70+ Creative Nicknames For Brooklyn

Nicknames For Brooklyn

Whether we think of the marvelous bridge, the posh and exciting borough of New York City, or the people named by this name, Brooklyn is simply one of a kind. It sounds fancy, warm, and welcoming, and makes for a delightful name for girls.

There can be a myriad of nicknames for Brooklyn. But we have gathered the most creative and attractive ones for you to pick.

If Brooklyn is someone you treasure and hold close to your heart, then you must go through the following list of nicknames and pick something special to let her know how much she means to you! The tiny pieces of frank advice will help you further.

But before jumping to the nicknames, let’s have a glance at the meaning and origin of the name Brooklyn.


Meaning and Origin of Brooklyn

Derived from the Dutch word ‘Breukelen, Brooklyn essentially means ‘broken land’ (from which water passes through), or a pretty stream of water.

This soothing yet sassy name is not only held by a borough in New York City (which was occupied by Dutch settlers earlier) but is a highly sought-after name for both boys and girls. However, it is usually endowed upon baby girls.

The name’s popularity spiked up in the 1970s and has been quite high since then. Well-known namesakes include Brookly Beckham, son of Victoria and David Beckham, model turned actress Brooklyn Decker and actress Brooklyn Sudano.

Now, it’s time that we open the treasure trove of creative nicknames for Brooklyn!


Popular Nicknames for Brooklyn

Popular nicknames are a charm that works every time. They are simple, easy to get, and define the person’s identity. We are sure Brookly would love it if you call her by any of the peppy and popular nicknames stated below!

  1. Brook – Everyone named Brooklyn will have someone calling them by this nickname.
  2. Lynn – A great choice for a pretty girl called Brookly.
  3. Lynnie – Feminine and plush, she will love this name.
  4. Brooke – This name means ‘clean water’, and is perfect for a pure soul.
  5. Bro – What can be more popular and friendly than this one?
  6. Brooks – That’s how a millennial kid likes to be called.
  7. Rookie – This one is for a Brooklyn with high enthusiasm.
  8. Lyno – For a happy-go-lucky person named Brooklyn.


Cute Nicknames for Brooklyn

That warm and fuzzy when you get called by a cute nickname is simply incomparable. If you want to express your love for Brooklyn in a unique way, then following nicknames might be of great help.

So, do check them out!

  1. Brookie – A yummy dessert made by combining brownie and cookie, this makes for a lovely nickname.
  2. Roo – Short and sweet, this will suit little Brookly.
  3. Brooky Boo – A cute endearment for someone very close.
  4. Blush – An adorable nickname for that red-cheeked baby called Brooklyn.
  5. Brownie – This all-time favorite baked sweet can easily be used as a pet name.
  6. Baby Brook – A toddler named Brooklyn will smile at this nickname.
  7. Buttercup – Straight out of the Powerpuff Girls!
  8. Broly Poly – A super cute pet name for a kid you can’t get enough of.
  9. Broero – We are all fans of the chocolaty Oreo cookies, aren’t we?
  10. Brookiss – A lovey-dovey name for your special someone.
  11. Li’l Bear – For that tiny and cuddly human being.
  12. Brooberry – Twist blueberry a bit, and you will get this adorable nickname.
  13. Bronut – Sounds like a doughnut!


Funny Nicknames for Brooklyn

Pick any of the hilarious nicknames mentioned below and you might end up making people laugh till their stomachs hurt. These punny and chucklesome names are perfect to pull Brooklyn’s leg.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive right in!

  1. Brookworm – An interesting way of calling Brooklyn a bookworm.
  2. Broom – This one is for a Brooklyn who is obsessed with cleanliness.
  3. Broke-lyn – If Brooklyn is someone who is always in need of money, then a light mocking like this will not do any harm.
  4. Brooclean – For a Brooklyn who likes all things clean and tidy.
  5. Broozy – For that boozy friend who can gulp down bottles.
  6. Breaklyn – This is for that clumsy girl who can’t go a day without breaking something.
  7. Kleenex – If your Brooklyn is a cry baby, then this humorous nickname is for her.
  8. Booklyn – Another name for an avid reader whose head is always buried in a book.
  9. Brook Lee – For a Brooklyn who is amazingly skilled in martial arts.
  10. Broccoli – For a nutrition freak Brooklyn who believes in eating healthy.
  11. Crooklyn – If Brooklyn tends to be dishonest and indulges in crooked activities, then this one’s for her.
  12. Broocling – This one is for an irritatingly clingy Brooklyn.
  13. Bro-Zoner – A giggle-inducing nickname for the diva who is known for bro-zoning boys.
  14. Brook Loo – For a Brooklyn who is always in need of a loo break.
  15. Bruffet – For a foodie who enjoys buffets and unlimited food.
  16. Brooklimp – For a Brooklyn who walks funny.
  17. Brooklutz – A funny nickname for a clumsy person who goes by the name Brooklyn.
  18. Busy Bee – A light-hearted taunt for a Brookly who rarely has time for you.


Cool Nicknames for Brooklyn

If cool is how you would describe Brooklyn, then we have just the right collection of nicknames for you to pick from.

These dashing nicknames will make her feel like she is on top of the world and instantly cheer her up!

  1. Brooklion – For a ferocious girl who is no less than a lioness.
  2. Brawny – An ideal nickname for someone hefty and muscular.
  3. Bandit – If Brooklyn is badass and you love that about her, then this one’s a catch.
  4. Brockstar – Calling someone a rockstar might sound cliche, but it definitely touches the heart.
  5. Bruh – A much cooler way of saying, bro.
  6. Black Widow – For a Brooklyn who is as gutsy and feisty as this fictional character.
  7. Brookiller – This gangster-like nickname will push her coolness quotient up.
  8. Brekky – One of the coolest nicknames that Brooklyn can get.
  9. Bonzer – The Australian way of complimenting something.
  10. Brookah – For that friend who is a pro at smoking a hookah.
  11. Linzy – For an ever-cheerful Brooklyn.


Creative Nicknames for Brooklyn

With interesting wordplay and amusing explanations, the following list of creative nicknames will surely take your relationship with Brookly a notch higher. Explore thoroughly and make your choice!

  1. Broo-queen – A wonderful nickname for the queen who rules your heart.
  2. Brew – For the one who effortlessly brews a perfect cup of coffee.
  3. Cooklyn – This one is for the super chef who cooks the most heavenly meals.
  4. Brookteen – If Brooklyn has just entered teenage, then this would make for a nice nickname.
  5. Broomer – Let’s twist this universal nickname for those who precede generation X.
  6. Brooster – For an early riser who can be totally called a rooster.
  7. Blueklyn – If Brooklyn likes all things blue, then this is the pet name for her.
  8. Brooklicious – Another nickname for a Brooklyn who cooks simply delicious food.
  9. Brooquet – For someone with a colorful personality like a bouquet of fresh blooms.
  10. Brookid – This can be used for a kid or maybe someone who behaves like a kid.
  11. Brick – If Brooklyn’s phone is so outdated that it is as good as a brick, then this nickname will prove to be quite funny.
  12. Broo-cliff – For an adventure junkie named Brooklyn.
  13. Shrew-kyln – A mean nickname for someone you despise.
  14. Broo-click – A witty nickname for a photographer called Brooklyn.
  15. Spooklyn – For the brave heart who enjoys horror films.


Unique Nicknames for Brooklyn

If you think Brookly is someone who stands out from the crowd, then she deserves a nickname that reflects so. We have some excellent suggestions for unique nicknames for Brooklyn here.

  1. Brooshky – We think this is how the Russians would like to say it.
  2. Brooklime – For a sweet and sour personality, just like a lime.
  3. Brighty – If Brooklyn is the one who fills your days with brightness, then call her by this spunky nickname.
  4. Bornstar – If she excels at everything that she takes up, then she is a born star indeed.
  5. Breeze – If seeing her is as refreshing as a breeze, then she deserves this pet name.
  6. Brookling – This one is for a tiny tot called Brooke.
  7. Lily – Who wouldn’t like to be called after these dainty white flowers?
  8. Brook the Best – Quite self-explanatory, isn’t it?
  9. Queen B – If Brooklyn is a fan of Beyonce, then there’s no better option than this.
  10. Brookey – The perfect pet name for the key to your happiness.
  11. Droolyn – For the drooly toddler named Brooklyn.
  12. Brookliano – A pinch of Italian flavor, and everything will sound classy.


Conclusion: Nicknames for Brooklyn

Although this list may be at an end, these nicknames are far from being the only ones. So, put on your thinking caps and try to think of more pet names for Brooklyn. Who knows you might get surprised by your creativity! We are certain that your special person will carry the nickname given by you close to their heart, for a lifetime.

The above list should help you decide on an ideal nickname for that beautiful woman (or man) called Brooklyn. If you have any other suggestions, make sure to let us know!

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