40+ Adorable Nicknames For Carter

Nicknames For Carter

If the hunt for a perfect nickname for ‘Carter’ has brought you here, you have landed exactly at the right place! The name Carter is generally used as the family name but now, it is also widely used as a unisex name. However, the popularity of the name Carter for boys is much higher than for girls. Irrespective of that, a person with the name Carter is believed to be bright, excited, witty, successful, smart, joyous, and kind by nature.

If you are looking for a nickname for your dear Carter, then here we have got your back, and rest assured we have got you a wide and attractive option to choose from, ranging from popular to cute, funny, and unique ones so that you don’t run out of options.

So, without any further ado, let’s first look at the meaning and origin of the name Carter and then we can dive into the whole list of 40+ suggested nicknames for you to choose from. Remember to choose the one with which you resonate the most.


Origin and Meaning of the name Carter

Traditionally, during the middle ages, Carter was used as an occupational name for someone who used carts to transport goods. With an English origin, the name was derived from the Anglo-Norman French “caretier,” a derivative of Old French “caret” which originally meant “carrier.”

The name Carter is very popular across the USA and England and has gained tremendous popularity in recent times. The name Carter has been previously acquired by many well-known personalities like the 39th US President Jimmy Carter, Carter Vincent James Trevisani, a Canadian ice hockey pro, Carter Mark Jenkins, American actor, and last but not the least, Carter Bays who gave us a show like How I Met Your Mother.

Apart from these, the name Carter has been used in pop culture as well. A few of the examples are Carter Baizen from the “Gossip Girl” show and Dr. John Carter from a show called “ER”.

Now that we know the meaning and origin of Carter, let’s get down to the list!


Popular Nicknames for Carter

If you want to play safe and go with something easy-breezy, these popular options are the best to choose from. Whether you are seeking nicknames for yourself or your loved ones, you can never go wrong with these popular suggestions.

  1. Carr – The safest and common nickname for Carter
  2. Karty – A small intimate nickname to give to your loved one!
  3. Tart – Big foodie? This name reflects exactly that!
  4. Cara – While Cara is a feminine name, it means a beloved person, so you don’t hesitate to use this name for a guy as well!
  5. Kate – A very casual yet sweet and popular nickname, if you want to twin with some celebs, this is the name you should go for
  6. Arter – While the actual meaning of Arter is after in the Italian language, it can signify a lot of things as well
  7. Caz – Caz as a name is widely used for boys. It has its root in Slavic which means the famous destroyer. So if that’s your vibe, then go with it!
  8. Cee – Very laid back, Cee nickname is just the pronunciation of the initial letter in the name carter but it can also signify other things metaphorically to give your name a deeper meaning
  9. Tero – Carter in Spanish is called Carretero, so Tero is a simple and modern nickname if that’s your taste
  10. Cary – Cary is the name derived from an old Celtic river name which means a pretty brook in Irish


Cute Nicknames for Carter

Though the name ‘Carter,’ is very popular it doesn’t come with a horde of cute nicknames. But we tried our best to come up with a few suggestions to make your life easier.

  1. Currie – Rhyming with ‘cutie’, Currie is the cutest nickname for Carter! This name is calling out all the girls and boys alike!
  2. Carla – If you are looking for a more feminine nickname, then this is a very simple yet classy one to go with
  3. Cazzie – Cazzie sounds very playful so use this nickname for someone who’s exactly like that
  4. Carebear – If the person is very snuggly, no name can be better than Carebear!
  5. Cartie – If you are hunting for a simple, modern but yet cute nickname, then look no further because Cartie can tick off all your requirements
  6. Charretier – The French word for Carter, Charretier is absolutely a ‘bon’ choice!
  7. Cherry – Who doesn’t like a cherry on top of everything? This nickname adds exactly that to your name!
  8. Kay – The pronunciation of ‘K’ makes up for a really short and cute nickname
  9. Katty – Very similar to Kate but with a little bit of sass and cuteness, if that’s your choice!
  10. Candy – If the person is sometimes sweet and sour then don’t hesitate to nickname them Candy
  11. Coco – Not only the name is very short and cute but it also has relevance to the soulful animated movie ‘Coco’


Funny Nicknames for Carter

If your relationship with the person is more on the casual side and informal, funny nicknames are the best to choose from! If you are searching for a hysterical nickname then here we have an awesome list prepared for you!

  1. Carter the faster – This tops the list! Gift this nickname who is a farter, but at your own risk
  2. Carter-tots – The person is childish by heart? This has to be their call name!
  3. Carter tarter – The rhyming makes this nickname absolutely qualify under the funny category
  4. Caterpillar – Not only it is similar to the name Carter but is also funny and unique to keep it as a nickname
  5. Carter-smarter – You know whom to gift this name, yes the smart one!
  6. Cartwheel – No as such related meaning, but it is fun to keep such quirky nicknames
  7. Car-car – If the Carter in your life is a car lover then this name is calling them!
  8. Caramel – For a person who’s sweet as sugar, compliment them with this nickname
  9. Caju – The name relating to the Cajuns with the reference to spicy cuisine, you know whom to give this name!
  10. Carrot – Give ‘carrots’ to the bunny of your life!
  11. ChiCha – Chicha is a fictional character from the 2005 film New Groove


Unique Nicknames for Carter

We understand that not everyone wants to sail on the boat of commonality, so we have brought a perfectly curated list for those share of people who want a unique twist. Here are a few unique nicknames that we came up with:

  1. Carti-B – Big fan of Cardi-B? Then this nickname is a perfect choice!
  2. Karna – This name is quite unique in western countries
  3. Carteroni – If you are going all out searching for a unique nickname this might be your best choice
  4. Kartur – This name has various meanings in different countries so make sure it befits your purpose!
  5. Cartel – Very similar to carter, Cartel is a unique name that not many people bear
  6. Carrettiere – Give your Carter an Italian twist with this unique name
  7. Carl – Carl is such a cool short and yet unique name that it can get hard to resist
  8. Charlotte/Charlot – The French meaning of these words is “free man” or “petite” which makes this name stand out prominently for you to choose
  9. Karsk – The name of a Swedish and Norwegian cocktail, pick this nickname if your Carter loves cocktails
  10. Kedy – Kedy translates to a man who is not only lovable and huggable but also an awesome person!



We had fun curating this list of 40+ nicknames for all the people named Carter out there! And we hope that it serves your purpose of finding that one nickname for yourself or to proffer it to your loved one.

Remember that a nickname not only defines your identity but also reflects your personality so choose the one that suits your taste the best!

Last but not the least, if you think we can add more to this list, do let us know in the comments below.

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