50+ Lovely Nicknames For Bridget

Nicknames For Bridget

There comes a time in every relationship when addressing someone with their proper name seems too formal and plain; when that happens, it’s time to switch to a lovely nickname of your own making.

Do you happen to know a girl named Bridget and feel that it’s time you give her an endearing nickname? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place on the internet.

We will give you more than 50 lovely nicknames for the name Bridget today, along with our helpful comments on the side. By the end of this article, you will have your eye set on not one but many nicknames for your dear Bridget.


Origin and Significance of the Name

Bridget is a breezy and contemporary name with Irish origins, which is derived from the noun “brígh,” which means “power,” “character strength,” or “virtue.” Hence the name Bridget gets to refer to someone who is exalted or has the moral high ground. Thus, Bridget is a woman who is strong and powerful.

As per Irish mythology, Bridget was the goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom, the daughter of god Dagda. The massive popularity of this name can also be attributed to Saint Brigit of Kildare of the 5th century, who was the patron saint of Ireland; thus, Bridget has holy and sacred annotations associated with it.

Most of you might remember the adorable character of a single woman struggling to find love, Bridget Jones, played by Renée Zellweger in the rom-com movie “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” inspired by a novel of the same name.

The love that the character of Bridget received from the audience was so great that the film came back with a sequel as well.

Now it’s time to dive right into our lovely nickname list for the name Bridget. Get! Set! Go!


Common Nicknames for Bridget

We intend to cater to all your whims and fancies when it comes to picking nicknames; let’s start with some common alternatives of pet names that fit right in with the name Bridget.

  1. Brie – A cheesy name for Bridget whom you want to impress.
  2. Bridge – This classic shorter version of the name is very well used for women named Bridge.
  3. Bee – Here is another one of those names that is a classic short name.
  4. Berta – Here is another pet name that you can pick if you like to keep things straightforward.
  5. Bert – We tweaked the above name further and arrived at this innovative take on Bridget.
  6. Ridge – Cut off the first and last letter from the name, and you will arrive at this fun name which also means a smallish mountain terrain.
  7. Betty – Looking for a nickname that has a ring to it? This name might work for you.
  8. Brit – An informal way to address a British person. This name would work exceedingly well for your friend Bridget who has a British accent.
  9. Barb – A type of fish, maybe a quirky nickname for Bridget, who likes to have fish.
  10. Biddy – A classic short nickname.


Cute Nicknames for Bridget

What’s sweeter than an endearing nickname for someone special to you which brings a smile to their face? Find some darling names below for your significant other named Bridget.

  1. Gold Brick – This flattering nickname shouts that you are fortunate to have found your Bridget.
  2. Betsy – This cute and fun pet name falls nicely with the name Bridget.
  3. Fidget – Is your Bridget restless and always hovering around doing something or the other? We found the name that suits their personality.
  4. Brittle – If the Bridget you are looking to nickname a delicate woman or a baby, then why not use this name.
  5. Brownie – Who doesn’t love these gooey, decadent, and chocolaty treats?
  6. Bride to B – Is your friend Bridget preparing to tie the knot? This pet name is for her.
  7. Groggy – Something for the friend who is usually in a bad mood and snaps at you.
  8. Berry – A small fruity name is something that will fit any girl named Bridget, who is cute as a button.
  9. Birdie – A name made for a Bridget who lives her life freely and seeks to fly high.
  10. Brilliance – This flattering pet name is bound to make anyone feel special and appreciated.


Funny Nicknames for Bridget

A fun relationship with your very own Bridget can be adorned with an equally light-hearted nickname for her. These are some cheery and carefree pet names that we could think of for the name Bridget.

  1. Bread – This quirky name is for a woman named Bridget, fluffy and just a tad bit fat.
  2. Midget – This hilarious name calls for your buddy who is short and tiny—alternatively, a perfect name for a toddler, Bridget.
  3. Bead – Does Bridget like to carry ethnic jewelry and is a fanatic of gemstones? Then this name might work for her.
  4. Gobbles – This humorous name is for your slightly chubby buddy named Bridget.
  5. Digest – Don’t we all have friends who have trouble digesting gossip and end up telling someone? Let’s call them out with this name.
  6. Busy Bee – A self-explanatory name which you must know who deserves to get.
  7. Goiter – This creepy choice of nickname is a disease that results in an enlarged gland in the throat. Pick this up to tease a girl named Bridget.
  8. Toby – A name you might recognize comes from the series “The Office.”
  9. Budget – Is your Bridget, a miserly woman who runs on a budget? Then think no more and pick this hysterical name for her.
  10. Goat – Do you want to tell Bridget that she has a bad singing voice? This name might do the trick for you.


Cool Nicknames for Bridget

If you haven’t found what you need yet, this special section of trendy nicknames is especially for you. You may come across some pet names here that will blow your mind away with their style and swag.

  1. Baguette – A fancy name with a foreign twist, which is a type of bread. A name for your Baker buddy Bridget.
  2. Go-Getter – This enthusiastic and zealous name is full of positive energy.
  3. Grid – An off-beat name that you might not have encountered before.
  4. Brita – We love the relaxed vibe of this chic take on the name Bridget.
  5. Fire Brigade – We recommend you choose this name for a Bridget who is smoking hot.
  6. Brat – Need we say more about this name?
  7. Pivot – We hope you remember Ross and, more importantly, the episode with PIVOT! PIVOT! PIVOT! in the superhit series FRIENDS.
  8. Basinet – Is your infant daughter Bridget in need of a suitable nickname? Well, how about this one right here.
  9. Pirate – An amusing way to tease someone who has a questionably delayed bathing schedule or just generally messy.
  10. Get Ski – A fun name to give to a girl who is always in a hurry.


Irish Nicknames for Bridget

A prevalent Irish nickname like Bridget naturally has some popular nicknames that stem from the Irish language. We have a dedicated section of these names full of Irish flavor.

Hopefully, you will like this unique compilation and find names you might not have chanced upon otherwise.

  1. Brighid – This is an alternate way to spell the name Bridget as per some earlier translations.
  2. Bedelia – Meaning “strength or exalted one” is a cool name with the exact translation.
  3. Bergethe – Here is another word with Irish roots which is close to the name Bridget.
  4. Brigit – Look closely, or you might think this is the same name. It only lacks a D from the original word.
  5. Bridgette – Who says you should pick shorter names. You might reverse and adopt a longer one.
  6. Birgit – An Alternate way of spelling the same name, Bridget.
  7. Bridgit – This spinoff name is quite like the original name, Bridget.


Unique Nicknames for Bridget

If the Bridget in your life is a class apart from the crowd, then we recommend you pay heed to the final section of nicknames down below, for they are the most innovative and creative nicknames we could think of for Bridget.

  1. Riddle – A name for a woman who is confusing and hard to get. (Like most women😉)
  2. Bralette – Is your gal-pal Bridget a fan of fancy lingerie?
  3. Burberry – We always have some luxury brands as nickname options for you since they are all the rage.
  4. Ghetto – A part of the city that is often earmarked for relatively more impoverished people or minorities. It might work for a Bridget who has a tiny apartment or loves in a creepy part of town.
  5. Buttery – If your special friend Bridget smooth and soft like butter, then you can call her that as well. It can also work for someone who loves butter popcorn!
  6. Regie – Another sophisticated way to address your buddy named Bridget.
  7. Bira – A young Bridget will like this name after a beer company.
  8. Bridgeton – A recent American TV series that you might already be swooning over.



And it’s a wrap! These were plenty of lovely nicknames for Bridget that we could think of. Have you found your perfect choice of pet name for Bridget?

We might have missed out on some possible pet names from Bridget, be a dear and send those to us. We are waiting to hear from you as always. We will be back soon with more nicknaming suggestions on some lovely names. Until then!

Happy Nicknaming!

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