50+ Awesome Nicknames For Colton

Nicknames For Colton

When we say the name Colton, are you reminded of someone? Do you happen to have a friend or family member by this name? Have you ever wondered what could be a suitable nickname for Colton? If yes, this blog post is for you. The star of today’s show of Nicknames is the name, Colton. Stay with us as we delve into a sea of possible nicknames for this lovely name today and fish out your favorite pick.

When we think of the name Colton, it seems like the sought of name that reminds us of something or the other. There are almost seven places in the United States that are named Colton!

So, whether it’s a cousin or a cute guy you met at a party, you must have come across this name somewhere. Want to know more about it? Let’s find out what it means before jumping onto the list of cool and creative nicknames for Colton.


Meaning and Significance of the Name

The name Colton has come about from old English and typically is a shortened version of the words coal and town. Colton means “from the coal or dark town.” Biblical translations have interpreted this name as “God’s warrior.”

This roguish name has risen to popularity due to the swanky character of Colton Shore that came about in the daily soap, General Hospital.

Enough beating around the bush! Let’s head onto our innovative collection of awesome nicknames for Colton.


Popular Nicknames for Colton

A nickname is a sweet message of love and emotion. Here are some plain and smooth nickname options for you that are no Drama at all!

Why complicate things when easy does it?

  1. Col – If you are a fan of short names, then here is something for you.
  2. Colten – Small changes in the original name can give you good nicknames.
  3. Colt – This classic pet name for Colton is the most used and loved option here.
  4. Walton – Taken after an American businessman, Sam Walton. Give this name to an entrepreneur buddy of yours.
  5. Kolt – You can use this alternate way of spelling the above nickname if you like.
  6. Cole – Here is a sweet and simple name that is everyone’s favorite.
  7. Colonel – This name after a military title is best suited for a disciplined and strict guy named Colton.
  8. Colston – This is also a variant of the name Colton.
  9. Clone – If your buddy Colton looks like some celebrity, then this name might work for him.
  10. Conan – Calling out all literature Geeks with this nickname inspired by none other than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


Cute Nicknames for Colton

Are you secretly crushing on a guy named Colton? Do you need a nickname for him that is as cute as him?
Well, here you go!

  1. Collie – Need a short name that sounds loving? Well, how about this one.
  2. Coleman – When your man is named Colton, you call him Col-man. (Get it?)
  3. Coul-son – How about a bit of wordplay nickname for your son named Colton.
  4. Cole-Slaw – This healthy nickname might be perfect for a health freak.
  5. Golden – This rhyming nickname is enough to cheer up your man whenever he is feeling down.
  6. MyCutie – Calling someone My Cutie is all it takes to make them go over the moon. This nickname will make a Colton swoon over it in no time.
  7. Cotton – If you are looking for a baby’s nickname, you might call him cotton. You can alternately use this name for the guy with soft hugs.
  8. Clinton – This would be a perfect nickname for a politically active guy or a Colton who someday aspires to become the president.
  9. Cotton Candy – Here is a lovely nickname after a candy for your sweet little guy, Colton.
  10. LuckyClover – Use this flattering and endearing pet name option for your special guy.


Funny Nicknames for Colton

If Colton is your best buddy, then you have all the right to give an embarrassing pet name. These hilarious nicknames bag fun times today and shall become fond memories of your carefree days in the future.

  1. Colgate – It would be hilarious if you could use this name for a guy whose breath stinks.
  2. Clayton – Perhaps you can use this name for a fragile guy named Colton?
  3. Singleton – Take a dig at your single friend with this amusing name.
  4. Olden – If you want a nickname for your uncle or a teacher, then this witty nickname can do for you.
  5. Collateral – Won’t it be fun to give this name to a guy with mounting credit card debts?
  6. Crouton – Food nicknames are honestly the best nicknames. Pick this for a foodie guy in your group.
  7. Colon – This weird pet name suggestion is an excretory organ. You can use it for a guy with stomach issues.
  8. Cartoon – Here is what you can call a toddler, Colton, who is obsessed with cartoons. (On a side note, it might work on anyone with a weird personality)
  9. Chitter Chatter – Perfect nickname for a guy who just won’t shut up!
  10. Clown – Need we say more about this witty yet winsome nickname?
  11. Coal Town – The root words for this name can be used as a slightly rude pet name for a dark guy.
  12. Semi-colon – Here is a perfect pet name for that Grammar Nazi friend, Colton, who always points out your errors.


Cool Nicknames for Colton

If nothing has caught your eyes yet, perhaps our next section of nicknames will appeal to you.

Have a look! These trendy pet names are bound to impress you.

  1. Kolton – Isn’t it intriguing how replacing just one letter in a name can change its feel completely?
  2. Molten – Perhaps you can use this name for a Colton who is quick to burst like molten lava.
  3. Clubfoot – This peculiar condition of twisted ankles in babies can be a funny nickname for a clumsy guy and has.
  4. Canon – Use this heavy-duty pet name for a guy who is a history student.
  5. Tonne – Use this playful name to take a dig at your slightly overweight buddy, Colton.
  6. Carlton – Here is another option of a famous name which comes from Old English.
  7. Gluten – If your friend Colton always watching his weight and trying weird fad diets? Then how about this rhyming pet name.
  8. Coca-Cola – How about this funky nickname idea for a guy who is fun to hang out with?
  9. Colts – Doesn’t this sound like the sort of name a teenage boy would like for himself?
  10. Cool Man – We got carried away and had an idea for a very literal cool name. If you want to keep things simple, this must be your pick.


Unique Nicknames for Colton

In our last and final section of nicknames, we present some odd yet fun pet name options for Colton. These unique and never heard before nicknames will surely amaze you in all the right ways.

  1. Cranky Pants – You already know which Colton would be best suited for this name.
  2. Elton – Many of you might resonate this name with English songwriter Elton John.
  3. Sultan – This Arabic word means “authority or rulership.” A solid nickname worthy of a king.
  4. Clutter – We all have those friends in your life whose homes as always in a mess. Call them out with this appropriate name.
  5. Cyton – Here is a scientific and nerdy name for Colton that seems like it came out of a science fiction novel.
  6. Cling-Town – How about this off-beat and offensive pet name for a clingy guy, Clinton?
  7. Colony – Sometimes, the names that make no sense initially are the ones that stay around for the most extended times, just like this one.
  8. Colin – This is a perfect pet name that you can use for a neat freak, Colton.
  9. Blood Clot – We don’t know how we can sell this gory nickname to you.
  10. Clams – This nickname is for a Colton who loves seafood or being at the beach.



That was all from us. As always, we invite you to share your thoughts with us and perhaps suggest some nicknames that we missed out for Colton. Use one of these awesome nicknames to make the Colton in your life feel loved and appreciated.

Stay tuned as we will be back with amazing nickname suggestions for more of your friends and family.

Happy Nicknaming!

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