50+ Adorable Nicknames For Blake

Nicknames For Blake

Blake possesses a very calming yet eccentric vibe. With its growing popularity, this name never fails to capture the true essence of a person carrying it. It is one of the very few unisex names that suits everyone alike. One is taken aback by the simplicity of this name.

If you were having a hard time creating just the perfect nickname for Blake, we present to you more than 50 different options to choose from. In order to make a decision easily, we also offer small descriptions along with each name to direct you correctly.

But first, let us take a look at how the name Blake originated and what it means to the rest of the world.


Significance and Meaning of Blake

Originally used as a surname in England, Blake has many contrasting variations in its meanings as well. It was not only used for people with dark hair, but also for fair-skinned people. It peaked in usage in the early 2010s, but it still remains a fairly popular name among millennials.

Another possible origin is Welsh, which is a corruption of ‘Ap Lake’, and it holds the meaning ‘son of Lake’. Out of the 14 tribes of Galway in Ireland, Blake was one of them.

The word Blake possibly comes from the word Blaker, referring to a village. It first emerged in Yorkshire, England.

Some famous personalities with this name are Blake Shelton, an extremely talented singer, and William Blake, a remarkable artist, and poet who made history. Actress Blake Lively from the teen drama “Gossip Girl” is undoubtedly the most famous Blake out there.

Now that you have been made aware of the significance and its meaning, let’s move forward and help you settle on a suitable nickname for your beloved Blake.


Popular Nicknames for Blake

From the never-ending pool of nicknames, the name Blake has a tremendously large library of creative and adorable nicknames. We have curated a list of the most commonly heard ones.

So, take a peek at the most sought-after nicknames for Blake.

  1. Blakey – An obvious choice, this name is ideal for every Blake out there.
  2. BK – A classic name for someone who loves Burger King
  3. Bill – This name can never go out of style, considering the wide usage of this popular name.
  4. Blakely – A wonderful name for an alluring, young Blake.
  5. Blakinski – Assign this name to a small Blake who loves watching cartoons, because that’s precisely what it reminds us of.
  6. Al – This name is ideal if they love short names that also sound cute.
  7. Abe – Inspired by the 16th U.S President Abe Lincoln, go with this short name if he is ambitious and wishes to become more powerful.


Cute Nicknames for Blake

Express your love by assigning them cute nicknames that they will never forget. These options will be a gamechanger in your relationship with Blake.

Make them turn red like a tomato by using one or all of the names below and they will surely be filled with immense joy.

  1. Cakey Blakey – This cheesy yet cute nickname is suitable for your special person named Blake.
  2. Blakey Boo – This is just another way to refer to your boo whose name is Blake.
  3. Blanket – If they comfort you like a blanket in times of need, this cute nickname fits perfectly well.
  4. Bailey – This flattering nickname has a way of drawing attention and making people’s heads turn
  5. Blee – Originated from the word ‘glee’, pick this beautiful name for the super gleeful Blake.
  6. Blakeberry – Consider this if Blake is a fan of fruits or blackberries in particular.
  7. Belle – This word bears a French origin that means ‘beautiful’. Make use of this nickname that perfectly describes Blake.
  8. Big B – This flattering nickname for Blake is a good fit if he believes in brevity.
  9. Blakey Bear – If Blake gives the tightest hugs and cuddles, then this name is undeniably a great choice.
  10. Blakey boi – If Blake is your best buddy, bless him with this nickname to show your love.


Funny Nicknames for Blake

Wit proves to be the most effective way to impress someone or make someone laugh. These names are meaningful and were created to bring on a smile to their faces.

That’s why we present to you a list of witty nicknames that will leave your dear Blake giggling for days.

  1. Blazer – If they are warm and classy like a wearable blazer, refer to them with this name.
  2. Blake the Snake – A funny yet stupid name if they cannot be trusted with secrets. This may come off as offensive, so choose this only after giving it a thought.
  3. Blay’s – If Blake cannot stop snacking on the popular chips brand ‘Lay’s’, this name is perfect for them.
  4. Blakey Wakey – If you wish to wake up Blake, use this name because we all know he is a sleepyhead.
  5. Cornblakes – Tease them with this name during breakfast, which sounds like cornflakes.
  6. Blimey Blake – Consider this nickname for someone who is cheerful and has a vibrant personality.
  7. Blazy – This trendy name should be an obvious choice if Blake is an overachiever and a great gamer at the same time!
  8. Blake Flake – A perfect choice for Blake who cannot stop canceling plans at the last minute.
  9. Blakeshore – We landed at this unconventional name just by adding a “B” to the word lakeshore.
  10. B Diddy – Pick this chucklesome nickname if they worship the famous American rapper who goes by the name of P Diddy or Puff Daddy.
  11. Frosted Blakes – Taken from the cereals ‘Frosted Flakes’, assign them this funny name to mess with them.
  12. Blazing Blake – This hilarious nickname is apt if you wish to flirt with them or tease them.
  13. Blank – This is for the one who never has any clue about what is happening.
  14. Blakenstein – Derived from the infamous monster ‘Frankenstein’, this might be your pick for tiny Blake.


Cool Nicknames for Blake

If Blake is one admirable fellow, consider giving them the coolest nickname that best suits their personality. Moreover, these endearments will tremendously increase their self-confidence.

So, go ahead and skim through these awesome pet names for someone named Blake.

  1. Blakie – This is just a cooler way to spell Blakey.
  2. Blockay – This distinct name will go perfectly well with Blake’s courageous and rebellious personality.
  3. Blakester – This absolute masterpiece of a name is well-suited for the coolest and the most popular guy named Blake.
  4. Blakers – If he is a crazy basketball fan, well, here’s a tribute to your friend and the infamous basketball team of the Lakers.
  5. Bly – This tiny name has an authentic sound that reminds you of someone confident and enthusiastic.
  6. Lele – A quirky name formulated by taking two letters out of the name that accurately expresses her zesty personality.
  7. Mr. B – A regular yet cool name that undoubtedly does justice to his majestic vibes.
  8. Becky- This is a quite popular name that is suitable for someone with a magnetic personality and charm.
  9. Bane – If they like unconventional and offbeat names, this is an obvious choice.
  10. Bakel – If they drool at the sight of bagels, pick this name for that foodie friend of yours.
  11. B-Smash – Make use of this name for your spunky boyfriend named Blake.
  12. Casablanca – If they found the infamous movie ‘Casablanca’ enthralling, pick this name for your friend.


Unique Nicknames for Blake

Who doesn’t love an ecstatic nickname that is mostly unheard of? If you are seeking a special name for Blake, take a look at the names mentioned below:

  1. Bicky – This iconic nickname with a modern touch has a way of making heads turn.
  2. Lake – If Blake is a nature lover, consider giving them this name that is based on an essential water body.
  3. Billy – This name is slightly overused, however, it suits every Blake who is resilient and hardworking.
  4. Blek – As idiotic as it sounds, this name has a unique tone to it that is specially tailor-made for Blake.
  5. Blaze – It has a cool-guy vibe attached to it. Address him with this name and sweep him off his feet.
  6. Blakemore – We love this name for the mysterious and intimidating vibes it gives off. Often used as a surname, it essentially means ‘from the dark moor’.
  7. Kaleb – We jumbled the letters only to reach this appealing name that would be extremely appreciated.
  8. Brooke – This name is remarkably elegant, and is apt for someone who has a liking for delightful names.
  9. Allie – With a pinch of popularity and style, Allie is surely a great nickname for Blake.
  10. Blinky – A perfectly fitting name for a relentless blinker.
  11. Blue – We took a different turn with this breezy name that reminds us of the calm seas.
  12. Balaniki – This astounding and unique name possesses a Hawaiin origin, and white is its meaning.
  13. Bellachay – Originally means ‘a beautiful hawk’, this name is definitely unique with a fancy pronunciation.



To sum it up, we came up with these trendy and different nicknames that you can give to your friend Blake. Nicknames are the easiest way to make someone feel loved, so give it a shot and refer to them with one of the names above!

Thanks for reading. We would be very appreciative of you if you could drop in your suggestions on the name too!

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