70+ Nicknames for Christina

Nicknames for Christina

Thinking of nicknames for your dear Christina? Have already spent too much time shortlisting the nicknames that are popping up in your mind randomly and could manage to write only a handful of names? Just tear those pages where you have written down those names and relax a bit with our 70+ nicknames collection for Christina.

Read what our advisor has to say about selecting a nickname that your dearest one is going to love to be called: “nicknames should be short and easy to pronounce. It should resonate with the feeling that you are having for the person to whom you are attributing the name. In the 21st-century people love to have short and trendy nicknames. Moreover, short names are easy to memorize.” Keep all those in mind and read on.

We have provided complete information on the origin, meaning, popularity, variety, pronunciation, and much more on the name Christina. You need not worry about the meaning of the nicknames that we have mentioned here, we have added the description against all uncommon nicknames to help you to select.

Let’s have a look at those before selecting a nickname for Christina.


Origin and Meaning of Christina

Christina is a female attributed name. It has its root in Latin ‘Christiana’ and it is the feminine form of ‘Christianus’. Christina can also be traced back to the Middle English ‘Christian’. Beautiful in sound, the name Christina means ‘flower of Christ’. Christina first occurred between 1921 and in 1979, the name occurred as the highest recorded first name in the USA.


Famous People Named Christina

The popularity of a name so much depends on its use by celebrities, any public figure, famous historical figures, or famous fictional figures. Here are some famous persons who bear the name Christina either as their first name or a family name.

  • Christina the Astonishing – A holy-woman of Belgium, also known as ‘Christina Mirabilis’ (1150-1224)
  • Christina Ashcroft – Canadian sport shooter (born 1964)
  • Christina Sandberg – Professional Tennis player of Sweden (born 1948)
  • Christina Rodriguez Cabral – Uruguayan researcher, poet and Afro-Uruguayan activist (bon 1959)
  • Kristina Abrahamsdotter – Queen of Sweden. (1432- 1492)
  • Christina (christiya) Freeland – Canadian politician.
  • Christina Applegate – American actress. (born 1971)
  • Christina Hawthorne – She is the main character of the TV series Hawthorne.
  • Christina Maria Aguilera – an American singer. (born 1980)


Cute Nicknames for Christina

Nicknames look and sound cute if they are short and easy to pronounce. Moreover, people prefer short names as they can remember it easily. A cute girl like Christina deserves a cute short name for her. Go through these cute Christina names.

  1. Chris – first part of the name and also the English variant.
  2. Tina – last part of the name and also Indian/ Dutch/ Greek/ Italian/ Russian variant.
  3. Christie/ Christi – English short form of Christina. Christi is in Spanish.
  4. Kri – with an Indian touch.
  5. Chrys
  6. Christa – Spanish female attributed nickname
  7. Kia – Swedish variant.
  8. Kiera – Danish and English way
  9. Kurisu – Japanese variant for Cristina
  10. Nina – it is quite popular as a nickname for Christina.
  11. Risten – Northern Sami variant
  12. Stine – Danish and Norwegian
  13. Tyna – Dutch variant
  14. Chres
  15. Stina – German and Scandinavian variant
  16. Kris – Indian way of English ‘Chris’
  17. Stine – Danish and Norwegian way
  18. Tiya – taken from the middle name of Christina (christiya) Freeland, a Canadian politician.
  19. Chrissy
  20. Christy
  21. Teena – pronounce as ‘Tina’ and rhymes with Christina
  22. Tella – was taken from the other related name, Christella
  23. Ris – omitting the first and end part of the name.
  24. Chrissa
  25. Chrisay
  26. Teeny
  27. Teen
  28. Trina
  29. Carina – perfectly rhymes with Christina
  30. Ti – just a short simple part of Christina.


Funny Nicknames for Christina

Searching a nickname for your best friend to tease her?

We understand you love calling your best friend by weird names without any reason. If this is what you are looking for then you are the right place. We have created some unique funny nicknames for you to use on your friend. Check it out

  1. Tintin – if you think your friend is an adventure lover.
  2. Xtina
  3. Crispy Tina – by improvising the name Christina.
  4. Fuzzy Chrisie – if your female spends a lot of time in confusion.
  5. Chris clown – just like ‘ass clown’, if she tries hard to sound funny and clever.
  6. Burpy Chirpie – if your friend burps a lot.
  7. Copy Kat – if Kit copies everything you do.
  8. Dizzy Chrisie – if she feels dizzy all day long.
  9. CG – C is for Chrissy and G is for Gee, slang for a buddy.
  10. Cheesy – if she talks rubbish all the time and means nothing.


Unique Nicknames for Christina

Everyone likes uniqueness in them and if it is about their name then it’s surely a cherry upon a cake. I mean what could be a better idea to show uniqueness but through an uncommon name. If you are looking for a nickname for your newborn baby girl then this unique names section is just what you should refer to.

  1. Krist
  2. Ina– from the last part of the name.
  3. Rissy
  4. Rista
  5. Nia
  6. Ria – Indian touch
  7. Rita – again with an Indian touch.
  8. Tyra
  9. Cit – pronounce it as ‘Kit’
  10. Citi – pronounce it as ‘kitty’
  11. Iris
  12. Trisa – here also with an Indian touch.
  13. Sai – pronounce it as ‘sy or cy’


Cool Nicknames for Christina

Cool names are in trend in the 21st century. Everyone is gonna love it if you give a cool nickname be she your best friend, lover, baby girl, or anyone. Check the below list for a few cool nicknames for someone named Christina.

  1. Kripz
  2. Miss K
  3. Keny
  4. Chrisx
  5. Niana
  6. Kriti – with an Indian touch
  7. Belle – from the related name Christabelle’.


Best Nicknames for Christina

Not satisfied with our suggestions for cute, unique, and funny nicknames? Don’t get sad right away. We have collected a few more unique names. These handpicked Christina nicknames are the best among other nicknames.

  1. Rissie – it was made by improvising the Indian name ‘rishi’.
  2. Catty – as simple as Kattyy’
  3. Caz – a cool way of calling ‘christy’
  4. Kenna – Ket + Anna
  5. Kainy
  6. Reena
  7. Kiki
  8. Steena
  9. Stan – was taken from the name ‘Christen’ (old English), from which the name Christina was evolved.
  10. Tira – it is not similar to ‘Tyra’. Pronounce it as ‘tee-ra’
  11. Sheena
  12. Chree – pronounce it as ‘Kri’
  13. Ket
  14. Anna – last part of the name ‘Christiana’


We wish we were able to serve you with the best nicknames possible for someone named Christina. We tried our best to aid you to select the best nickname for your loved one, be she your girlfriend, wife, sibling, baby girl, a close friend, or just an acquaintance.

If you think these suggestions could have been better or we have missed some names that are worth mentioning, please feel free to help us update our list. Your effort will be appreciated and we will update our list.

Thank you for reading till the end and have a good day.


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