60+ Lovely Nicknames for Celeste

Nicknames for Celeste

Welcome to the nickname fair! There is a myriad of stalls for different names here, and we are having a lot of fun finding new and interesting nicknames for each name. Look, we have reached our next stall! This one is dedicated to Celeste. What a magical name this is. Not only does it mean ‘heavenly,’ it actually sounds like it has descended from the stars.

Holding up this connotation, we feel like Celeste has a personality that shines and makes her stand out in a crowd. She has an exceptionally attractive aura and amazing socializing skills too. Given the charm and politeness that she harbors in her speech, everyone enjoys talking to and being around her.

If you happen to have such a gem of a soul in your life, then you know that she is a keeper. And if you plan to keep her, then giving her a lovely nickname will be the right step in that direction.

In this article, we have brought more than sixty amazing nicknames for Celeste for you to scrutinize and choose from. Are you ready? Because we are!


Meaning and Origin of Celeste

A female name that has roots in Latin, Celeste means ‘heavenly.’ However, it is also considered to be a French name that is based on the Latin word ‘caelestis’, which means heavenly. Interestingly in France, Celeste is used as both a masculine and feminine name.

Celeste is a name that softly augments the aura of a person and makes one picture the stars and other heavenly bodies of the night sky. Truly enchanting, kids often tend to associate this name with Queen Celeste of Babar’s elephant kingdom from the popular animated movie.

The name is a brilliant choice for baby girls and is loved by many. In fact, Celeste has been quite a favorite in the United States since the 1880s, picked by numerous parents for their tiny girl. Best known modern Celeste is the Oscar-winning actress Celeste Holm.

Now that we know a little about the name let’s acquaint ourselves with some cute, crazy, and cool nicknames for it too. Get, set, go!


Cute Nicknames for Celeste

Oh no, we spilled the love potion all over the place! Yes, that is what these cute and mushy nicknames feel like. Smelling of love and affection, these nicknames will make Celeste feel special and give her a chance to bask in the warmth of your companionship.

Isn’t that the sweetest thing about nicknames? So, jump in and see what we’ve got!

  1. Cel – This is probably the most common nickname for girls named Celeste, but isn’t it so cute!
  2. Celly – A colorful blend of cuteness and coolness, this nickname is a great option.
  3. Lessy – This pleasant little nickname will suit a girl who you think is demure and dainty.
  4. Tete – This one has a countryside vibe to it and will be ideal for a fun-loving girl called Celeste.
  5. Celly Bean – Do you feel like calling her a jelly bean? Well, do it in a thoughtfully customized way.
  6. Cel Bell – Another perky and playful pet name that will be a great addition to Celeste’s personality.
  7. Li’l Star – This one is for the tiny tot who wins your heart every single day.
  8. Sweet Pea – Here is an endearment that makes everyone smile in an instant.
  9. Elly – If Celeste reminds you of a cute baby elephant, then this nickname is for her.
  10. Sissy – If Celeste is the sister you are blessed to have, then call her by this sweet and simple nickname.
  11. Sugar Pie – This one is for the friend who loads up on the sugary moments of your life.


Funny Nicknames for Celeste

If you are looking for names with funny connotations for Celeste, then you have hit the jackpot, buddy! The following list of nicknames is created to make people laugh till their stomachs hurt.  So, impress Celeste and the others with your sense of humor by picking a suitable nickname from this pile.

Go ahead and have fun!

  1. Silly Cel – If Celeste is someone who doesn’t think much and says the silliest things, then you can go for this one.
  2. Sour Dough – The perfect nickname for a baker who bakes the most delicious loaves of bread ever.
  3. Cel-lag – If Celeste struggles to keep up with the pace and lags behind in almost everything that she takes, then this is the name for her.
  4. Lettuce – A humor-coated nickname for the girl who loves salad and pushes everyone around her to have more greens.
  5. Cellular – This one is for the biology student who enjoys the study of cells in the human body.
  6. Cel-lunar – If Celeste is a lover of the moon and can stare at it for hours, then this might work well as a nickname.
  7. Cel-lame – Call her by this name if she tends to crack the lamest jokes and irritate you.
  8. Sloth – This one will make everyone laugh if Celeste is a lazy bum who doesn’t move from her bed for hours.
  9. Ce-test – If Celeste is the studious kid who is always stressing over some class test, then go ahead with this funny nickname.
  10. Swell-este – This one is for the time when Celeste gets swollen up on account of an injury or allergy.
  11. Dull-este – If she seems to be perpetually sad to you, then this nickname will fit well.
  12. Cellulite – If you want to make fun of her lumpy legs, then you can go for this one.


Baby Girl Nicknames for Celeste

If the phrases, ‘aww, so cute,’ ‘how sweet!’ or ‘such a doll!’ come to mind your mind whenever little Celeste says or does something adorable, then you must check out the nickname suggestions that follow. These endearments precisely describe the way you would want to call a baby girl named Celeste.

So, dive right in and find the perfect nickname for your angel!

  1. Little Miss Sunshine – Isn’t this a wonderful name for that little girl who fills your darkest days with brightness.
  2. Esty Bestie – If you like spending time with that 5-year-old cutie more than anyone else, then call her your bestie.
  3. Lily – A beautiful flower name for the prettiest and purest being you have ever known.
  4. Cookie Monster – This one is for that mischievous mini monkey who knows how to cautiously tip-toe into the kitchen and empty the cookie jar.
  5. Miss C – Another simple yet appealing nickname that a young girl will wear like a crown.
  6. Celly Girl – Call Celeste by this name if she is bubbly, cheerful, and makes you forget your sorrows.
  7. Princess – Here is an elegant wordplay for our tiny princess, who goes by the name Celeste.
  8. Cece – How about this cutesy and cuddly nickname for that chubby face with rosy cheeks.
  9. Cupcake – If Celeste brings sweetness and happiness to your life, then call her by this yummy name.
  10. Li’l Lessie – Don’t put much thought and go with this one. You won’t regret it.


Cool Nicknames for Celeste

Equipped to make her feel positive, confident, and great about herself, the nicknames that lie below are undoubtedly some of the best ones you can find for Celeste.

Go through these suggestions, and you will not have to put much thought before picking one.

  1. ST – We think these two letters are enough to make an uber-cool nickname for Celeste.
  2. Supergirl – If Celeste is strong, fearless, and faces challenges sportingly, then this is what you call her.
  3. Lester – Just a chic and funky way to call her.
  4. Cello – We absolutely love the sound of this peppy nickname for Celeste. Do you?
  5. Cel Hell – If you are looking for a badass nickname for Celeste, then you might want to go with this one.
  6. Dr. C – Here is a regular yet stylish nickname for a Celeste who aims to be or is a doctor.
  7. Ce-lioness – If Celeste is a brave soul and you look up to her, then this is the name for her.
  8. Celtan – This one is made out of ‘satan,’ and you can call her by this name if she is someone to stay away from.
  9. Cesi Queen – What do you think about this haughty nickname filled with jazz?


Creative Nicknames for Celeste

Alright, folks, gear up for some captivating creativity now. We have tried curating this list of creative nicknames for Celeste and hope that you can find something that fits her like the piece of a puzzle.

If any of these creative gems describe Celeste or your relationship with her, then go ahead with that nickname and let us know which one it was.

  1. Est. ’98 – Are you up for a witty nickname? Well, here is one where you can point out Celeste’s birth year.
  2. Interstellar – The name Celeste is associated with space and heavenly bodies, and what could describe it better than this word?
  3. Sly-est – Here, we are giving a slight twist to the name for the ones who have the mind of a fox.
  4. Skull-este – If Celeste enjoys horror movies and eerie stories, then this weird nickname would make perfect sense.
  5. Celery – Here is a pet name for a health-conscious Celeste who likes to fill her plate with greens.
  6. Lazy Bear – If laziness is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Celeste, then you have found what you were looking for.
  7. Cassette – This one has a vintage vibe and will work well for someone who has an amazing music collection.
  8. Crystal – If Celeste is one of the most precious people in your life, then call her by this name and watch her smile.
  9. Celesto – Let’s give this name an Italian twist and sound cooler than Celeste would expect.
  10. Curl-este – If you love Celeste’s curly hair, then let her know that with this nickname.


Unique Nicknames for Celeste

It’s time to ditch the mundane nickname for the vibrant ones, generously filled with emotions and literary aesthetics. These unique nicknames will definitely make you stand out in Celeste’s eyes and will make your bond with her stronger.

Have a look at them and go for the one that fits the best.

  1. Celeste the Best – If you think that Celeste is irreplaceable and you are lucky to have her, then let her know that she is the best.
  2. Cel-love – Shower some love with this heart-warming pet name.
  3. Elsa – Who doesn’t like to be called by a Disney princess name? Just pick a few letters from Celeste’s name, and you can make this pretty name.
  4. Celeb – Call her this if she behaves like she is a celebrity; there is paparazzi all around her.
  5. Cell Mate – This is the best nickname for your partner-in-crime if she is called Celeste.
  6. Sterling – Let her know how much you treasure her with this dashing nickname.
  7. Sky – We wonder how such a simple word and everyday thing can make a fabulous nickname.
  8. Stella – Here is a fun and fancy nickname for Celeste, who believes in listening to her heart.
  9. Celestine – This one has a Roman touch to it, and we love the sound of it.


Here, we would like to take our leave. We’re sure you had fun going through this blog full of nicknames for Celeste, and we hope that you liked some of them enough to call your dear one. The mere fact that you are looking for heartfelt nicknames for Celeste is enough to say that she is extremely lucky to have you. And the nickname that you choose for her, whatever it may be, will make her realize that.

So, don’t give up on finding the right nickname for her, even if you don’t like the ones mentioned here. Go ahead, take some inspiration, and create your own special nickname for Celeste.

If you do so, don’t forget to share it with us. Stay tuned for more nickname articles and our archive of thrilling nicknames if you please!

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