60+ Famous Nicknames For Caleb

Nicknames For Caleb

Hey there! Are you looking for a nickname for Caleb? Then don’t go anywhere because you have come to the right place. You can end your long and tiring search for a nickname because we have right here a list of over 60 awesome nicknames for Caleb ready for you to choose from.

In this article, we will go over the origin and history of the name Caleb, a few personality traits commonly attributed to the name Caleb and then a long list of carefully curated nicknames to make your life easier.

So, let’s get started.


Origin And Meaning Of The Name Caleb

It is always a helpful exercise to know the meaning of the name before digging into its nickname. It helps you gain more perspective and assists your instincts while choosing a name.

The origin of the name Caleb takes you back to Biblical times. Derived from Hebrew, the words, ‘Col’ means ‘all’ and ‘lev’ means ‘heart.’ Together, Caleb stands for whole-hearted, faithful, devoted. Different interpretations of the meaning have also suggested that Caleb means brave or bold.

In all, the name’s Biblical origin is widely accepted and is, therefore, a popular choice of name in the Christian world. The name Caleb arrived in the US in the 17th century. Currently, it is a fairly popular name in the West.

The name is most popular in Australia, Canada, England and Wales, New Zealand, Scotland, the USA, Northern Ireland among others.


What Comes To Mind When You Think Of Caleb?

You guessed it right. When you think of Caleb, the characters from ‘The Desperate Housewives’ or ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ come to mind. But we are here to understand some of the personality traits that most Calebs are bound to have.

Since the name is associated with words like ‘audacious’ and ‘brave,’ it can be said that Calebs are mostly extroverted. They can express their feelings and opinions boldly. They have strong opinions and can often go to lengths to seek what they desire.

Other than that, there is also a sense of passion associated with the name.

The Biblical meaning suggests a degree of devotion and faith associated with the name. Contemporary meaning tells us that most Calebs are determinate individuals. They are level-headed while taking decisions. In the case of romantic relationships, Calebs are loyal and passionate partners.

Now, let us dive into the list of nicknames. For your convenience, we have assorted the names under 6 subcategories and have provided little notes for each nickname to make your choice easier.


Popular Nicknames For Caleb

  1. Cal – this is perhaps the most common nickname for someone named Caleb.
  2. Cay – mind you, it’s not pronounced as ‘say’ as that’ll be weird for a name.
  3. Cale – a popular diminutive of the name Caleb.
  4. Kale – a popular choice for a nickname. It’s also Cale with a ‘k.’
  5. Kaleb – a little spelling tweak to the original name and you get a fairly popular nickname.
  6. Kalib – this one is an alternative with an Arabic touch to it.
  7. Kay – commonly used nowadays as a short form of ‘Okay,’ this one also goes well as a nickname.
  8. Lebs – go with this one if you wish to be a little innovative.
  9. Club – clubs, club sandwich, go clubbing, now you can also use it as a nickname!
  10. Cody – a popular nickname choice in the States.
  11. Chad – you can even go with short and popular name choices as a nickname for your Caleb.
  12. Cole – a common diminutive of the name Caleb.


Cute Nicknames for Caleb

  1. Cub – you can imagine how adorable this will sound like a nickname.
  2. Cabby – reminds one of cabbage, but don’t worry as it is cute as well.
  3. Crab – go with this or make it sound more adorable by calling your Caleb, ‘Crabby.’
  4. Lubs – a nickname derived from the sound of the beating heart.
  5. C-Bear – if you are looking for a nickname for your little Caleb, then you can go with this one.
  6. Cabey – an adorable pet name for someone named Caleb.
  7. Berry – this one is an unconventional and adorable choice.
  8. Cat – if your Caleb is a cat person, then you can definitely go with this nickname choice.
  9. Belly – this one is an amalgamation of cute and funny. If you are looking for something on those lines, pick this.
  10. Candy – this one is for those Calebs who are sugary sweet in their behavior.


Funny Nicknames for Caleb

  1. Ca Ca – this one resembles the sound of a crow, beware before choosing.
  2. Cay Cay – you can also use it as ‘Kay Kay.’
  3. Clab – this nickname choice has several cool meanings like Calm like a bomb and so on.
  4. Ale – if you like the drink, then you can go with this as a nickname.
  5. CeCe – this one is generally used as a nickname for girls.
  6. Big C – peers looking for a nickname for your friend Caleb, this one can be your choice.
  7. Calvin – a popular name choice derived from the popular comics ‘Calvin and Hobbes.’
  8. Chipmunk – have you watched ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks?’ if yes, you will surely love this nickname.
  9. Callous – this one is used more like a tease rather than a permanent nickname.
  10. Blooper – if your Caleb makes a lot of these, then turn it into a funny nickname.
  11. Carbs – is your man a fitness freak? Then make it funny by calling him Carbs.


Cute Boyfriend Nicknames for Caleb

  1. Ebby – a lovable nickname for Calebs in a relationship.
  2. Lev – if you want a smart and balanced nickname for your partner, then this is the one.
  3. Caby Baby – this one is for those who like to express their love by appointing various names to their partners.
  4. Coco – a common but appealing nickname choice for your favorite person.
  5. C-Boo – ‘C’ is for Caleb and boo is popularly used for partners involved in romantic relationships.
  6. Cabe Babe – instead of going with conventional nicknames like Babe, personalize it for your man.
  7. Cuddle Bug – this one’s for those Calebs who give the best hugs and cuddles.
  8. Cally – a suitable nickname choice that means ‘a lovely soul.’
  9. KK – a compact name choice that is both smart and cool.
  10. Jelly Bean – another adorable nickname choice for your boyfriend, Caleb.
  11. Abs – if your partner is into body-building, then this one might be a good choice.


Cool Nicknames for Caleb

  1. Abe – a popular diminutive often used as a nickname for boys’ names.
  2. Cable – this nickname choice has a smart ring to it.
  3. Caybs – a cool alternative to the name Caleb.
  4. CayLee – personalize the cool name Lee for Caleb by adding Cay to it.
  5. Caybo – another cool nickname choice for the Caleb in your life.
  6. C-Man – when you say it like this, it automatically turns into a cool nickname.
  7. Super C – just like Superman, now you can have your own name turned around like this.
  8. Levi – you have perhaps heard of the brand, but as a nickname, it sounds equally cool.
  9. C-Dawg – if you are looking for cool gaming nicknames, then here is one for you.
  10. C-Bug – if your Caleb is a computer wizard, then you can go with this nickname choice.


Clever Nicknames for Caleb

  1. Al – the compactness of the name makes it a great nickname choice.
  2. Ebb – you must know about the Ebb and flow mechanism. But what you did not know is that they can make for great nicknames too.
  3. Col – a little spelling tweak to the earlier name ‘Cole.’
  4. Ka – are you familiar with The Jungle Book’s Ka? Then you will surely love this nickname.
  5. Eden – a suitable nickname choice for Caleb whose name means ‘faithful,’ or ‘devotion.’
  6. Lebz – add a ‘z’ to make a unique and cool nickname for Caleb.
  7. Calez – an unconventional nickname choice for Caleb with a versatile character.
  8. Bale – if you are a fan of Christian Bale, then you can try out this nickname.
  9. Khalev – or the Finnish name Kalev, can make a great nickname choice for your Caleb.
  10. Kalep – this name has a funny sound to it but can be used as an unconventional nickname.
  11. Conrad – this one’s for those Calebs who are into literature.
  12. Calais – usually a French name, it can also be turned into a great nickname for Caleb.


List Of Celebrities Named Caleb

This can be an unending list but the catch is to try and name some famous Calebs off the top of our heads. So, let’s begin.

Firstly, there is Caleb Followill from Kings of Leon, then the American actor, Caleb McLaughlin. We also have Caleb Landry Jones, Caleb Foote, Caleb Ross, Caleb Spivak, and so on.



With this, we come to the end of our list. But this is not the end. If you have any other suggestions to make, do let us know. We will be pleased to include it in our list.

Hope you found the perfect nickname for your Caleb. Remember, the trick is to go with your instincts while choosing a nickname. If you know your Caleb well enough, then your instincts will guide you to the correct name choice.

Happy nicknaming!

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