor liked this superhit Netflix show, he might like to be named after it.
  5. Coney Island – The name sounds absurd, but absurd names stick around for a long time.
  6. Unicorn – A mysterious guy must be named after a mysterious and mythical creature.
  7. Concave – Scientific name for a nerdy guy, also for someone who is always standing in front of a mirror.
  8. Cornbread – If Connor loves to bake, why not give them this savory snacky name.
  9. Corner – For a guy named Connor who has a permanent corner in your heart.
  10. Chandelier – A fancy-sounding name that is quite quirky and different.
  11. Cannon – A name after a weapon for a hot-headed Connor, who is blasting anger bombs.


Mean Nicknames for Connor

A fun relationship can be made stronger by an equally fun nickname. These names might seem a bit offensive at first, but only close friends are authorized to use them. If Connor is your best buddy, you can choose a name that might be mean, but goes on to show how deep your friendship really is.

  1. Con Man – You probably know best who this name should be given to.
  2. Uncanny – Nobody would like to be named Uncanny, but it’s fun to call someone this
  3. Stand in a Corner – A tad bit long, but a top-notch rude name.
  4. Cleaner – Tailormade pet-name for a Connor who should keep himself a bit tidy.
  5. Cinderella – There is nothing worse than a princess name for a guy.
  6. Racoon – We feel sorry for anybody who will have to bear this offensive name.
  7. Knock Knock – When they tell too many knock-knock jokes, which are honestly just lame.
  8. Casanova – If Connor is too good with the ladies, he might pull off this one.
  9. Corona – Everybody hates this word right now, a hilarious pet name to call someone by.



So, there you have 60+ popular nicknames for Connor, it was great fun listing them out for you, we hope you enjoyed reading them and have found the one you love the most. If you can think of any more possible nicknames for Connor, then be dear and share them with us. Till then, let’s get on with our nicknames.

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