110+ Adorable Nicknames For Charlotte

Nicknames For Charlotte

The name Charlotte is undeniably one of the most sought-after baby girl names. The popularity of this name has sky-rocketed in recent times, thanks to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge adopting this name for their adorable little princess. Charlotte is a royal name that is graceful and elegant with a significant heritage behind it.

This name remains etched in the history and culture of the world. From the classic works of Charlotte Bronte like Jane Eyre, to the rich history of Britain’s royal lineage, this name has left footprints all over the world that can never be erased.

So, if you are also swooning over this name for your daughter or already have a Charlotte in your life, we are here to suggest suitable nicknames to give them.


Origin and Significance of the Name

Charlotte has French origins; it is the feminine version of the masculine word “Charles”, which can be translated as a “free or petite.” So, Charlotte goes on to mean “a free woman” or “petite woman.”

This name can be traced back to the 14th century when this name first came about by way of Britain’s royal family. Time and again, the name Charlotte has been adopted in royal families all over Europe.

Here, we have listed a few of them for you.

  • Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
  • Charlotte Stuart, Duchess of Albany
  • Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
  • Charlotte, Princess Royal, later Queen Charlotte of Württemberg
  • Charlotte of Belgium, Empress of Mexico
  • Charlotte of Bourbon, Queen of Cyprus

This name the one to choose for the Queen of your heart or your little princess. Now that we know all that is to know about the name Charlotte, let’s get right on to the fun part. Have a look at all the cute, and loving nicknames we have managed to collate for this name.


Popular Nicknames for Charlotte

Nicknaming a person can be confusing; while we do not want to adopt an overused cliché, we also don’t want a weird name that unsettles our vibe with the person. Stress no more; we are here to save the day.

Listed below are some popular nicknames for Charlotte that are not too out there and yet not unheard of.

  1. Cherry – A cute and fruity name that is perfect for a baby Charlotte.
  2. Charls – Perhaps the first name that you can think of as a nickname for Charlotte.
  3. Charlie – A name that probably has too many selling points for us to mention. Charlie Chaplin, Charlie’s Angels, Charlie, and the chocolate factory…. the list goes on and on.
  4. Mon Cherie – French for “my dear”, this is our favorite name on the list.
  5. Carley – A charming name that is perfect for a diva-like girl.
  6. Charlene – A sophisticated name for perhaps someone you respect and admire.
  7. Chi-Chi – We are loving the ring that this pleasing name has.
  8. Charlot – Practically the same name, we just randomly skipped a few letters here and there.
  9. Cookie – A classic nickname that never goes wrong.
  10. Churro – Dessert nicknames are our favorite kind of nicknames.
  11. Carlita – Another fancy-sounding name that is also relatively unheard of.
  12. Carlito – Just changed the A to an O, and we have a new nickname right there. Isn’t nicknaming fun?
  13. Chariot – Another innovative take on a nickname for Charlotte, perhaps for someone who is always on the move.
  14. Cherub – A biblical name for a Charlotte who is religious.
  15. Chicory – If your Charlotte is groggy without her morning cup of coffee, give her this name after a coffee.
  16. Chai – Hindi translation for tea, Any tea lovers here?
  17. Queen – A special name like Charlotte is best with a nickname that is equally royal.
  18. Chop Chop – A name that is fit for a chef or that friend who keeps spoiling you with her amazing home-cooked treats.
  19. Sharlotte – An alternate way of spelling the name Charlotte, which sounds very suave.
  20. Sherry – A fine wine name is an interesting fine woman name.


Short Nicknames for Charlotte

The nicknames that stick around for a long time and are loved by all always have two qualities in them, they are short and sweet. We have made your task of finding a short and fun nickname for Charlotte easier by listing them all in one place here for you.

  1. Cha Cha – A dancing diva who rocks the dancefloor is the one for this name.
  2. Cho – A sweet and short Asian name, which was also a popular character in Harry Potter, all in one.
  3. Lotte – We cut the name in parts and arrived at this cute name, which is also an international confectionary brand name.
  4. Choco – If you like simple and sweet names, here is one for you.
  5. Miss C – Does it not sound fancy calling someone with a prefix and an initial?
  6. Chia – Chia seeds are all the rage in the health food market, also a Charlotte who is as little as a chia seed will be the one for this name.
  7. Sea – Pronounced like the letter C, this name is for all the beach babies.
  8. Choker – A pet name, which is also a type of jewelry, what more would a girl want?
  9. Car – If Charlotte is too possessive about her wheels, you can tease her by calling her car.
  10. Chloe – A classic pet name that is tough to beat.
  11. Chi – In traditional Chinese culture, Chi is believed to be a vital force forming part of any living entity, such a short name with a big significance.
  12. Carla – Short, sweet, and stylish-all good qualities of a good pet name in a single place.
  13. Chaz – It is not often that we find names that end in a Z, this one sounds very chic.
  14. Chintz – A suave name which we bet no one could think of.
  15. Kelly – Calling out all the Office sitcom fans!
  16. Chores – No one likes boring chores, but for a name, it’s not that boring.
  17. Champ – Flattering nicknames never go out of style.
  18. Catty – If Charlotte gives catty remarks about you, here is a name for her to level things up.
  19. Chic – Well, speaking of chic nicknames, “Chic” is also a perfectly good nickname for Charlotte which is also a compliment. Win-win!
  20. Tiara – A royal name like Charlotte practically calls for this fancy embellishment as a nickname.
  21. Cairo – No nickname list is complete without travel destinations for all the globetrotters.
  22. Carl – A popular boy name which is shared by famous people around the globe.


Funny Nicknames for Charlotte

Calling your special girl Charlotte by a comical pet name is a sure-shot way to make her laugh and boost her dreary day. Read on, because we have the most amazing list of hilarious nicknames for your Charlotte that you are going to love.

  1. Chevrolet – A name after an automobile company which is fit for a rider Charlotte.
  2. Chipotle – An apt name for your foodie friend Charlotte.
  3. Kale – A superfood that doesn’t taste all that good it a chuckle-worthy name for your buddy Charlotte, who is always obsessing over her weight.
  4. Chalupa – Keeping the bandwagon of food nicknames going ahead with this name for Charlotte taken after a Mexican dish.
  5. Chip n Dip – Another fun nickname for Charlotte after a snack.
  6. Clutter – For a Charlotte who makes a big mess wherever she goes.
  7. Chinese Checkers – If Charlotte is your gaming partner, this name is what you may like.
  8. Karaoke – When Charlotte has a horrible voice but insists on singing every time you hit a Karaoke bar.
  9. Chewy – If she makes loud noises when she eats.
  10. Chomp-Chomp – The above name inspired us for this name, another one for loud chewing Charlotte.
  11. Champaign – A liquor name is best suited for a Charlotte who drinks a lot.
  12. Chia Seed – For a baby Charlotte or perhaps a weight watcher.
  13. Chortle – Your buddies will chortle when they hear this witty nickname.
  14. Cheetah – A fierce animal who is the fastest on the planet will be a gratifying nickname for a Charlotte.
  15. Carrot – This nickname calls out a health junkie Charlotte who is always watching her diet.
  16. Carrot Cake – Dessert names are for the sweetest girls in your life.
  17. Chitty Chatty – You already know who to give this name to.
  18. Chug Chug Chug – A hilarious name for college going Charlotte who is a party animal.
  19. Cheque – Call out your friend Charlotte who is loaded with this witty name.


Cute Nicknames for Charlotte

If you are on the lookout for nicknames for Charlotte, which are high on the cuteness quotient, we just made your job easy. Thank us later!

  1. Star Light – A name that oozes love, this name for your lady love Charlotte.
  2. Cutlet – A perfect name for a cute baby Charlotte or perhaps your little niece.
  3. Sherry – This one is for your colleague who is into fine wines.
  4. Crabcakes – No, we are not getting over pet-names with the word cakes in it anytime soon.
  5. Charmi – Isn’t this a charming name for Charlotte?
  6. Charlotta – Just replace the E with an A, and Viola! An adorably cute nickname is ready.
  7. Chica – Spanish for a girl, a name that is perfect is every way.
  8. Chico – Replace A with an O and you have a name which Spanish for a boy, if your daughter is a tom-boy you can give her this name.
  9. Cheery – If your Charlotte always cheers you up, this name might cheer her up.
  10. Choo Choo Train – If you are looking to nickname a toddler, we just gave you what you are looking for.
  11. Crystal – A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.
  12. Cheetos – If it’s your favorite thing to binge on, it can be your favorite name to give to your girl Charlotte.
  13. Catch – If your dear Charlotte is a catch, this doting name is just made for them.
  14. Lottery – A flattering way to let them know that having them in your life is like winning the lottery.
  15. Omelette – Rhymes with Charlotte and a healthy breakfast option, two in one!
  16. Cara – Irish name meaning “darling, beloved, loved one, or dear one”, need we say more?
  17. Chocolate – There ain’t anything that is better than chocolate, undeniably the sweetest name to give to your dear Charlotte.
  18. Chatterbox – For the Charlotte in your life who never shuts up.
  19. Charis – Biblical term for “good will or kindness”, what a serene and holy nickname!
  20. Carlota – We want you to give this name a Mexican accent and then decide if you like it or not.


Cool Nicknames for Charlotte

Tired of old and boring nicknames? Here are a few fun nicknames with a dash of style and sarcasm. These special nicknames are full of urban slang and pop culture references and we are loving them!

  1. Chilly – That’s what you call a Charlotte you find smoking hot.
  2. Charcuterie – How’s this one for a Charlotte who is a chef or just an amazing cook?
  3. Chad – A boyish name that goes well for a tomboyish Charlotte.
  4. Roulette – Isn’t this name just perfect for a buddy Charlotte who gambles.
  5. Merlot – Is your friend Charlotte a wine fanatic? Well, we found a perfect name for them.
  6. Closet – Your shopaholic buddy Charlotte who has the best closet collection can be given this name.
  7. Charlock – Sounds like Sherlock, an innovative name for Charlotte who reads crime mysteries.
  8. Crockery – If Charlotte likes collecting expensive tableware, why not give her this name which she will like.
  9. Cheroot – A type of cigar; this name goes for your friend Charlotte who smokes.
  10. Charlot – Skipping random letters from the name is the standard nicknaming procedure.
  11. Chanel – Luxury brands as nicknames are the new cool thing here!
  12. Halley’s Comet – Let your girl know that having her in your life is as special as witnessing the Halley’s Comet.
  13. Barley – When Charlotte drinks too much beer, this can be a fun dig at her.
  14. Chan Chan Man – FRIENDS fans don’t need to look anywhere else.
  15. Scarlett – What is cooler than a pet name after a smoking hot Hollywood actress?
  16. Charter – A fascinating way to address the Charlotte you have exchanged wedding vows with.


Mean/Rude Nicknames for Charlotte

If the Charlotte in your life gets on your nerves and you want to get back at them with a slightly rude nickname, you have arrived at just the right place. Down here are few nicknames which might seem offensive, have a look!

  1. Chihuahua – Is it too mean to give your buddy a pet name after your pet dog?
  2. Chimp – This one right here is the winner of the “meanest nickname” contest.
  3. Chuck – You cannot help but chuckle while calling someone “chuck”.
  4. Chuck E Cheese – Here we added two words and landed at another hilarious name, this is one if probably for that chubby girl Charlotte you met in the gym.
  5. Check Mate – For your buddy Charlotte who is a sore loser.
  6. Harlot – An incredibly rude word for a loose woman, that we do not recommend using.
  7. Croquette – Speaking of nicknames for slightly obese Charlotte, here is one more.
  8. Cheater – You always call a cheater a cheater, that’s only fair!
  9. Cat Hole – For a tiny Charlotte who is only as tall as a cat hole.
  10. Stink City – A mean name to give to a Charlotte who smells awful.
  11. Cheapo – For your buddy Charlotte who always cheap out of paying.
  12. Cigar Butt – Another offensive name that sounds like Charlotte.
  13. Shallot – Custom made name for a woman who makes you cry just like chopping shallots does.
  14. Chute – For a Charlotte who is a chain-smoker.
  15. Charity – We don’t know why but it seems quite rude to call someone a “charity”.
  16. Cholera – We don’t recommend giving out diseases as nicknames, but it sounds funny.



Finally, we are at the end of our comprehensive 110+ adorable nickname list for the beautiful name Charlotte. We have exhausted our minds thinking for every possible pet name for the Charlotte of your life, but we would love to see you have a go at it as well.

If you come up with any new nickname for Charlotte, we are waiting to hear them out. Do send them in and let’s make this long list of nicknames even longer with your help.

Till then, Happy Nicknaming!

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