50+ Adorable Nicknames For Bethany

Nicknames For Bethany

Nicknames are one of the easiest and quickest ways to win a girl’s heart. When finding an adorable nickname for Bethany, keep a couple of things in mind. It should be short, sweet, unique, and most of all – it has to make her feel special. If you are having trouble finding cute nicknames for Bethany, don’t look further, this article will help you out.

Bethany is an attractive name with chaotic yet feminine energy rising from it. Taken from a Biblical reference, this beautiful name is for someone with a pure soul and no sinister intentions for anyone. The little bundle of joy is full of light and inspiration. Her spontaneity and undeniably perfect aura is something that draws people to her.

Bethany’s vivacity for life is strikingly fascinating and she is always ready to go on crazy adventures. She grabs life by the neck and lives constantly on edge. It can be spelled as Bethani or Bethanie to induce some changes, as getting a nickname is a defining moment in everyone’s lives.

Some famous Bethanys are Bethany Mota, a famous YouTuber, and Bethany Joy Lenz, an actress from the show ‘One Tree Hill’ among many others.

This name sounds strangely similar to Stephanie, and people tend to get confused between the two. It is undoubtedly one of the most popularly used names in the Western countries, such as the United States, Scotland, Wales, and England.

Before moving onto the nicknames, let us quickly find out where this name comes from and what it exactly means.


Meaning and Significance of Bethany

The name Bethany has been extracted from the Biblical place name, Bethany, which was situated near Jerusalem and the hometown of Lazarus as mentioned in the New Testament.

The Greek version, Bethania, is probably Aramaic or Hebrew in origin. Its apparent meaning is ‘house of figs’ or ‘house of afflictions’. Jesus lived in Bethany during Holy Week, prior to his crucifixion.

Majorly used by Roman Catholics, this name was given to honor Mary of Bethany, who was Martha and Lazarus’ sister.

After the 20th century, this name was booming in the entire world. In the 1980s and 1990s, this name gained extremely wide popularity, however, it dropped significantly on the chart of ‘most famous baby names’ over the years.

Now, we shall move to 50+ nicknames that we have discovered for you to express your affection for your beloved Bethany.


Popular Nicknames for Bethany

Here’s a small compilation of popular nicknames that can be derived from the name Bethany.

You must have come across these names at some point in your life, but rest assured, assign her any of the names mentioned below and show her your affection in the sweetest way possible!

  1. Beth – This simple yet interesting name automatically comes to mind when one thinks of Bethany.
  2. Betty – It gives off such cheerful vibes and makes people want to hug Bethany for having this name.
  3. Annie – An apt name if she is full of positivity and vigor.
  4. Bethy – Although it is one of the most common ones, it will be perfect to show her that you care!
  5. Bea – This name may be small but the grandeur associated with it would make anyone love this name.
  6. Abe – Indeed a crisp name that is memorable and very suitable for your little Bethany
  7. Benny – A sweet-sounding name for the sweetest person named Bethany.
  8. Bettnee – We love an edgy name, and Bettnee is eye-catching and would suit someone with a wild personality.
  9. Betts – The spelling of this beautiful name is not the only cool thing about it. Let’s not forget the person carrying it.
  10. An – This tiny name goes well with someone who is super talented and courageous.
  11. Bianca – A stylish and trendy name for Bethany who loves to take the less-traveled road.


Cute Nicknames for Bethany

Add the right compliment in front of a moniker and turn it into a fun way of addressing your favorite people. If Bethany is one of them, choose any name given below and she will be in for a surprise awaiting her!

  1. Lilibeth – It is hands down one of the most enchanting names, and is well suited for precious Bethany.
  2. Bethelle – A distinct name for someone who is sympathetic, generous, and helpful.
  3. Bethalyn – This name with a little twist is perfect for someone with a unique yet attractive personality.
  4. Anna – If she is all about the latest trends and has an elegant personality, you should definitely go with this.
  5. Abby – This name is indicative of Bethany’s ability of persuasion.
  6. Bethena – This name sounds like a dream, so refer to Bethany with this and make her happy.
  7. Bethy Bear – If she is as adorable as a teddy bear, pick this painstakingly cute name.
  8. Lil B – If she is exceptional at stealing people’s hearts with her cuteness, pick this adorable name.
  9. Beloved Beth – As self-explanatory as it sounds, consider this if she is beloved to you.
  10. Miss Queenbee – A glam name for someone who is appealing, sassy, and ready to take down the world.
  11. Muffin – A super sweet name for a tiny Bethany and her infectious smile.
  12. Bethy Bean – This endearing name would fit perfectly if she is undeniably adorable.
  13. Benji – If she has a versatile side to her, go ahead and pick this nickname.


Funny Nicknames for Bethany

We can bet on the fact that these names will put a smile on your face knowingly or unknowingly. On that number note, we would love for you to put a smile on Bethany’s face as well.

  1. Bess – This alluring name probably is number one on the ‘best nicknames chart’ for Bethany.
  2. BT – A simple diminutive version of the name Bethany that is often used as slang.
  3. Mathany – We love a bad pun, but Bethany would really appreciate it if she is a big math nerd.
  4. Macbethany – Here’s a very cool Shakespeare reference for thy friend Bethany. If she’s a literature nerd, this name will definitely appeal to her.
  5. Bethanywhere – A perfect name if she can never pick the right restaurant and loves wordplay.
  6. Wrathany – Mess with her and she will unleash raging wrath. This name is perfect for an angry Bethany.
  7. Bentham – If she is a huge philosophy buff, she is bound to love this name that is based on one of the most widely known philosophers, Jeremy Bentham.
  8. Buffy – Taken from the show ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’, this name is perfect if she was born a leader and possesses a strong moral compass.
  9. Bathany – We did a little wordplay for a cleanliness and shower lover.
  10. Thanos – A hilarious name for someone who has the world at her tips, quite literally.
  11. Bologna – Loves Italian? If yes, then address her with this unique name.


Cool Nicknames for Bethany

On hearing these names, one immediately thinks of a person who has a personality like no one else. These cool nicknames not only sound cool but make a person feel like they belong somewhere!

  1. Betsy – An endearing nickname for Bethany who is strikingly intriguing, enthusiastic, and lively.
  2. Beverly – Referencing this from the infamous Beverly Hills in California, this classy name will be best suited for an ambitious person like Bethany.
  3. Bette – Sounds like the word ‘bet’, it matches the vibe of a diligent woman who is set on a journey for success.
  4. Bellany – Is she the most cooperative person you know? If yes, then choose this awesome name.
  5. Breezy Beth – If she is the coolest person ever, call her by this pet name.
  6. Benzo – You can never go wrong with this short and crisp that is meant to address her quirky side.
  7. Becky – This name never gets old, and the person who carries it manages to be as intriguing as always.
  8. Betholomew – A simple yet unique Biblical reference for Bethany.
  9. Tabitha – A vintage name for an old soul like Bethany who is wiser than an owl.


Creative Nicknames for Bethany

The names mentioned are mostly unheard of. The best part about these nicknames is that they are unusually connected to the name Bethany.

If she thrives on creativity and loves new ideas, then feel free to choose any name mentioned below.

  1. Danny – A great pick for someone who is inspiring, zesty, intelligent, and has a witty personality.
  2. Beethoven – Refer to her by this name if she has a flair for good music and loves to compose.
  3. Annabeth – It sounds similar to Annabelle, so go ahead and pick this for your spooky friend.
  4. Maribeth – Her strangely comforting aura gets accurately highlighted with this name.
  5. Benzy – A name that hints at her generosity, and carefully expresses her artistic ability.
  6. Lisbeth – A mysterious yet heartwarming person who is capable of moving people with her words.
  7. Brooklyn – Inspired by Brooklyn, this is an obvious choice if she is just as lively as the city.
  8. Belinda – If she is talkative, genuine, and overall an appealing person, this creative nickname is bound to suit her personality.
  9. Beanie – Let’s hope she can wrap her head around this name!
  10. Bethan – This fancy-sounding name came from Bethany evidently and simply by removing the letter ‘Y’.



Nicknaming is nothing less than an art. The idea behind keeping nicknames comes from a place of love and showing compassion to your loved ones, and we love to help our readers make the right choice!

If there are any ideas regarding any nicknames in mind, we would love to take them into consideration, so feel free to reach out to us.

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